The Runaway Girls and The Musical Boys

Two girls from separate lives, one a runaway and the other visiting family, travel to the UK; Where they meet two boys that will change there whole world around. This is the story of Annabelle Brocker "Anna" and Haley Johnson.


1. Chapter 1: Anna

      it's 1:00 in the morning, and I'm packing my stuff into a small gym bag. I'm sick of living with my drunkard of a father who disowned me after my mother left us. I shove the last pair of socks in the bag when my phone vibrates. It's my sister Crystal; "Car's ready. Waiting outside the house. - chibi" She always went by Chibi because of her height. I close the bag tightly, open the door, and walk out of my room forever.
      I close the door slowly and quietly; even when my father's passed out from his drinking episodes, he can hear things from a mile away. Luckily for me, tonight he was having his "lady friend" spend the night with him. Yes, my father took up strippers and has sex with them. I looked to see if he was knocked out, and sure enough he was sleeping like a drunkard. his stripper was laying on top of him. before I left the room, I noticed a small picture frame lying face down on the dresser. I walked slowly to the dresser and lifted up the frame. My eyes widened in shock; the picture was the family portrait that was in my room. It went missing when my mother left us. I was looking for it in ages, and on the night I leave I find it in my father's room. I had so much distaste for my father, but at that moment I wanted to kill him for hiding this from me. I take the frame and walk out of the room without making a sound.

                                                       ~~      *    *    *    *    *    *    *      ~~

      I get to the car and Roger is in the driver's seat, while Chibi's in the back. "Sup, Chibi." I say to her. She was my second sister in the family, but she was my age. "Hey, Yuki" She replied back with sleepy eyes and dark shadows under them. I turn around to face the front window when I look strait into a forest of dark amber eyes. "What happened to you? Ya Look like you rolled down a hill." My older brother says jokingly. I punch him on the shoulder. " Shut up Roger, just because I look like a wreck doesn't mean you can make fun of me for it." it was true; I did look like a wreck. My hair was partly brushed, I had no makeup on, and I wore a pair of sweatpants with a purple tank top. I stare into Roger's eyes for almost five minutes when Chibi speaks up from the backseat of the car, "Roger, can we go to Winnie's?" I could easily tell she was tired. Roger looked away from me and turned to the backseat. "Sure thing Chibi." He says to her as he stroked her hair, he then turned around to start the car and pull out of the driveway. "Yuki, What's in your hand?" Chibi says. I realize that I still had the picture frame in my hand; I quickly put it in one of the front pockets of my sweatpants. "It's nothing Chibi, just go back to sleep." I say to her in a very calm voice. She falls asleep and I let out a sigh of relief. Even though I've been to hell and back, I can keep my cool during a bad situation.

     For most of the car is a silent one, until Roger broke it when we were a few minutes away from Winnie's. "Anna, What's on your mind right now since you're away from father?" he asked. I looked at him, Roger was my oldest and only brother. He was seventeen when I ran away, had dark, rich, amber eyes, sort of blondish black hair( even though my father was ginger) and he was almost taller than my mother. He never turned to look at me, just kept looking at the road; but I could tell that he was worried about me. There was a lot on my mind, but all I said was "freedom. No more pain in my heart" I finished up with a sigh of relief when Roger's phone went off. He picked it up, and rolled his eyes. That  can only mean one thing in this family: 1) it's his girlfriend. 2) it's Winnie. he hits the talk button. "Hello? hey. when did the plans change, Lsp?" he say in a surprised tone. There was a moment of silence when Roger let out a frustrated sigh. "Should I put her on the phone for you to ask her if she's cool with it?" Roger hands me the phone and I hear my sister's voice. "Hallo?" "Hey Sis!" "Sup, Winnie?" "Nothing much, hey do you have a friend that lives in London" She asked. I thought about it for a while, and I realized that there was someone; my best friend Kayla. "Yes, Kayla lives somewhere in the downtown part, Why?" I asked her. " How would you feel if I sent you to leave in London?" I was in total shock. 'London?! Me going back home? To where I belong?' I thought to myself.  I had wanted to back to London, to the place where I felt right, to the place where I was born. "Sure.I-I would love to." "Great! When you get to my house, I will drive you to the airport and take you to the gate for the plane. Love Ya!" I heard a click sound after her. "So London, huh?" Roger said as I handed him the phone back to him. "You're not going." I told him in a British accent. He laughed and smiled at me." I know."

                                                     ~~      *    *    *    *    *    *    *      ~~

      "Anna! Oh, I missed you!" Winnie said while putting me in a huge hug. "Winnie! It's nice to see you too!" I said with no air. I told her we needed to get going if I was to leave for London. She agreed with me; I told Roger goodbye and gave Chibi a hug and a kiss on the forehead while Winnie was getting my stuff from the trunk of Roger's car and into her's. Right before I got into Winnie's car, Roger pulled me aside and gave me a hug. "I'll miss you, Yuki." "And so will I, Naruto" I said, tears in my eyes. He handed me a small bag and told me not to open it until I got to the airport. I gave him one last hug and a kiss on the check, got into the car with Winnie, and drove off into the darkness of the night.

         It wasn't far from Winnie's house to the airport, so I had enough time to open the bag that Roger gave me. I opened the bag and to my total surprise was an IPod 4 and a IPhone 5. I smiled so hard that my face was hurting. "You okay ,or are you happy about your gifts?" "The gifts! I love them sis!" I said to Winnie. She smiled and patted me on the shoulder. "We thought you would." We arrived at the airport, Winnie got my ticket situated, and I was ready to leave. "Anna, you sure you're going to be okay?" asked Winnie. "I'll be fine. I was fine for a whole year without you or Roger." I said. There were tears in her eyes, "I will miss you." 'Flight 14 and 15 for Ireland and London now boarding.' I looked at the take offs. " I have to go sis, I'll call you when I land." I gave her a hug, "I know you will, but don't forget to call Kayla also." Winnie said being all motherly. "I will." I picked up my bags and gave her one last hug. "I love you, sis." " I love you too."

                                                    ~~      *    *    *    *    *    *    *  ~~

      I get on the plane and find a row that's closest to the exit. I pull out my IPod that Roger gave to me, turn it on, and go into the music section. To my surprise, there was all of my favorite artist: from Panic @ the Disco to Fall Out Boy. I smile and think ' Thank you Roger.' I decide to sleep until the plane lands, so I put an ear bud in, turn on "Ballad of Mona Lisa", and close my eyes when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

        I open my eyes to see a boy with dark brown hair and stunning brown eyes, looking at me." Um, is this seat taken?" He asked in a very, guy-like voice. "No, you can sit here." I say, going back to my music. " Thanks, Oh my names Liam." " Anna." I told him, then shaking his hand. For the whole plane ride instead of sleeping, I talked to my new friend Liam. Later on he would introduce me to a guy who turns my heart, mind, and world upside down.



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