Love Always,

While the boys are on tour in the USA. Harry goes to town and stops at a small coffee shop. There he stumbles upon the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. The girl absolutely despises Harry, him being famous and all. But Harry strives to become close with her and prove to her that he's not some self centered jerk. **also on Instagram @iimagine_1d**


8. Chapter 8

I woke up at 10. I went onto twitter and tweeted 'Good morning! xx'. I also texted the lads to see how they were doing.

I got up and went into the kitchen. It was very small, the whole house was. The fridge was tiny and was crammed in between the wall and counter.

I opened the fridge.

I took out the milk and looked in the cabinets for cereal.

I came across one peculiar cabinet. It had a bunch of pill bottles and various pieces of paper. I took one out and read it.

'Dear Mommy and Daddy,
I hope you're having a good vacation. Riley tells me that you're going to be gone for a long time. But I can't wait until you come back home. In case you're wondering, I'm good. I made a new friend, Cayden. He's cool. Riley tells me that I have a boyfriend because I talk to him. But that's not true. I'm counting the days since you've been gone. 8 days. It's weird because Riley really missed you too but he doesn't want to write you a letter. So he says hi and that he misses you and that he'll see you soon. I know he misses you because he cried every night and takes his medicine to help him stop crying. I miss you too! I hope you're having fun!
Love always,
Sydney ❤'

I was really confused. This was from 14 years ago. She was around 6 or 7.

I read it over, then it hit me. My eyes got watery.

I forgot I had the milk out so I found a bowl and finally found the cereal. I poured myself some and put the milk away.

I went back to the cabinet to read another letter. This one was from only 3 years ago.

'Hi Mom and Dad,
I hope you're enjoying paradise. I bet you're happy. Riley just went to the airport yesterday to see you. I told him that I didn't want him to leave but he insisted. It was very hard to stop him. He just really wanted you to come home but since that's not possible, he went to visit you. He left me alone. He's been wanting to go on vacation for a while now. He just told me that the other day before he bought his ticket. I came home from school and his suit cases were gone. And, as always before leaving to go somewhere, he left a note for me. He told me that he's going to be away for a while to be with you guys but that I'll see him soon. But he told me not to rush it like he did, he wants me to actually earn a ticket to paradise. So that's what I'm going to do. It's been really hard waiting for you to come home but at least now you have somebody else to be with. So now I'm home alone all of the time but it's ok. Knowing that you're happy makes me happy. But I really miss you. And Riley. Come home soon, please.
Love always,
Sydney ❤'

I couldn't bear to read the note that Riley wrote that was attached to the letter. My tears were all over the table.

I know I shouldn't have gone through her stuff. But now that I know this, I know to be careful with what I say.

I put the letters back where they were exactly.

I finished my cereal and washed out the bowl and spoon.

I went to the bathroom.

I noticed in her cabinet everything was labeled and in order.

I went down the short hall to her bedroom


One of her walls was partially covered in pictures of her and I'm guessing her parents and brother. A bunch of poems were also covering the wall. She must have written them.

I read a few and they were really good. A couple were about her parents and her brother.

Most of them were happy but there was a good number of depressing ones. But they were still good.

Even in her room I noticed that things were labeled an her bed was made. And there was nothing out of place on her bedside table.

Her bedroom was small. It fit a full size bed and two bed side tables. No room for a dresser. There was one closet.

I went back into the living room and watched tv until about 3.

Sydney gets home at 4:30 so I think I should take her on another date.

I scoped out her backyard, again small but nice.

I went rummaging through the house for Christmas lights or string lights.

I found some and hung them around the trees outside. I found a outlet to plug them into and they looked awesome.

I took the blanket that I slept under and put it on the grass outside.

I shut off the lights before leaving the house.

I changed into clothes and sent a text to Sydney.

'Hello sydneyyyy I'm just running out to get some food....;)'

I got into my car and drove around to find a good food place. I placed a take out order at Buffalo Wild Wings.

I gladly took some photos with fans. I wouldn't ever want to ignore them.

I got the food and drove back to the house making sure not to get followed. Just to make sure, I parked down the block.

I went back into the house. Sydney had left a pair of spare keys on the table.

'Im home, no need to worry :)' I texted Sydney once I returned.

I found some plates and forks and other utensils. I set them up on the blanket outside. I put the lights back on.


I searched the house for some candles and matches.

I found some and they were vanilla scented. I set them up around the blanket.

Next I found champagne glasses and poured the wine I had picked up. I put the glasses outside.

I heard the front door open.

I quickly rushed into the house and to the front door. Sydney walked in.

"Hey Har-" she started. "How was your day?" I cut her off. "Um okay I guess. I'm just really tired and hungry." "Good, I bought some stuff for dinner. Hurry put your stuff down, I wanna show you."

I was so excited.

"Okay" she put down her things. "Come on, Sydney" I took her hands and led her towards the back door. "Close your eyes."

She closed them.

"I swear, if you're going to take your pants off again I'm kicking you out."

I opened the back door and went into the backyard.

"Wait right here, but keep your eyes closed. " "Okay" she replied wearily.

I ran into the house and got the Buffalo Wild Wings bag and brought it outside.
I set it down on the blanket.

"Okay, open your eyes."

She opened them.

"Oooo, nice going buddy" she elbowed me playfully. "You have candles and everything. Oh, and the lights on the tree is a night touch."

She sat down on the blanket.

"Buffalo wild wings, my favorite. Oh and wine, fancy shmancy."

I was expecting more of a reaction. But it was sorta nice to have somebody out of the normal routine.

"You like it?" I asked making sure she was satisfied. "Yeah, it's really cool. Lets eat."

No thank you? I'll just shake it off.

We were having a nice conversation about work and friends.

"So, who was that guy at the restaurant?" I blurted it out. I just had to know. "Oh, that jerk. He's Alex." "What's the deal with him?" "I said he's a jerk." "Yeah but why was he saying those things about you?" "I said he's a jerk." She repeated herself louder. "Ok, you don't have to tell me."

We move on from that topic and spoke about animals and random stuff. It was nice.

When we were finished I let her go to bed while I cleaned everything up.

I didn't mind, I would do anything for her.

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