The Runaway Girls and The Musical Boys

Two girls from separate lives, one a runaway and the other visiting family, travel to the UK; Where they meet two boys that will change there whole world around. This is the story of Annabelle Brocker "Anna" and Haley Johnson.


4. Chapter 4: Haley

"Uncle Cameron!" I exclaimed. "Aunt Martha!"

I slung my Duffle bag on my shoulder and ran to give them a hug.

"Hey Lil Bit!" Uncle Cameron said. He calls me Lil Bit because I'm really short. It get annoying after a while.

They released me me from the hug and I smiled brightly.

We walked over to the luggage cart and I grabbed my suitcase.

As we turned to leave , a voice behind me said "Goodbye Haley!"

I turned around and saw the blondie who sat next to me on the plane.

"Goodbye Niall! Hope you have a pleasant stay in Ireland!"

He smiled and nodded "You too! See ya around!"

See you around? What's that suppose to mean?!


In the car ride home, Uncle Cameron and Aunt Martha asked me a BUNCH of questions, and talked a lot. They asked me about my life in the United States, they asked about how my dad was, they asked me if I had a boyfriend or not and I refused to tell them about Austin, so I just said through gritted teeth that I hadn't had a boyfriend yet.

   Aunt Martha saw that she asked a touchy question, so she gave me a sympathetic look and changed the subject.

"Home sweet home!" Uncle Cameron announced proudly.

I smiled and followed them inside, trying to remember what the house looked like from when I was a child. It looked the same, still no T.V. but the living room was big, they had two old grey couches connecting to each other, they had pictures of my dad, and my grandparents on their wall. So yah, still the same.

" Okay dear, you must be tire, so why don't you go on up to sleep," Aunt Martha said. "Come, follow me, I'll show you where your room is."

I nodded, grabbing my suitcase, where as she already had my Duffle. Right after I found my bed, I collapsed into it, happy to be alone to sleep.

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