Love Always,

While the boys are on tour in the USA. Harry goes to town and stops at a small coffee shop. There he stumbles upon the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. The girl absolutely despises Harry, him being famous and all. But Harry strives to become close with her and prove to her that he's not some self centered jerk. **also on Instagram @iimagine_1d**


2. Chapter 2


I could feel my hand start to get a little bit jittery.


"Cool beans, dude." I put my hand down by my side. What?! That's not what I was expecting. "Excuse me?" "I said cool beans. And nice accent." "Thanks, but do you know who I am?" "No, but I know you're British. Do you know who I am?" "No sorry, I didn't catch your name." "It's Sydney. Now who are you 'mr important guy'?" I like the way she was joking around, it was cute. "Oh, I'm in the band One Direction. I'm Harry Styles." "Oh, I've heard of you guys before." I smiled. "Like oh my gosh Harry, sit! Tell me about your travels!" She put on a really annoying voice like a snobby girl. I did sit down though. "Ok then. Well first-" "I was kidding. I'm not the famous type." "But I'm a normal guy." "With a crazy life, I don't like your types." "Do you have a piece of paper and a pen maybe?" "Sorry, no. I really have to go."


She got up, taking her book with her and she threw her cup away.


As she was walking out the door I followed her grabbing my cup from the table.


"You know when you walked in, I couldn't take my eyes off of you. You're so beautiful." We were standing right outside the door. We were looking at each other. "Thanks. You know instead of becoming a singer you should've become an actor. You're great at it." She started walking away, " Nice meeting you too!" I shook my head.


Me and my guard walked along the street and I stopped in a shop and bought a few shirts. I got very tired so we went back to the hotel.


Niall and Liam were up and watching tv. I threw my stuff on the table. "Where were you?" Liam asked. "I just went out to get coffee." "Did you get me anything?" Niall asked flicking through the channels.


I sat down on one of the beds.


"No." It was silent except for the noise coming from the television set. "So um," I cleared my throat," I went to this cute little coffee shop on one of the main roads and um, I spotted this girl." I started smiling and looking down. When I looked up both boys had their eyes on me. "And?" Niall asked. I looked down again, still smiling. I looked up, "she was beautiful. She wore glasses and looked so easily put together." I felt my cheeks get warm. "And she didn't have any makeup on, she's naturally beautiful." "So did she freak out when she noticed you?" Liam asked. "No, actually. I went over to her and introduced myself. I told her that I'm in the band and she said she's heard of us but that was it. It was nice to talk to a girl who wasn't freaking out over me." "What did you say to her?" Niall asked, they were taking turns asking me questions. "Nothing really. She was saying that she doesn't like my type, being famous. I said that I'm a normal guy, but she said that I was a normal guy with a crazy life. I guess she could tell that I liked her because she kept pushing me away. As she was leaving I told her that I thought she was beautiful. She said that I should be an actor because I'm good at it. She didn't believe that I thought she was beautiful. She's thinking I'm a dickhead." My smile slowly faded away. "Well did you find out what her name is?" "Sydney. I have to see her again. I'm going to go to the same place tomorrow at the same time and try to convince her that I'm a good guy." "But we're leaving tomorrow afternoon." Liam shut off the tv. "That's enough time. Hopefully it won't be too hard."


Then Louis and Zayn walked into the room.


"Where are the girls?" Niall asked. "We dropped them off at some mall. They wanted to go shopping but we have to get ready for sound check before the show." Zayn said. "Harry was just telling us about this girl he met today." Liam said. "Ooh. What happened?" Louis asked. "To sum it up, she hates me." I hung my head. "C'mon mate, it's not that. She's just too blind by all the famous stereotypes." Niall tried to cheer me up. "But I'm going to try to meet her again tomorrow and get her to warm up to me. And make her see that I'm not a dick." "But we're leaving tomorrow." Louis said. "I know, but I'll see her in the morning." I got up and went towards my bags. "I'm going to get ready."


I took my bag and got changed in the bathroom, I usually get dressed in front of the lads because I don't care. But now I wanted my alone time, to think.


I finished getting dressed and read some of the comments on my vine video. It was the normal 'you're adorable' 'I love you' comments. The other boys got ready and we headed for the theater near the water, which I loved. Getting to perform near the water nearly outdoors was great.


The sound check went well and show time was near. I heard the crowd start filling up and getting louder.


The intro video began and it seemed to finish quicker than usual. I fixed my ear piece and got ready to appear on stage with my 4 best friends, my brothers. It was time.


I jogged onto the stage and looked at the swarming crowd. "Good evening Long Island!!!!! Are you guys ready?!?!?!" Our band started playing. Show time.

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