Nothing Special

Katie, a teenage girl, believes she has "absolutely nothing special about her," and that she'll never find a thriving job, or anything amazing in her life; she's too dull. But, with her adoptive mother pushing her, will she peruse an amazing career? And who will she meet among the way?


1. Chapter 1

Mediocrely tall, brunette, dull green eyes, huge feet and a plain face. What could be so special about me?


    Absolutely nothing.

    At least, that was my opinion.

    “AW, you’re so special, sweetheart!” My mother squealed at me basically dayly in her sweet southern accent. “Oh Katie, I just caint wait ‘till you grow all old and do great things!” I sighed. Like I do every time. She believes in me, (a little too strongly at times,) when I honestly don’t. I’m nothing special. Very dull. And, I have absolutely no special talents of any sort. Okay, I’m not useless. I don’t hate myself. I just don’t find myself doing anything incredible. McDonalds cashier. Factory worker. A store person, if I’m lucky.

    Oh wait, I forgot to explain something. My mother isn’t actually my real mother. Which, clears up the whole southern thing; I’m in no way southern. Nor do I look like my ‘mother.’ She’s my adoptive mother. I’m mostly Polish, with a little French and German. She’s very southern, born and raised in southern Louisiana. Very irish looking, with a little bit of everything else. She’s an extremely beautiful lady; unlike me. Kind of short in height, long gorgeous auburn hair that goes into springing curls, deep brown eyes that have the kindest feel, and as skinny as a beanpole. I’ve always envied her a little.

I don’t know why she believes in me so much. Perhaps because I’m the only child in the house? Because she’s the mother, and that’s what she’s supposed to do? Whatever it is, I still don’t understand it.

        But, hey. Just because she says it, doesn’t mean I have to believe it, right?

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