Love Always,

While the boys are on tour in the USA. Harry goes to town and stops at a small coffee shop. There he stumbles upon the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. The girl absolutely despises Harry, him being famous and all. But Harry strives to become close with her and prove to her that he's not some self centered jerk. **also on Instagram @iimagine_1d**


10. Chapter 10

Sydney was lying on the couch face down. I didn't bother her for about an hour.


It's 1 o'clock now.


"Sydney, are you ready to talk?" I calmly asked while sitting down on the floor beside the sofa. She hesitated but slowly sat up.


Sydney looked at me with sadness and tiredness in her eyes. Her lips went pale and wouldn't stop quivering. Her complexion looked as if it were bleached. Overall, it looked like all the life was sucked out of her.


"Did I say something? I bet I did, but I didn't mean it. I'm sorry. Don't feel bad for anything. You can't get upset at your feelings; that made no sense-" I kept rambling on until she stopped me mid-sentence.


"Harry, it's-it's nothing really. See the book I'm reading, it's a really good story about a girl trapped within herself. It's really complex, but my point is that when you suggested going to the movies and the beach reminded me of two scenes from the book. Both of which are really depressing and I get so emotionally attached to the characters. It made me get so emotional. I'm sorry that I'm such an overreacter."


"It's ok Sydney. I understand completely." I reassured her although I don't know what to think.


"What's the book called?"


"Um, Love Always. You can't find it anywhere though because it's been discontinued." "That's really strange. Can I borrow it sometime?" "No," she responded quickly, "it's too dear to me. Like I said, I get really attached to the characters. I can't just hand it over to some incompetent idgit like you." "Incompetent idgit?" "Aw, does poor little Harry need me to explain to him what that means?" "I am fully capable of reading a book and understanding what it means." "Ok then. What is an apparatus?" "Eh. Machinery." "Well then. What does having a callipygian mean?"


I got stuck on this one.


"Ummm I don't know." "It means to have  shapely buttocks." "Classy." A smile appeared on her face.


"Now what do you say about that walk on the beach?" She asked me. "Unless you like getting mobbed, it's a great idea." "Oh yeah, you're famous " "you forgot?" "Kinda, you've been so down to earth." "I try." "And I know of a private beach. Only a few people have a pass to it, and I do." "Me?" "No, I'm not selfish. I actually have a pass. I would never use you. "



That was nice to hear. Maybe I finally found THE girl.


"Ok. So when do you want to go?" "Now. I'll go change." "Me too."

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