Catch Me If You Can

Two cheerleaders run into some trouble at a Salon and end up getting bagged. On this journey home, they meet two other girls. With Mental and Physical problems, they might face dangerous situations and struggle to get out of the desert alive. Can they all survive or will some fall behind??


1. Chapter 1


      My neighbors think my sister and I are spoiled rotten. I agree with them. We work hard, get good grades, we participate in school activities, (mostly cheer) we have the perfect life. I’m the captain, Brittney Smith. Most people call me Brit. My sister is a year younger than me, and she is my most loyal companion. And then there is of course my mother. She is amazing and does anything to help us pursue our dreams. Even though she is single and divorced, but that doesn’t mean we are losing money just because we don’t have another supporter.

I’m seventeen, and Lilly and I share a car. It’s the most amazing car, a Fiat 500 in the brightest color of green, and even though Lilly can drive, I often don’t let her. She believes she can drive but I always feel like we are going to run off the road when she does so.

Every other week we go to get our hair done and a massage. But they alternate. Like I said, we have an amazing mom. Today is our massage (we usually do it on Friday),but my masseuse is on vacation and Lilly’s masseuse is full. So we are trying out the newbies. Mine is Zane and Lilly has Damon. I’ve never heard of them, so they really must be newbies. We are on our way right now. (Lilly’s always had such a bad sense of direction.)

Lilly and are pretty different people. For instance, my hair is blonde, and hers is brown. I am picky on everything, (and when I say everything, I do mean everything), and she is only picky on some things. She has grey eyes, and I have blue. We are both underweight, but you can’t have an overweight cheerleader. So we mostly eat healthy, lots of greens, even though I’m not partial to them.  My sister couldn’t care less.

We just got out of school, and it is Friday.

“Vance Dalaro asked me out today” Lilly said breaking the silence between us.

“That weirdo? He’s lucky to have his nerd girlfriend Jamie Snimerhooper. You didn’t say yes did you??” I say.

“No!!! I thought you knew I didn’t want a boyfriend!” she said immediately.

“Well I did. I was just hoping you said no, because then I might just have to kick you off the team.” I joked, then added, “I hope the rest of the team doesn’t date nerds.”

“You couldn’t fire your co-captain of the team! I help you come up with routines and help you do the dirty work of kicking people off. And who would you hire that’s as good as me?” she asked.

“I don’t know.” I simply said as we were pulling into our salon.

The only open parking space was in the very back of the parking lot, the last possible open spot.

Our car said it was 3:29, one minute until our massage. As soon as I put the car in park, Lilly sprang out of the car. She always tried her very hardest to be on time, but she never really is.

“Hurry!” she practically screamed at me because I was making sure I had the money mom gave me in my purse. “Ok. Ok. Calm down. Next time come to our practice with that enthusiasm.” I said. And she stuck a carrot tongue out at me. And I gave her my most winning smile just before she slammed the door on me and I climbed out of the car.

By the time I got out of the car and calmly shut the door, Lilly already had the door open and was waiting for me in the doorway. “Come on!” she called.

“Geez. Excited much?” I shout over the howling November breeze.

“We only do this twice a month! That’s twenty-four times a year!”

When I finally went through three rows of cars, she looked like she had to pee.

“Hi. We are here for our massage at 3:30.” I said to the person sitting behind the counter.  

“For Zane and Damon Miranda?”

“Yes” I say.

“Ok. Just have a seat.”

“Thank you.”

Lilly always makes me do the talking because she is too shy. 

We wait for about 5 minutes. It looks like it’s the longest 5 minutes of Lilly’s life. I don’t know why she is so excited. I guess she is just excited to try new things, which would fit her personality.

“Lilly Smith?” said the guy waiting in the doorway.



                They had to be brothers. The other one was just standing in the doorway, waiting for us to leave. The resemblance was obvious. I left my sister sitting on the couch. She was watching me like a hawk. Wondering what I would do probably. Well, it wasn’t like I was going to kiss him or anything. He looked very strong, powerful, Like his shirt was too tight and his muscles are too big. He has black sleek hair and crystal clear blue eyes. He has the half shaved look, and a crooked smile, he looked dark, and dangerous, like it was challenging me to a war.

                He led me back down a dark hallway and gestured for me to go in the last doorway on the left. It was a pretty big room, considering most of the rooms where smaller. It had locked cabinets, which were unusual. Unlike most of their rooms this one had an unwelcoming feeling like someone was watching me or something. Odd, I thought to myself. Dark chocolate walls surrounded me and a music box singing peaceful and calming music sat on a medium height shelf which didn’t make the room feel any less comfortable.  

                As I lie down on the somewhat comfortable table I stare straight at the ceiling and pull the covers up over me. Then out of the silence of the calming of the music, a rapid tap tap tap sounded from the door. So I said, ”Come in.”

And he did so.

He put a hot rag over my eyes and started at my head. He was massaging deeply, and it felt good. He was getting lower into my neck and then traced my jawline. He stopped, and I used my ears to help me decipher what he was doing. I heard him unlock something, and then the swish of his pants as he stood up fairly quickly. Before I knew it something was on my face, sticky and wide, definitely  mean’t to keep me from not talking I reconized it quickly as tape and my body went into panic mode.

“Don’t say a word.” He whispered low and close by to my ear. “I have a knife, and I will be sure that my brother uses his to kill your sister if you struggle or try to scream or escape. I might even take your life too.”

These words frightened me. I just hoped my sister was still breathing and conscious.




I’ve been in this cabinet type thing for hours now and this tight little space. I can’t breathe properly which leads me to believe that it is in fact a tight space. My hearing is quite accurate so I pick out the noises from the other room and they lead me to believe I am not alone in this. I hear footsteps down the hallway and they are coming closer. My heartbeat quickens and my blood turns cold. I hear a girl’s voice but my kidnapper made it very clear if I say something or yell a warning that he will kill me without hesitation. My hands and feet are bound and I can’t move.

“Just lie down and get comfortable” the man’s voice said heavily and menacing.

“Ok.” Said the girl who I was afraid was going to be locked up with me. Part of me wanted to save her and tell her to leave right this minute all though it probably wouldn’t matter now, and the other part of me just wants her to be trapped with me so I’m not alone.

I feel her footsteps lightly shaking the ground and following her are heavier ones. I can hear the door shutting and I feel like this is a repeat of my kidnapping.

I really didn’t want to but it’s not like I can shut something like this out. I hope someone is searching for me and this other girl.

“NO TALKING” he said harshly. “But I’m sure the others can tell you that.” Her breath started to get jagged and rough. I knew the worst and most sickening part was coming.

I hear a crack and her body falls to the floor. Probably the same thing he did to me, knock her out and give her a splitting headache like mine. I hear a lock click as he probably opened up another container and placed the girl inside. 

 What I believe to be an hour later I start to get hungry and restless. And it’s been around 30 to 45 minutes where it was dead silent. I start to hear soft noises coming from a cabinet across the room. It almost sounds like small petite sobs. ‘You are strong and independent’ my mother used to say when I was having a bad day. ‘You can make it through this.’ I never thought that there would be a better time to use her words than boyfriend issues and such. This, this is much, much worse.

I kept saying these sentences over and over in my head until two heavy footsteps come in and the girl starts to sob louder. The door closes and one guy says “One girl is in the cabinet by the lamp and I’ll take care of the other one.”

The heavier pair of footsteps seems to be coming towards me so I simply just act like I’m asleep in case they want to try to “put me out” again. The door to my container rattled and opened and a little


bit of light from the room came in. I let myself be pulled out and carried like a baby and put in an elastic type bag where the light was cut off. My guess is trash bag. Great now our last chance of being saved is slipping from my grasp. I just hope wherever I’m going I can be found. I don’t move a muscle, which is very hard NOT to do. I feel myself being taken outside because I can tell that it isn’t the way I came in because the main entrance had a lot more people. Besides I can hear the busy street behind the salon. I consider moving and then think, better not. The girl however thinks otherwise and squirms to the best of her ability. I know this because I can hear her trying to scream and move hoping somebody will see something and call 911.

“Shut up before I snap your neck” one of them growled. She didn’t listen though and pursued even louder than before. I hear a car horn fairly close and decide I’m about to be dumped in a car.

“SHUT UP.” He said even louder than before, “Last warning.” She obviously didn’t take him seriously and I could hear her struggling even more. She probably kicked him or something because I could hear him grunt and drop the trash bag. I was thrown in the back of some type of car maybe van. I heard a pocket knife click into place and I froze like a deer in the headlights. He’s going to kill me.

The knife pierced the bag and ripped it open so I could breathe and let the wonderful sunlight touch my face.

“What happened??” most likely the guy in command.

“She kicked me in the back and I dropped her Damon.” He answered meekly.

“Just put her in the van and let’s get outta here.” He was closer now and I felt her drop down beside me not so gracefully. The door was shut and the last few bits of sunlight disappeared and someone started the car and we began to roll backwards and another vehicle started and followed. I looked up slightly and tried so hard to see the license plate number on the car following this one.


               As I awkwardly sit in the car I think that I may be able to get the duct tape off my mouth. That still won’t do much just allow me to breathe. Maybe ask if there is a girl in here alive. I know that my sister would be smart, maybe try NOT to be trash. I still feel like I need to see if my sister is in here because I can’t see and I think we might be on the freeway. I hear lots of cars driving around us about the same speed.

I finally get the duct tape off my mouth and quietly say, “Brittney?” I pause thinking maybe she couldn’t respond. “Knock twice if you are Brittney and knock once if you are someone else.” And I wait for an answer. Nothing, so I try a new approach. “My name is Lilly and my sister Brittney and I came to get a massage and I was attacked. If there is another person in here, will you please knock?” I plead. Slowly, but not right away there is shuffling and one knock. I was glad I wasn’t alone, but I needed my sister. She would know what to do in this kind of situation.

“How old are you? If you are under the age of 20 please knock twice. If you are over the age of 20 then knock once.” I wait for an answer and I get one. Two knocks. “I’m 16” I say. “Can you get the duct tape of your mouth?” There was a little bit of struggling and a ripping sound.

“My name is Tina.” A small voice says. “I’m 15. I have a sister named Rosie. My mom dropped us off at the salon and went to run errands. I’m really worried about her. Do you think there is another car they could be? Or do you think they are okay and looking for us?”

“I don’t know.” I say, because I couldn’t promise anything anymore. “All we can do is hope for the best but prepare for the worst. How old is your sister? I’m just trying to determine a pattern or something.”

“She…She’s 17, like your sister, but my sister, she’s handicapped.” She stutters, and it sounds like she’s crying.

“Why is she handicapped?” I ask calmly, carefully, and soothingly.

“She’s blind. Has been since she and my dad crashed in a car accident when she was 14, my dad lived and was able to walk away but he was disoriented and forgot about Rosie. Rosie was bleeding internally and needed help. Luckily there were more cars on the road and they called 911. She was taken to the hospital where they called my mom and me and when we got to the hospital she was in surgery. By then it was too late and she is partially blind. She can see whites, grays, and blacks. She describes it like being in a black and white movie.” She answers.

“I’m sorry.” I say. “But she sounds like a strong girl. My sister has to…” I was cut off by a bump. It felt like a speed bump on a 60 mile per hour highway. I knew of only one highway that did that. Highway 19. Going North? Or South? I’ve always had such a bad since of direction.

“Highway 19.” Tina whispered. “Going South. It leads to the desert side of California if you turn off right…” she was cut off by a jerk to the right. Exit ramp. “Now.” And she sighed and said, “Now we are doomed.”



                I could barely see so I cautiously started to feel around for that girl. I hit another trash bag and I reached inside. I felt tape, then an arm, shoulder, neck. I felt for a pulse but it was quiet and she was cold as ice. I ran my fingers along the back of her neck and spine. Like I thought, broken. When the guy dropped her he must have dropped her on her head and neck. I didn’t make a sound as I reached for something, anything, a weapon or another person or something. If I slipped up then I don’t know what the driver would do. I almost jumped out of my skin when he turned the radio up.

                I hit a hand that was reaching for mine and almost screamed.

                “Shhhhh.” She whispered. “My name is Brittney, most people call me Brit. What’s your name?”

                “Rosie, my name is Rosie.” I spit out. It seems like I haven’t talked in ages. “I’m Seventeen years old and partially blind. That’s why I didn’t see you. How did you get here?”

                “The last thing I remember was walking to my massage and then getting knocked out. I woke up in a cabinet and then another girl came in and I felt bad for her and now she’s dead, you?” Brit explained.

                “Same thing, but I didn’t hear you come in. But then again I was hit pretty hard in the head. What time was your appointment?” I asked to see who was there first.

                “Mine was at 3:30.Yours?” Brit questioned.

                “I guess I didn’t hear you come in because mine was at 3.” I answered. Brit was about to talk again but then she stopped when we heard a phone ring. It was the man who kidnapped us. I could tell it was an older phone because I heard him flip it up to answer it.

                “What do you want Zane??...Too big of a job to handle??...Well you want our sisters back, do you not??....Don’t call again….” He said and then turned up the volume again.

                “Do you know if there is another car?” Brit said. “I’m afraid my sister might be in there.”

                “I think there is another car. I heard one start up at the same time this one did, it was close.” I replied honestly.

                We came to a stop and the engine turned off. This can’t be good.

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