I'm too lazy to write what this story is about. So if ya really wanna know read it.


7. Chapter Seven

When I wake up I'm in a hospital room. I start to freak out but then feel a light squeeze on my left hand. I turn and see Niall. "W-what h-happened?" I ask, afraid to know. "Katerina came up behind us when we was about to kiss and was going to stab you in the back but you turned around when I told her not to and she stabbed your stomach." he explained tears running down his face. I nod. "Ni?" I ask. "Yes? Are you hurting? What's wrong?" he asks. "Come lay with me?" I say it like a question. He nods. I must have fallen asleep because when I open my eyes all of the boys and the girls are here. Even Danielle. Silver was on Louis's lap crying. Danielle was talking to her boyfriend. Niall was still laying with me. Then I realized Zayn and Perrie are here too. I look and find Harry asleep, he looks like he's been crying. "What happened to Katerina?" I ask shakily. "She..um went to jail." Danielle said. I nod and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. "C-can I talk to S-silver alone?" I ask. Everyone nods and leaves. Silver walks over to me. "What's wrong?" she asks. "W-why would K-katerina do that to m-me?" I ask. She shrugs. "She wanted to k-kill you because you are getting married to Niall. Oh by the way Niall wants to know if its ok with you if y'all get married in three weeks?" She says that last part as a question. I smile and nod. "Mmk I'll tell him!" she says. "Can you get them all back in here?" I ask. She nods and opens the door and they all fall in except Eleanor, and Perrie  who are standing against the wall laughing. "Busted!" Me, Silver, Eleanor, and Perrie say at the same time. We all bust out laughing. "Sorry, we were just..uh.." Louis started. "Eavesdropping." I finish for him. The boys blush and all the girls start laughing. When everybody got quiet I looked around. Nobody was looking at me. Perfect. I close my eyes and fake snore. "She went to sleep fast." Danielle commented. I'm guessing they nodded because it got quiet again. "LET'S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!" I yell making them all jump. "But, you're in a hospital bed.." Liam says. "So?" I say. "I'm up for it!" Louis says. Everyone agrees. "Louis you start." I say. "Niall, truth or dare." he says. "Truth." Ni says. "Is it true that...you love Alexandria?" Louis asks. Niall nods. I smile. "Niall's turn!" Louis yells. It went on and on like that until the doctor came in. "Hello, Miss Hayes. You are free to go. Just try not to run much ok?" he says. I nod. We go and check me out and get in the car.

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