Love Always,

While the boys are on tour in the USA. Harry goes to town and stops at a small coffee shop. There he stumbles upon the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. The girl absolutely despises Harry, him being famous and all. But Harry strives to become close with her and prove to her that he's not some self centered jerk. **also on Instagram @iimagine_1d**


4. Chapter 4


I threw my stuff on my bed after a long day at work. I went into the living room and laid down on the couch. I stared up at the ceiling counting all of the cracks and imperfections. The couch was starting to hurt my back so I went back into my bedroom. I opened the dingy window hoping to let a cool breeze in.

The summer heat is brutal and I don't have air conditioning.

I laid my head down on the pillow and stretched out. I felt relaxed listening to the breeze seep through the window.

BZZZ BZZZ BZZZ my phone started ringing. 'Harry' scrolled across the screen and his picture was displayed in the corner of the screen. I answered the phone, "hello?" "Hi Sydney. Um...what's up?" "Nothing much, just counting the cracks in my ceiling." Harry laughed on the other line. "Why'd you call?" I added. "Oh. You know how I'm in this band, right?" I sighed, "yeah." "Well we're leaving this afternoon to go back to England because we're done with our tour now and uh...Im planning on staying here for a while." "Oh. That's fantastic" I said sarcastically. "Where are you going to stay? A fancy hotel on the water I'm sure." "Actually I didn't book anything. I kinda want to stay with you at your house." I jumped, "whoa, hold on there buddy! I just met you yesterday and now you want to stay with me at my house?!?! No freakin way!!" "I was scared you would say that." "Um, yeah!" "Do you know of any good hotels in the area?" "No. I'm not a travel agent." "Ok then. I'll be talking to you." "Ok -" "Sydney I was you wanna get something to eat tonight? My treat?" I was silent. I don't know how I feel about all of this. "Are you still there?" "Oh yah, sorry. Sure. It'll be interesting to have dinner with somebody I just met." "Great. So I'll be at your house at 7." "Ok." "I'll see you then, bye." "Bye." I hung up annoyed and excited at the same time.

I set my alarm clock for 5:30. I took a nap and woke up to the sound of a cliché pop song. I shut off the alarm and took a shower.

The water was freezing but by this time I was used to it.

I picked out my only nice shirt and my some-what decent blue jeans. As I was doing my hair I thought about Harry and how I felt.

He is cute and charming but I don't think he would be worth the trouble of media rumors and twitter fights.

At first he seemed very cocky but maybe he's sweet, I really don't know how to feel. I guess I'll find out tonight.

I put my hair in a ponytail, I hated it when it was down. I skipped the makeup that I rarely use anyways. I slipped on my Converse knock-offs and waited for Harry to come.

I heard a knock at the door and peeked out of the window to make sure it was him, it was.

I grabbed my glasses and phone and opened the door. I was relived to see that he was in jeans and a nice shirt also. I was afraid he would be dressed up.

"Hi Harry." "You look beautiful." "Thanks" I said in a sarcastic tone. "The car is at the corner." I closed the door behind me.

Harry reached for my hand. I crossed my arms following him to the car.

"So where are we going?" "I found this nice place down by the water and I made a reservation so we're all good."

We got to the car and Harry opened the passenger side door for me. "Oh, no chauffeur today?" "Just my body guard but he's in the back." "I see..." Harry got in, started the engine and drove away.

"How are you liking Long Island so far?" "It's great. And I love that there's a beach everywhere, it's so convenient." "Yeah, it's pretty cool. Did you find a hotel to stay at tonight?" "No, not yet." "Why'd you want to stay here anyways? Instead of going back home and seeing your family?" "I feel like getting to know you is my top priority right now. It's my mission." "Well you didn't have to stay. You could've just called me or something." "But this is much better. Now isn't it?" He smiled at me. I smiled back.

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