The Runaway Girls and The Musical Boys

Two girls from separate lives, one a runaway and the other visiting family, travel to the UK; Where they meet two boys that will change there whole world around. This is the story of Annabelle Brocker "Anna" and Haley Johnson.


3. Chapter 3: Anna

   When the plane landed in London, I felt like I was at home. "Anna, you okay? because you look like you're in a daze."Liam said. I realize that I was standing in the middle of the airport. "Oh! I'm fine! It's just that I haven't been here in a long time." I said in total embarrassment. "Oh. Well, let me get my stuff and we can head out, okay?" I nodded at him.

    I went to go sit down and wait on Liam when I bumped into a guy with black hair and a blonde highlight. "Oh,  sorry about that." He said, his accent was a very think one. "It's cool." I said. " Anna, you ready?" asked Liam. "Yeah. Got to go." I said to the guy. I walk with Liam, and he asked " Do you have to be the guy magnate of London?" "What? I'm not a guy magnet!"

  We walk out of the airport and standing at the fort gate was this by with brown curly hair, amazing green eyes, and cute dimples. I looked at his amazing eyes for so long , that I tripped on my own two damn feet and fell. "Anna, you okay?" Liam said as he rushed over to help me; the green-eyed- boy also came to help Liam. " I'm fine Liam, thanks." I said. I was about to get up when I looked into the eyes of the boy with curly hair again. He was beautiful. I got up and start wallking with Liam to his car.

  We reached his car, and I had my hand on the door handle when I felt a set of finger tips run across the back of my neck. I dropped my stuff and turned to see the green-eye-boy was walking away from me. "Hey!" I yelled across the garauge at him. He turned around and smiled like the Chersire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. "Hi, Love." He said back with a tone of pure silk.  

   He turned back around to run for his car. I turned back around to see Liam in the car, and starting the engine. I grab my stuff, open the door, and get in. Liam looks at me and says, "You and guys in this town." I punch him on the shoulder. "Shut up, anyways you gonna give me a lift?"

"Yep, where to?" He asked while rubbing his shoulder.

"Um, Cambridge Village Flat Complex." I say while looking down at the note on my phone.

"Cool, I live there with my girlfriend, Danialle." He said.

                                                  ~~      *    *    *    *    *    *    *     ~~

       Cambridge Village Flat Complex is located across form the Thymes River  that runs through London. After everything that had happened to me, it was a nice place to be. It's divided into ten, tall flat complexes; Kayla lived at flat nine-thirty-four, complex three. Liam pulled up to the complex, and I unbuckled, got out of the car, and was getting my stuff.

      " Hey Anna, is it cool if I give you my number?" He asked from the front of the car. "Uh, yeah." I got the rest of my stuff, pulled my phone out, and gave it to Liam. "I live in flat seven hundred, flat four. So, if you want to come over, you're more than welcomed to." He said while punching in his number. "Cool, so see ya around?" "Yeah." he said. Liam handed me my phone back, and gave me a hug.

    I was walking to the stairs when Liam shouted something from his car, "Oh, by the way, watch the X-Factor either tonight or next week. I'm gonna be on." "Awesome! I will watch out for you!" I wave goodbye to him and he drives away. I start walking up the stars to my best friends flat.




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