Between worlds

Jazz has just entered into the other world! The only problem is no one knows what group she belongs in! Now the zodiac group plans to take her in...well most of the group.


1. Between worlds; Chosen

  Jasmine was a typical girl, five fingers, long hair, make-up, and all the other things that make up the ideal image of a girl. She even shortened up her name to Jazz so that she’d be a bit different. Jazz has her long red hair in a ponytail, she had her favorite green dress on that complemented her hips, and double checked to make sure her make-up looked ok. Today after all was a big day for Jazz, she was to take a test.

  Not many people get ready for tests, but this is no ordinary test. This was the test to determine young miss Jasmine Pine’s future; this test was a test to test teens from all over the world on the other world. Not all teens are chosen to take this test, mainly because they aren’t compatible with what the other world has to offer. The other world is a world full of creatures beyond belief, and when a powerful group from that realm picks you, a human, is it a great honor. Not only is it an honor for you and your family, but to those you know, to those who know you, and to those you speak well of. But of course, this is just the beginning. Many teens are sent because they are chosen, but not all of them are. Some groups in the fantasy realm ditch their human, because humans are the highest creature, and all the other lowly creatures resent them. Most of all, the gargoyles, vampires, and sirens hate humans the most.

  Jazz never truly understood why they hated humans the most, but it’s not like anyone could tell her. All who have left to the other realm never returned. Well everyone but Helga. Helga was an elderly lady. She was sweet and kind despite what most would think when you first met her. Jazz often spoke to Miss Helga. She would ask questions about the other world, but Helga told her she would just have to wait to be chosen. If course that is if she would be chosen. If she was not chosen, her life could very well be on the line. No one would speak to her. No one would because she wasn’t special enough to be chosen to leave. So Jazz would go and be chosen, or else.

  As Jazz left her home, she hugged her mom one last time, who begged her to stay. It was a great risk to go and be chosen. Her family would have no choice but to shun her if she wasn’t chosen. Jazz although, had a feeling, hopeful one that told her to go. One feeling great enough to cover all fears, she was going to be chosen. When she made her way through the woods, into the caves, under the carved stones, and into the light, she found herself in a line of humans. Thirteen lay in front of her, she was the last in line. The place around her was boring. It was a lit cave, with nothing to see.

  “Next!” a voice called, and the line moved up. Jazz felt a bit happy to be closer. She was only moments away from becoming part of a group. Twelve now were in front of her, and she heard screaming from the other side of the cave were the thirteenth left. The boy in front of her sighed.

  “Another poor fool was dropped, what a shame.” Jazz looked at him, he was he seemed to be around 16, her age.

  “What do you mean?” Jazz asked the boy in front of her. He grinned and turned to face her. He had dark brown hair and eyes, he was fairly tall, and her had nothing but black and gray on.

  “That screaming you just heard…that was a kid who didn’t make it. He’s got a scar now to prove it…and years of disgrace to deal with.” Jazz looked up to see the boy being escorted out of the cave as he screamed.

  “I want to do something about that.” Jazz said. The boy shook his head.

  “The best we can do is hope that Helga the good can do something.”

  “NEXT!” A voice called and the line moved up.

  “Do you think you’ll be chosen?” Jazz asked her new friend. The boy kept his grin, but said nothing. For hours on end there was some screaming, some silence (which meant they were entering the other realm) and the boy in front of her counted one, two, three, and four over and over again.

  When the boy in front of her finally entered, she heard screaming, then silence. Then she heard yelling, but she didn’t see the boy come out of the room. After a few minutes a short man came in with a clip board.

  “Are you the last one? Please do enter.” He led her down the cave and to a dead end in the cave.

  “Just relax, if you are chosen congratulations for you, if not you have my sympathies.” He man held up a knife. Jazz was not told of a knife in this equation. Jazz’s eyes grew, and then she quickly shut them as a knife entered her body. She screamed, it had hurt a lot, and she was now bleeding.

  “I am sorry.” The man said as he snapped and men came to escort her out. Jazz couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t chosen? Then again maybe she should have expected that. Maybe she should have been happy with what she had; now it was too late to be happy for that.

  Jazz sighed and waited for her to be dragged out, when the cut she had began to glow. The short man stopped the men about to escort her and smiled.

  “It appears as if someone from the other realm has had a change of heart.” The short man said as he bowed, and Jazz disappeared. Between the worlds was a huge light. Jazz had to cover her eyes because it was so bright. Little did she know she was falling! When Jazz finally realized she was falling, she began to scream again, today did not seem to be her day. Lucky for Jazz, her fall was broken by a young man with groceries.  When she got up she began to apologize. The boy rubbed his butt then began to pick up his groceries. He was human like, but he had grayish, silverish skin. His hair was a dull dark brownish color, his eyes were even gray. Even though he looked human like he had stone like wings and horns.

  “The hell! What in the bloody world are you do-“ When he looked up at her, he cocked his head.

    “Wait…where are your wings angel?” He asked. Jazz blushed, she looked like an angel?

  “I-I’m not an angel, I’m sorry. I’m really a human girl. Are you part of my group? I hear I’m supposed to land beside one of my group members.” Suddenly he seemed a bit angry.

  “A human, you’re a human?” He stood up and looked at her.

  “Go away you freak! What the hell do you think you’re doing here? You don’t belong here!” Jazz stood up a bit appalled.

  “Excuse me?” She asked a bit confused. She didn’t understand why the stone like creature before her acted in such a way. In fact she couldn’t even tell what the creature was, which made her curious.

  “I don’t even know what you are and you’re acting like this? Usually when you meet a visitor you don’t tell them to leave.” She snapped at him. His face suddenly turned red.

  “Typical! Of course you don’t know what I am! Of course you don’t know that I’m a gargoyle! I shouldn’t expect a stupid girl like you to know!” He shouted. Jazz was about to shout something out when a beautiful girl showed up. She had long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, white wings that shone a mile away, and a gorgeous white dress with red outlining and beads.

  “Oh don’t mind him. He gets pissed off at everything!” She said so cheerful.

  “The hell Lane, stay outta this!”The boy said. The girl named Lane laughed and walked up to Jazz.

  “My point proven, are you lost?” she asked. Jazz looked at her, she must be a true angel.

  “Um, yes I am.” Jazz said choosing to ignore the stupid boy on which she landed on. The boy shoved the angel away.

  “Go away Lane we don’t need you here.” He snapped. Lane froze, she smiled.

  “Just a few minutes and you’re attached to the human?” She asked. His face turned red.

  “No! You didn’t give me the chance to get rid of her! And I’m not going to let you take in a stray human!” Lane rolled her eyes and took Jazz hand.

  “Come now child, I shall guide you to a place for you to stay for the time being.” The boy grabbed Jazz and pulled her close to him.

  “We are NOT bringing a human to our group!” He snapped.

  “Whacha going to do about it?” She asked him. He growled at her.

  “I’ll consider the right of extermination.” Lane took Jazz from the boy.

  “I’ll consider the right of protection.” The boy smirked.

  “Extermination trumps protection as long as the creature is human, in which she is.” Lane glared at the boy.

  “Why do you have to be so difficult Pro! “ She asked. Pro folded his arms.

  “Because she’s human.” Lane wacked him upside the head.

  “You’re not even a real gargoy-“ Pro covered Lanes mouth.

  “Not in front of the human!” He snapped. Lane removed his hand from her mouth.

  “Oh? Don’t tell her what Protractor? That you’re really an AME-“ The boy named Pro grabbed her again.

  “Yes that!” Jazz was confused. She was about to ask them something when she felt a something fall on her. It was a raindrop, a green rain drop. After awhile it began to burn.

  “Ow, what is this?” She asked. The two stopped bickering and looked at her. Lane looked up at the sky.

  “Oh, it’s raining acid again. That’s not good for her. I guess we should take her to the fort, if only for the rain.” Pro growled, but he seemed like he agreed.

  “Fine, but don’t even think about allowing her to join the team.” Lane smiled.

  “To late, already thought of it!” She patted his back. Meanwhile the acid began to pour on Jazz, and it hurt very badly.

  “Please can we leave now and discuses kicking me out later? “ Lane smiled and shoved Pro at her.

  “Alright protractor you carry her there! She can’t get rained on but you can!” Pro’s face turned red of embarrassment.

  “Don’t expect any more kindness.” He muttered as he picked Jazz up. He held her tight to conceal her from the rain.

  “Let’s go.” He muttered as he then took flight.

  Jazz held on tight, she didn’t want him to let her go. Not because she liked him, he was quite annoying to her, but because she was afraid of heights. After a few minutes of flying he let her go and set her down on the floor of a tree house. The place was pretty big actually.  There had to be at least two floors! Suddenly another young girl with blonde hair entered. Her hair was shorter, and she wasn’t an angel like Lane, she was most defiantly a spirit of some sort. Her hair floated around as if she was under water, and she was a bit pale. She smiled and floated over to Jazz. Jazz was a bit afraid at first, but soon realized the spirit meant no harm.

  “W-Who………this?” the spirit asked. It looked as if it spent much energy just to say that small sentence.

  “This is…uh…oh my I don’t think I ever got your name.” Lane said. Pro rolled his eyes.

  “You don’t need to know her name; you’ll grow attached to her if you do. Besides she Probley belongs to some group so I advise you not to get attached.” He said. The spirit girl stuck her tongue out at him and floated around Jazz. Jazz smiled and held out her hand. The spirit girl then took her hand, but of course Jazz cold feel nothing but how cold the spirit girl felt.

  “My name is Jazz.” Jazz said. The spirit girl’s smile grew as she looked at Lane. Lane took a step towards them.

  “Nice name Jazz! Anyways the spirit girls’ name is Peace. It’s hard for her to communicate to our world due to the fact she’s a spirit.” Jazz smiled, so far she liked everyone here but Pro. Then entered a boy with dragon wings. His wings where red with gold tips, his hair was a flame. Truly his hair was nothing more than flames! Jazz’s eyes grew as the boy came closer and took a look at her.

  “A human? Heh heh! Oh the fun I can have with it! And it’s a girl! Oh gosh this’ll be so much fun!” he said circling around her.

  “We’re not keeping it!” Pro snapped. Lane wacked him upside the head and suddenly he fell to the floor, becoming a puddle of water. This freaked Jazz out.

  “What happened?” Jazz asked. Lane laughed and the puddle then received its true form, not a gargoyle, but a being the only consisted of water.

  “Just like Pro not to tell anyone, you see Jazz, Pro isn’t a gargoyle, he’s an ameba! Or as you would perceive he is a shape shifter.” Lane explained. The being folded his arms as he returned to a gargoyle state. Jazz cocked her head to the side.

  “Why a gargoyle then?” She asked.

  “I don’t have to explain myself to you!” He snapped.

  “That’s a bit rude don’t you think…PROTRACTOR!” a voice said as a hurricane like creature entered. The wind around him disappeared and an attractive human looking creature appeared. His eyes were an electric blue, and he looked almost as good as Lane did, but Lane had something a bit brighter to her than the boy had. His hair was a bright blonde also, but he still didn’t compare to Lane. The boy walked up to her about to shake her hand when the dragon boy shoed him away.

  “Get in line! I was here first!” Peace then grabbed a shoe and flung it at the two.

Jazz held up her hands in the commotion.

  “Um, guys can we please refrain from fighting? I think I’ve had enough of that for a lifetime.” She said starring at Pro.

  “Sure they’ll stop as soon as I beat the snap outta Aires for calling me protractor again!” the blonde boy smiled.

  “Oh did I get on your nerves again?” he asked, suddenly the blonde boy had a small dark side. Pro growled.

  “Yeah you’re mere presence is enough to make thousands commit suicide.”  Lane smacked Pro.

  “Don’t even joke about that!” she snapped. Aries seemed to calm down now that Pro was smacked.

  “Aires where are the others?” Lane asked.

  “It’s bingo night at the arcade.” He reminded her. Lane nodded and the sighed.

  “I see, can I ask something Aires? Can we adopt this human?” Aires looked at Jazz who blushed, she could Probably find her group somewhere but she did like this group…apart from Pro. Aries smiled and held out his hand to her.

  “I can’t see a reason not to, but we should take her to a guild house to see if any group is missing her. If no one claims her then we can adopt her. Of course we’ll have to see if that’s legal, after all if she is group less…”  Suddenly everyone grew silent. Pro stood up.

  “No! We can’t keep her! If we do the whole group must ALL decided that they want her in the group. I of course don’t want her!” Lane gave Pro a disappointed look. Aires rolled his eyes at him.

  “What is with you and humans? You’re not even a real gargoyle!” Aires snapped. The dragon boy put a hand on Pro’s shoulder.

  “Pro she’s hot! You can’t tell me you wanna put her on the streets.” Pro looked a bit angry.

  “I need time alone.” He muttered flying off.

  “Typical.” Aires shouted as Pro left. He looked at Lane.

  “Pro will come around, I’m sure of it.” Lane nodded, then turned to Jazz.

  “Oh Jazz there’s something you should know about our group!”

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