Catch Me If You Can

Two cheerleaders run into some trouble at a Salon and end up getting bagged. On this journey home, they meet two other girls. With Mental and Physical problems, they might face dangerous situations and struggle to get out of the desert alive. Can they all survive or will some fall behind??


4. Chapter 4


        I really hope Hunter gets back in time. I’m worried that my sister won’t make it through the night. With every passing minute I get more and more worried he got caught by the cops or my mom, but that’s why I gave him my most prized possession just in case he did get caught, my bracelet, so she knew it was me. And I told him to leave her this note or give it to her if she catches you:



Brit’s going to need more insulin depending on how long we are trapped here. Two of the guys want out just as bad as we do, we are safe and going to escape but we need more time. Don’t call the police, it will screw things up and they will lock us away where no one can find us. I’ll be home soon, we’re safe and two guys are watching out for me and Brit. On the last day of the month, drive out to the desert exit off highway 19 and hopefully I’ll be there, if not the night after. If we can’t make it we will find another way. Love you, don’t worry.                                           ~Lil



                I just hope that she doesn’t catch him, or knowing her he’d have a lot of explaining to do. Sneaking in like that and then explaining that he didn’t want to in the first place and that it was for Brit.

                I hear Caleb jump from his sleeping position, standing and leaning on the door because Caleb opened it very suddenly. The door slammed open making all of us jump, I almost ran to the door but then thought twice about it.

                “I got it!” Hunter yelled out of breath. “I got it” he said again even quieter than he did the first time. I was so relieved that he finally got the insulin; it was like a huge weight off my shoulders. I knew she was going to be okay for sure now, and I would ask questions later, but I knew my job now, save my sister.




                “Do you have a sink or some germ-x or something so I can wash my hands?” Lilly asked like she knew the very first thing she had to do, and that was wash her hands.

                “This way.” Caleb said heading her through the door to the bathroom just off the main room. I walk over to Brittney and I’m so glad I was able to help her and I was able to bring her back insulin. Lilly almost ran out of the bathroom. Flinging her hands in the air drying them off and rummaged through the backpack I got her.

                “You did good.” She said satisfied. “It’s enough.” And grabbed an alcohol wipe and searched Brittney’s lifeless body for a good place to stick a syringe. She appeared to be satisfied with her arm and got it clean. Then she grabbed a syringe and ripped open the bag not caring where it landed behind her, and a bottle of insulin. She held the bottle up to her face and examined it carefully, stuck the syringe in the liquid and started filling it to the perfect amount. She was focused and you could tell that she had done this before more than once. Once it was filled she carefully set down the bottle on the bed and picked up her limp arm and gently stuck the needle in and pushed it into her system slowly. When she was finished I was kind of in awe that she knew exactly how to do it. “Wow.” I say, still trying to catch my breath from running so fast to get it to her. “Now what?”

                “We wait.” She says and picks up the empty syringe, the wrapper and the medicine bottle. “Trash.” And she hands the stuff for me to go throw away and goes to sit by her sister’s side while she wakes up.

                “Why don’t you go sleep?” I ask Lilly. “You look exhausted. I’ll stay with your sister and wait for her to wake up.”

                “Thank you.” She sighs and walks to her bed, now beside her sister’s and lies down and wraps the quilts around her slim body and drifts off almost immediately.

                I know Brittney is safe now, because I know if her sister can sleep than she would be fine. I just had to see it for myself and make sure she was okay. Passing out like that didn’t look very comfortable. And she looked pale white and dead. But I could feel her pulse, and slowly it got steadier and louder and her color began to turn normal again.




                As soon as I could feel again I resumed on red alert. I didn’t know who was holding my hand and sitting on my bed because I knew it wasn’t my sister’s. I sat straight up and he looked startled. I twisted his arm back and shoved it behind his shoulder blade and kept making it go up. He cried out in pain and his brother ran over and shoved me back against the mattress. And my head hit the brass of the headboard. “Owah!!!” I whimpered still not fully conscious. My sister was at my side then. Sitting on my bed and massaging my head. I know I wasn’t fully awake, but I knew Lilly gave Caleb a disapproving look.

                Hunter on the other hand who I didn’t mean to harm was crippled on the ground gripping his arm. “Reflexes.” I mutter under my breath. “Sorry about that.”

                “What’s going on…?” Rosie complains. I suppose Rosie and Lilly have already met because apparently she knew she was blind. “We just injected my sis with insulin.” Lilly looks down and smiles. “She’s her usual crazy self now. She just twisted Hunter’s arm backwards on accident.” She pauses and looks at Hunter crippled on the ground while still massaging my head. And says, “everything is fine, go back to sleep.”

                “Okay.” And she obeys.

                “What did I miss?” Brittney asks drowsily. “Um… let’s see…” Lilly paused. “You passed out, and Hunter went to our house and got that extra supply of insulin that’s been sitting there? And he hasn’t told me about that yet and Rosie woke up and then you did and possibly broke Hunter’s arm for sitting so close to you when your partially awake.” And we looked down and Hunter crippled and whimpering. “I’ll…be….f-fine..” Hunter stutters.

                I try to get up and apologize again but I get dizzy and Lilly pushes me back down and refuses to let me get up.  “No.” she says sternly. “You aren’t getting up until you can walk in a straight line.”

                “Fine,” I say to my sister, “on the bright side, Hunter, you can call me Brit now.” I say with a smile.

                “Brit?” he asks gagging on air. “Yes…? I reply giggling a little.

                “I find…your…strength…in-incredible.” I laugh and he efforts a smile still choking on words. “Wh-where di-did…you learn…that..?”

                Lilly answers the question for me before I can get a word out. “The two of us went to a marcial-arts class for two years when we were ten years old.”

                “Still got it.” I say and laugh. “Oh.. Do you need some help?”

                “No. I think I’m just gonna go to my room and sleep it off.” And he walked out of the room with the assistance of his brother. Lilly gets up off my bed and moves the insulin off my bed so I can sleep. “Sister, we should do the same.”

                And that’s a lot easier said than done. I squirm under the blankets in the black, cold room. I couldn’t get warm and I don’t know how Lilly softly sleeps the night after she’s been kidnapped. Then again.. It’s not really a kidnapping; we are pretty safe right now under the protection of Caleb and far away from life of any kind. I patiently wait for sleep to come, but it doesn’t. I think about my mom and how much I wish she could be here right now. I lie awake for several hours and when I finally do sleep it’s more of a daydream sleep and I don’t know whether I’m asleep or awake. When morning comes, I only know it’s morning because of my watch, Hunter walks in, with an ace bandage wrapped around his arm. I rollover to look at him and he holds out an envelope addressed to me and puts a finger to his lips. I take it, and mouth, “What’s this?”

                He doesn’t answer, just sits on the edge of my bed, so I open the envelope there is a piece of paper inside so I look at it.



            Well, Hunter seems nice. Especially having the guts to break into my house. He told me that he and his brother would take care of you and Lilly, and that he would bring you home safe. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he likes you. I love you so much. Be careful and safe.

                                                                                                            ~Love Mom


                This made me feel so good inside I leaned over and hugged Hunter so tightly because he had done so much for me and the only thing I’ve done for him was probably fracture his arm. Then again, all of us kind of needed medical attention. He whimpered but leaned into me and when we pulled away I kissed him and he kissed me back. When we pulled away I laid back down on my side and he laid down beside me and pulled the covers up to our shoulders and wrapped his arms around me. Maybe being kidnapped wasn’t too bad after all.




                When I opened my eyes again the first thing I see is Brit and Hunter cuddling. I hold back a chuckle and roll over to try to give them some privacy, but that’s pretty hard to do in this big open room, but at least I was trying. My stomach was growling very loudly. It’s been a while since I’ve had something to eat. But it’s not like I can just walk into the kitchen and grab something to eat. I just hope they don’t starve us to death and give us time so we can get out of here.

                About an hour later Caleb read my mind and came to the rescue with breakfast for everyone. He woke Rosie, Brit, and Hunter up, and Tina finally woke up for the first time. Hunter got up quickly and scratched the back of his hair casually. Brit and I laughed at him and he smiled, embarrassed. Caleb just rolled his eyes.

                Caleb had a cart for the food to go on and started handing people plates. Brit was first then me and then Rosie and Tina. The eggs, bacon, biscuits, and gravy, tasted so good even if they weren’t on the nicest plates or they weren’t the highest quality, my hunger over-ruled everything else. Brit was hesitant at first, because she’s picky like that, but she got over it. Hunter sat on Brit’s bed and ate while Caleb just stood there trying to look comfortable and failing miserably. “You can sit if you want” I ordered him more than asked him. He smiled and obeyed.

                When everyone finished eating he took everyone’s empty plates and put them on the cart.

                “Okay,” he says breaking the silence and making eye contact with everyone in the room. “We need a plan of escape.”

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