Falling Freshman


3. Crazy blonde

Chapter 3  Natasha's P.O.V

I looked up at beaus beautiful green eyes and nodded in agreement, he grabbed my hand and pulled me to a less crowded place. He slowly wraped his hands around my waist and pulled me closer, I smiled and blushed and faceced the ground. Then i felt his hand lift my chin so our eyes met he grinned at me and we continued dancing until i felt someone pull me off of him. 

"Beau what do you think your doing ? " Some blonde tall sluttyy girl asked. 

"I was dancing, do you have a problem with that?" He insisted. I looked at the blonde while she stared at me with a death stare. 

"And you are?" She laughed looking me up and down while everyone gathered around and the music stopped. I looked behind her seeing two girls standing behind her going along with whatever she did. Followers. 

"Oh I'm Natasha" I smiled holding out my hand but she pushed it away. Ok i'm really starting not to like this girl. 

"You don't have a right to touch my man" She moved closer to me making me back up. I saw Kirsten walk over to me with Jai behind her. Oh god now something is defineitly going to happen. Kirsten moved in front of my pushing the blonde hair girl back while she yelped but stumbled back as everyone laughed. 

"Back off blondey" Kirsten laughed while the blonde just stared at Kirsten and me dumbfounded. 

"Don't put your hands on me" She yelled fixing her slutty dress while she walked towards Kirsten again. Kirstens hands clenched I knew what she was thinking but I couldn't let her. 

"If I want to I sure as hell can" Kirsten said moving closer to the blonde but Jai and Daniel pulled her back. Everyone was now looking at us I felt so embarressed my first party and i'm already starting things. 

The blonde ignored Kirsten and turned back to Beau who was smirking at me. 

"Beau, how could you cheat on me" The blonde whinned holding on to Beau. Something inside me went off but it couldn't be jealousy could it I mean I just met this boy how could I be jealous. 

"Bridget back off we broke up awhile ago, we're not together anymore just leave me alone" Beau removed her hands from his shoulder while he smiled in my direction. Bridget turned around giving me a dirty glance before walking away while he friends followed. 

The music started again and I was so glad the attention was not drawn on us now and everyone started to dance again. I sighed thanking Kirsten who still looked angered but Jai was trying to calm her down. Beau walked over to me with a sad expression on his face when he stopped at me I couldn't help but to look into his eyes. 

"I'm sorry! She's just a crazy ex" He gave me a small smile while I did the same. 

"Want a drink?" He asked as I shook my head. I didn't want a drink I just needed some air the smell of sweat and smoke was making me dizzy. 

"I just need some air" I told him as he nodded and I made my way outside. I got away from everyone sitting on the bench outside taking in what just happened. I heard footsteps behind me while i turned to look seeing Kirsten smiling at me. She took a seat beside me while I stayed quiet waiting for her to say something. 

'You ok?" She asked as I gave her a small nod. 

"We've only been here a week and I already have a target on my back, just from a boy.." I said looking at the people running with beers in their hand screaming making me giggle. 

"It's ok, Beau seems like a nice guy and I can totally tell he's intrested into you" Kirsten smiled at me making my heart flutter just thinking about him being intrested in me. 

"Hey, thank you for being there when I needed you, I did not know what to do" I laughed giving her a small hug while she hugged back and laughed. 

"No problem, I've been through a lot of crazy ex's I know how to handle those girls" She laughed as I laughed with her. We heard her name getting called from behind us while we turned seeing Jai standing there waving there for her to come. 

"Looks like I shall be going "She stood up looking down at me smiling. 

"You want to come?" She asked as I shook my head. 

'I need a bit more air but I'll find you inside ya?" I told her as she nodded then ran up to Jai who handed her a red cup while she drank it down and cheered. I sat there holding my head from the headache that I could feel coming on. 

"I'm not use to these things" I said to myself. I heard someone sit beside me while I looked up seeing Beau smiling at me. I moved my hair out of my face looking at him and returning the smile. 

"I just thought you couldd use some company" He said while I nodded and we sat there with an awkward silent. 

"I'm sorry" I finally spoke up looking at him. He looked at me dumbfounded while I gave him a little smile. 

"Sorry? For what?" He asked moving his hair away from his beautiful eyes as I stared into them then quickly lookg away. 

"Causing that to happen inside, I didn't mean for it to happen like that!" I finally answered looking at him while he laughed. He moved closer to me making my heart beat faster. 

"Don't be sorry, she just thinks we are still together and she does that to every girl that gets close to me scaring them away" Beau said. I started thinking about how much girls he's probably been with making this weird feeling in my stomach. 

"But I don't want her to scare you away" He said placing his hand on my thigh making me get goose bumps as I tried to hide them. 

"You're such a sweet and beautiful girl" Beau continued making me heart do backflips while I tried to hide my blush but it was kind of obvious.

"Thank you" I finally responed. He pressed his lips on my cheek catching me by surprise but I didn't move away. He moved away as I smiled at him. 

Soon enough his friends came over ruining the moment but I didn't mind. They introduced themselves to me. James, Daniel, Jai and Luke. I knew Jai and Daniel but It was nice to meet James and Luke.

We went back into the party while I looked around to see if I could find Kirsten and there she was taking shots off peoples bodies which I found so gross but that's Kirsten for you. The party animal. 

I followed Beau as he handed me a drink. Before I took a sip from it I smelt it taking it away from my nose quickly. 

"What is this?" I asked grossed out as he laughed. 

"Vodka, try it" He said bringing the drink back to mouth while I looked down at it. It looked like what but it defineitly did not smell like water. I smelt it one more time before decided to gulp it down. 

After I took a sip of it my face changed while it burned down my throat and I coughed. But it wasn't totally bad. 

"Good right?" He asked taking a sip of his cup. I nodded taking another sip with the same face like last time. Beau laughed at me dragging me to the dance floor while he started to jump around making me laugh but I soon followed him taking more sips of my vodka making me even more jumpy 

Parties weren't so bad afterall.




I hope you guys like it. I did realize I put slow dancing at a party which was pretty stupid but I made it better. 

Thank you for reading I hope you continue to read. 
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