Between worlds

Jazz has just entered into the other world! The only problem is no one knows what group she belongs in! Now the zodiac group plans to take her in...well most of the group.


3. between worlds; Jazzing it up part one

Once home, Aries looked up from his book and smiled.

  “Look who had a change of heart!” He said as Pro gave him an annoyed look. Jazz Looked at Pro. Their eyes met and she blushed a bit.

  “Oh you’re back?” Lane asked coming down the stairs. She had a bouquet of flowers in her arms.

  “Yeah, we’re home.”Jazz said a bit happy to be able to call this place her home, even if it really wasn’t her home officially yet.   Lane smiled and put the flowers in a vase.

“Oh Pro! You had a change of heart?” She asked. Pros face became red…literally.

  “Stop that! You know dang it to snap well that I don’t have a bloody heart!” He snapped.

  “Maybe not a bloody one…” Aries started, and then Pro shot him an angry look. Lane laughed and patted Pro’s back. Jazz smiled; maybe Pro wasn’t really that bad. He was more like one of those brothers you just love to annoy because of their reactions. Pro turned to her, and blushed a bit, he was thinking of something, Jazz knew that for sure.

  “We don’t have a room ready for you yet Jazz, why don’t you stay in my room for the time being?” Drake asked coming from nowhere wrapping an arm around her. Pro side kicked him.

  “OH HELL NO!” He shouted at Drake. Drake laughed and got up rubbing his face where he was hit.

  “Aw! Pro you’ve got a crush on the human! I knew the hotness would overwhelm you! Hey girl when were you born? Is your zodiac Leo? That would explain a lot!” Drake said. Lane threw a magazine at Drake.

  “Please I’m not beautiful.” She said. Aries looked up from his book.

  “Does God punish Angels for lying?” He asked, closing his book. Lane blushed a bit.

  “I-I didn’t lie.” She said, twirling her hair. Aries smiled and walked over to her.

  “I beg to differ.” He said. Pro rolled his eyes and took Jazz’s hand.

  “Let’s go, no use in watching all this crap.”

“ Was he a bit upset that Aries was talking to Lane that way or was it just me?” Jazz thought to herself.

  “You can stay in Peace’s room. She doesn’t use it, she doesn’t even sleep.” He opened the door to find peace floating about in her room. When she saw the door open, she cocked her head wondering what Pro was doing.

  “Can she stay here tonight?” He asked her. Peace smiled and nodded. She motioned at the bed for Jazz to try it. Jazz looked at Pro who nodded. Jazz sat on it; it was nice…and never used before.

  “Thank you very much.” Jazz said. Peace smiled and seemed to laugh, but there was nothing heard. Pro was about to say something, when there was knocking at the door. Jazz, Peace, and Pro left the room to go check it out.

  Pro opened the door to see a young girl with long hair like Lanes, but one of her eyes where green while the other was blue. The girl was way younger than Lane also, Jazz would say about four years apart. Although, most wouldn’t be able to tell her age because she was a cute little fairy. Her wings where flowers, even her dress was made out of flowers.

“Pro!” She said happily flying around him. Pro rolled his eyes.

  “Cut it out pesky pixie!” he muttered. The Fairy girl punched him, but to him, it didn’t hurt much.

  “I’m a fairy!” She snapped, then she realized Jazz was staring at her.

  “Oh who’s she! Is she in the running for who will be our next group member?” she asked. Pro grabbed the fairy by her wings.

  “No she is the next member.” He told her. The girl grew excited.

  “Really how awesome! My name’s Vlyn! In the group I’m the Virgo!” She escaped Pro’s grasp and started flying around Jazz really fast, she must have been very excited.

  “AND GUESS WHAT!?! I’M THE BEST AT BINGO! WHOOT WHOOT! I CAN KICK BUTT ANY DAY! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” Jazz felt a bit dizzy, watching Vlyn fly around her like so. Lane entered the room and grabbed Vlyn.

  “Vlyn did you by any chance get soda?” She asked. Vlyn looked down trying to decided whether or not she was going to lie to Lane, not that it would matter, Lane knew very well when someone was lying.

  Another being entered the room. He looked like a human, but his skin was blue. His hair was a dark blue along with his eyes. He had gills, so Jazz took a guess that he was a water elemental, which left to the fact that he was Aquarius.

  “She had one glass to be honest, but I didn’t allow her to have anymore, even though she did bribe me quite a few times.” Vlyn gave him a thanks look. The blue guy smiled, and turned to Pro.

  “What’s up Prrrrrroooootractor?” He said. Pro smiled back.

  “Nothing much, just chillin with a human. What about you smurf?” The two high fived each other. Aries came in.

  “Where are the others Aque?” He asked the blue guy. Aque sighed and face palmed.

  “I was about to win Bingo, when a bloody Green goblin freak flew in and destroyed everything! Now the pesky pixie (Vlyn threw a shoe at him after he said this) won bingo and the others are still awestruck…and taking the goblin down because as it turns out he’s wanted by the guild because he’s done….’stuff’ to girls.”  Aque said. Aires nodded. Pro and Jazz looked at each other. Pro’s face had one of those I-told-you-so looks on them. Jazz then looked down blushing; Pro and Jazz both knew who that goblin was.  Lane sighed and looked at the time.

  “Let’s go to bed it’s late. The others will be here in the morning, and we can make Jazz officially our teammate.”

  “So that’s her name, nice to meet you.” Aque said. Peace turned about to leave with Aires and Lane, when Aque asked her to wait.

  “Peace…come with me! I think I’ve found something that will allow you to talk in our realm easier!” Peace smiled and nodded as she followed him. Pro rolled his eyes again.

  “Just another excuse for him to talk to her, that moron should just confess his love to her.” Pro muttered.

  “You should confess your love to Lane then.” Jazz said. Pro was shocked.

  “The snap! What? Psht! Sure she’s hot and all, but she’d evaporate me if she thought I liked her.” He said.

  “Do you?” Jazz asked.

  “Does it matter whether or not I like her?” He asked.

  “I’d like to know that’s all.” Jazz said. Pro crossed his arms.

  “We’re friends, that’s all we ever can be.”

  “You didn’t answer my question.”


 “…Uh, yeah this conversation just ended.”

  “No way I want to end it!”

  “Oh my heart! It’s aching!” Pro grabbed her and set her down, he began giving her chest compressions.

  “ LIVE!” He kept chanting…not the reaction that Jazz wanted.

  “It’s ok It’s ok! Can I go to bed now?” She asked.

  “Uh…yeah, I’ll walk you to your room…Jasmine.” He helped her up, he was blushing a bit, which Jazz found to be a bit cute. Pro walked her to Peace’s room, then made sure she was ok now. He grabbed a glass of water just in case.

  “I hear water’s good for humans.” He mumbled. Jazz smiled, she didn’t expect him to know that, maybe he did care.

  “It is, thank you.” for a second, She couldn’t believe her eyes, maybe she was dreaming, after all she’s had a very long day. There though, for a second, Jazz saw Pro’s smile, and it warmed her heart a bit.


End of Jazzin it up part one.

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