Catch Me If You Can

Two cheerleaders run into some trouble at a Salon and end up getting bagged. On this journey home, they meet two other girls. With Mental and Physical problems, they might face dangerous situations and struggle to get out of the desert alive. Can they all survive or will some fall behind??


6. Chapter 6



                When I woke up, and I don’t wake up very often from a deep sleep, but I did. Rosie and Tina did too and all of us sat straight up in bed. Rosie was terrified and confused. I reconized the screaming and it was Lilly, in her bed next to me, screaming and thrashing every which way. “Lilly!” I shouted soothingly and shook her violently until she woke up and stopped screaming. “Lil? What was that about? It was only a dream.” I say. When she reaches up and hugs me. Zane, Damon, Caleb, and Hunter, all bolt into the room at once armed and ready to attack, and lowered their weapons, of spoons and random heavy things, when there wasn’t an attacker.

                “SHUT UP!! FOR CHRISTS SAKE BE QUIET WHEN WE ARE SLEEPING!!!” Damon yelled at us. Now I was pissed. “She had a bad dream,” I hissed and gave him an evil look. He stepped closer to me. “You don’t look like you’ve had the rules laid down to you little girl. I’M in charge here, and if you talk back to ME I’ll slit your throat before you can even struggle. And why aren’t they tied up???” He directed the conversation to the boys. “The ties must have slipped.” Hunter answered with a shrug. “PUT THEM BACK ON AND LOCK THEM.” He barked. “Yes sir,” the boys obey.

They bind us up again and Hunter gives a very sympathetic look saying, ‘I’m so sorry’, and ‘I’ll come back to unlock you later’ and moved onto locking up my sister. I glared evilly at Damon and said, “When I come after you, I’ll make sure to kill you first, slowly, so you’ll feel pain.” I hiss. All he does is throw his head back and chuckle a dark and mischievous laugh. “I like this girl!” He hoots. “Well, I guess I know my first victim.” And he smiled so dark I thought devil horns might be starting to sprout on top of his head. He turned to leave to go back to bed and stopped, “Oh,” Damon says, “That reminds me, I’m gonna need that,” and gestures towards the key in Caleb’s hand who was locking up Tina.

                He immediately gives it to him without thinking twice. And that completely shocks me. I’m dumbfounded at how much they obey him. He jiggles the key in my direction and taunts me. “I’ll be back for you later.” He smiles and throws the key up in the air and then catches it again and laughs all the way back to his room. After he leaves I start to shake thinking I might have gone too far. What was he going to do to me?? Hunter ran over and tried to comfort my trembling body. It wasn’t working and he turned to go but I grabbed his wrist, not wanting him to leave me. He turned and almost ran the two steps he had to take to come back to my bed I was scooted over enough for him to lay down next to me and wrap his arms around me like a constricting cobra and I pressed my face to his chest, letting his shirt wipe away my tears. He would protect me, and I felt safe enough to fall asleep again. I was almost asleep when he kissed my forehead and whispers to me, “I love you,” and I fell asleep.




                My brother always got whatever he wanted. I saw him with Brittney. I sat on the edge of Lilly’s bed. “Are you okay?” I asked concerned. “Better if you were here next to me and protecting me.” She suggested to me. I lay down next to her and cradled her in my arms until she drifted off again. I just kept on thinking that we weren’t going to be able to get the girls out of the padlocks. I sure didn’t know how to pick a lock and I don’t think my brother did either. I hope we could come up with something before nightfall because if we didn’t, I’m not sure that Zane and Damon wouldn’t hold back on them, and that terrified me. I couldn’t live with the fact that I let them get away with hurting them again. I just couldn’t deal with those two anymore. We needed to get out of here, and fast.




                I woke up to a cold pillow next to me and I willed for Caleb to cradle me in his arms again. I needed comfort. And today we had to escape, to somewhere far, far away from here. I checked my watch, 7:52. It was earlier and we should have all been up by now and have a plan but the boys were gone and everyone else was sound asleep.

                “Brittney?” I whisper, nothing. “Brittney!” I whisper louder, still nothing. “Hey! Brittney wake up!” finally she moans. “What?” still not opening her eyes. “Do you know where everybody is?” she knew I was talking about the boys. “No…” and rolls over facing away from me in the medium lighted room that made it easy to see, and hard to sleep.

                I throw a pillow at her. “OW!” she says and nothing else. “WAKE UP!” I yell and whisper at the same time. “We need a plan to escape!” Right then the door opened and it was Damon. No Caleb or Hunter coming with him to our rescue. My sister immediately tensed up and I didn’t blame her. She stuck up for me and then she gets hurt in doing so. I couldn’t let that happen, but he was only focused on Brit. He sat on her bed and said, “I’m gonna teach you a lesson.” And she thrashes around so hard I thought the bed was going to break. He wrapped his arm around her waist and held her still. She stopped thrashing and she was watching him, wide eyed and stiff as a bone. “Relax..” he said and started shushing her. He traced her jaw line with one enormous hand and pushed her cheeks in making it look like she was puckering her lips.

                He sat on her thighs, still holding her jaw tight. I could hear her breathing and all of the sudden, she spit all over his face. I held back a laugh and wiped it off on his sleeve. And reaches out and slaps her really hard across the face. She whimpers and sheds a tear and then her face is being pressed hard into a pillow. He was going to suffocate her she started thrashing for air. And he let her go only to stand up and study her. He ran his eyes up and down her body, almost like he was taking a quiz. He sat down on her bed again and put his hand on her throat and pressed it hard and started punching her. A blow to the stomach caused her to wince and silently scream in pain because she couldn’t breathe. She took another blow to the thigh and again and again she was being punched repeatedly, wincing and screaming from every one of them. Finally he loosed his grip on her throat so she could breathe.

                The door banged open and Hunter stepped in I hoped he could stop this, I couldn’t watch it any longer. “Damon! Stop this now and go pick on someone your own size.” He demanded. “Fine, I was done with her anyways.” He says and walks out. Hunter shut the door and ran over to Brittney. Caleb came running through the door and went straight to me and made sure I wasn’t injured. I’m fine I kept saying, but he searched me for bruises and blood anyways. When he was satisfied with me, that only Brittney had been harmed, he walked hurriedly towards the door. “I’ll go get the first aid kit.” And didn’t wait for a response.





                Brittney looked terrible. Half of her face was bright red and her eye was swelling shut. She might be bleeding internally. I search her legs and they are blue, brown, green, and purple. I searched her body, trying not to be invasive. Tears where streaming down her face and she didn’t say anything. Then she started trembling.

                “We can’t stay here any longer!” Lilly cried, and Brittney closed her eyes, passing out. “We have to wait until she gets better enough to travel.” I say. The door opened and Caleb stepped in, carrying a blood-stained first aid kit and tossed it to me then walked over to Lilly who was crying and trembling like her sister was before she passed out. There had to be something I was missing maybe bleeding? But I didn’t see any cuts or blood. I pulled the quilts back even farther and I knew I needed her sister for this, and I didn’t want to invade her privacy. “Lilly your sister needs you. You have to pull it together. Does anyone know how to pick a lock?” I ask, even more serious now. “Bobby pins.” Lilly says. “I have some if they are still in my hair.” And feels around her head. “There is some in Brittney’s pocket.” She remembers. I look down. “That might be the problem. She’s bleeding, it must have stuck her. Does anyone else have a bobby pin?”

                “I do.” Rosie says and pulls one out of her hair and holds it out in front of her, blindly. Caleb walk over and grabs it, then goes straight to Lilly’s padlocks and successfully gets one undone, then another and another and frees her completely. She runs to her sister, tears it her eyes. “Does anyone have some kind of medical training?” she asks desperately. “Our mom is a physical therapist.” Tina says. “She taught Rosie quite a few things.”

                Caleb walks over and frees Rosie too and leads her over to me. “Can you see the bobby pin at all?” Rosie asks someone. “No, I think it’s completely through her jeans.” I reply doubtful she can do much to help her. “Listen, I’m going to need some gloves and tweezers, all sterile enough to perform surgery.”

                “Who’s going to do it?” I ask afraid if Rosie did it then she could do something wrong. “Lilly is. She is her sister, and isn’t blind. Perfectly capable to pull out a bobby pin and wouldn’t invade Brit’s privacy.” “WHAT?” Lilly whimpered but didn’t complain further. Caleb ran off to go find the things we needed and I stayed behind. She knew I stayed. “Hunter, I’m sorry, but you are going to want to leave. You could pull out the ace bandages for Lilly though.”

                I pulled out the ace bandages. “I’m not leaving Brit!” I protested. “If you love her, you’ll respect her privacy, even unconscious.” Rosie says. I knew she was right, but I still didn’t want to leave her.

                When Caleb came back we were asked to leave, I didn’t want to, but I had to.




                I was shocked that I had to perform surgery on my own sister, but I had to do it. I pulled her shorts down after the boys left, just enough to see a mass of blood soaking through her underwear. I lift it up, just in case and pull it back. I didn’t even know where the bobby pin had punctured her. Rosie felt the spot where it all the blood was, after going to wash her hands and put gloves on and instructed me to do the same.

                Rosie closed her eyes in concentration, “Its right on her hip bone.” It shouldn’t have hit anything. Maybe a vein, but it shouldn’t be a vital one.” That’s a relief to hear.

                “Take the alcohol wipes from Brittney’s insulin bag and clean the wound and wipe all the blood away.” She says and I do so. It’s so disgusting, but I manage to keep it clean and blood free for the moment. I really didn’t know how to do this, so I just follow Rosie’s instructions.

                “When it’s clean and sanitized, take the tweezers and gently remove the bobby pin.” The part I was dreading most. I take a deep breath and pull it out gently, until it was completely out. Blood started to flow again, out of the hole where the bobby pin had been. “It’s bleeding again.” I say.

                “That’s normal. Clean it one more time and put the biggest band-aide you can find on top of it. She will need a change of clean clothes too.”

                “What’s… going on?” My sister asked. “My side…. really hurts.”

                “I know Brit, I know.” I say. “Your job is to rest okay Brittney?”

                “Okay.” She mumbles drowsily, falling back asleep within seconds.

                I walk over to the door and open it just a crack. “She needs a new change of clothes.” I say to the boys. “And… some underwear and then you can wash her clothes, then after we get her dressed, you can see her.” I say. “She’s going to be fine, she’s asleep now.” I add, knowing he was going to ask if she was going to be okay. He comes back with some baggy sweatpants and a pair or underwear, its girly, and I’m glad it wasn’t boxers. Rosie helps to change her into clean clothes and it’s amazing how well she can, since she can’t see that well.

                I walk to the door again and tell the boys they can come in, Hunter rushes in and Caleb reaches out to take the blood stained clothes. “Thank you.” I say and he pulls me into the hallway with him. “Anything for you.” He says and leans down and kisses me. I don’t reject it, and when he pulls away, I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him back down and kiss him myself. 

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