Nothing Special

Katie, a teenage girl, believes she has "absolutely nothing special about her," and that she'll never find a thriving job, or anything amazing in her life; she's too dull. But, with her adoptive mother pushing her, will she peruse an amazing career? And who will she meet among the way?


2. Chapter 2

    The last thing that I remember, I crashed on my bed. Still in my clothes and everything. I think I was pushing my energy, trying to stay awake. Don't recall for what...

        Suddenly, I regain consciousness in my awake state, and a blinding sun falls on my eyelids. They flutter open to reveal the early morning light, coming from the curtains I forgot to close last night. I moan and turn to my side, shielding myself from the brightness. Now right in front of my face is my alarm clock, reading 6:45 AM. I sigh and close my eyes.
        Wait. 6:45 AM? I jerk up. "I'm late!" I creak in my groggy, still asleep voice. I jump from my bed to the bathroom, seeing what I could do about the brown rats nest I have on the top of my head instead of hair. Great, I think. First day of sophomore year, and I'm late. Sighing, I try and calm down, thinking about the morning's schedule. Bus comes at 7:10. This mess will take at least twenty.. Okay, skip the makeup. Just comb the hair. Get some clothes on; can't go in my PJ's. I sigh aloud, patting water on top of my now-combed head. "Good enough," I mumbled. Sprinting for my closet, I grab literally the first thing I see: A pink dress with black polka dots. Sure, some girls plan their first outfit weeks in advance; it's never been a big deal for me. I slip it on, along with some black converse. This is a style, right? I shake my head, then fumble around my room for my backpack. Of course, it's nowhere to be found. I dive to the floor, peering under my bed. There it is, next to a pair of old shoes and a dirty jacket. I really should clean this.. No time, got to go. I tell myself, tumbling clumsily down the stairs. I check the stove clock: 7:07. I feel my eyes widen, and I bound out the door and sprint to my bus stop. I can just vaguely hear my 'mother' yell to me as I sprint. Something about breakf... BREAKFAST! Darn, I completely forgot to eat! I hear, and feel, my stomach lurch in hunger pain as the bus pulls up. At the bus stop where I'm not at.

        I try and run faster, the stop nearly close to me. I hear the breaks screech as it reaches the destination. "WAIT!" I hear myself squeal.

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