I'm too lazy to write what this story is about. So if ya really wanna know read it.


2. Chapter Two

"Hello ladies" we hear a voice say. We look over and there are Harry, Niall, and Louis from One Direction. "Hey" I say. Niall looks me in the eye and gasps. "You-you're eyes!" he says. "I know they're red." I say nodding. "What's your name?" he asks. "Alexandria, but you can call me Alex." I say. "I'm Niall." he says. "I know. And thats Harry and Louis." I say. He nods. "So you're coming to London?" Niall asks. I nod. "Woah man look at those eyes!" Louis says looking at me. I laugh. "Are you wearing contacts?" Harry asks. I shake my head no. "Wow.." he whispers. I grin. "Yup, she different because of her looks and shes an-" I cut Kat off by putting my hand over her mouth and shaking my head. "What?" Niall asks. "Nothin." I say. He looks at me like I grew another head. I smile at him. "So.. where are you staying?"Louis asks looking at Sil. They should go out. Same with Harry and Kat. "Yeah and whats your names?" Harry asks. "Well..we don't know yet..We haven't bought a house yet. And my name is Silver, call me Sil, and this is Katie." Sil says. "Call me Kat!" Kat says. The boys nod. "You guys want to stay with us? Liam lives with Dani and Zayn lives with Perrie." Niall asks looking me straight in the eyes. Nobody has ever done that. "Sure!" me, Sil, and Kat say at the same time. The boys chuckle.


We landed in England at seven, their time. I got off the plane and Niall put his arm around my shoulders I was confused at first then I saw the fans and paps. Tons of both. I hid my face in Niall's arm. Kat and Sil did the same with Harry and Louis. When we got in their car Niall held my hand. "Aww Niall and Alex sittin in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love then comes marrige then comes Alex with a baby carrage!!!" Louis and Sil yell together. I blush and look down. "Shut it Lou!" Niall says. "Aw someone's embarrassed!" Kat exclaimed. Harry laughs at her high pitched voice. I shoot her a glare. She grins in return. I roll my eyes. Suddenly I feel like someone was watching me. Niall and Kat was on their phones. Harry was messing with Kat's hair and whispering in her ear. Aw. Louis and Sil was making out. "GET A ROOM!!" I yell. Louis and Sil pull back and blush. Everyone starts laughing. "Get to quiet for you two?" Harry asks them. They blush. No one was watching me but i felt like i was being watched..

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