I'm too lazy to write what this story is about. So if ya really wanna know read it.


1. Chapter One

Hi, my name is Alexandria Taylor Hayes. Alex for short. I'm not your normal teenage girl. Yes I'm into guys and One Direction. But, I'm not normal. My eyes are blood red. My hair is a light silverish blue. Yes, its a natural color. I know you're thinking How does she even have friends? Well, I do. I have two friends. Yeah only two. I have my best friend, Silver Pheonix Brown, and my other friend Katie Erin Mitchel. Silver and Katie are normal. They know I'm different. They don't care. I'm not sure how I'm different exactly though. I'm twenty years old. "Alex! Open your front door!!" Silver called. "Its unlocked!" I yelled. I heard the door open and Silver walked up the stairs. "Hey doll what's up?" I say when she gets in my room. "I want to move to London." she says. Oh, I forgot to mention I live in Alabama, USA. "Without me?" I ask. "Nope, with you." she says. "I'm going?" I ask. She nods. I squeal and run around the room packing. "Slow down! You run faster than eyes can see! Are you sure you aren't a vampire?" she said narrowing her eyes. I throw her a glare knowing I'm to fast for her to see. Suddenly I stop and look at her. "No..I'm not sure what I am.." I say," I just know I'm different."



"Omigosh. I can't believe I'm moving to London!" I squeal. Silver laughs. "Wait, what about Katie??" I ask. "She's coming." Silver tells me. "Yayyyy!" I say. She laughs again. "Are you laughing at me?" I ask with sass. "Nooo I'm laughing WITH you!" she says. "I ain't laughin!" I say then burst out laughing. She shakes her head and continues helping me pack. We finish packing and put my stuff in her limo. Yup, a limo. Her parents are rich. "Wow.." I whisper. Silver's stuff is already in the limo. We drive to Katie's house and she is sittin on the porch with her bags beside her. Her mouth drops open when she sees what we're riding in. I laugh. We put her bags with mine and Silver's. Then head to the airport. When we get there everyone keeps looking at my eyes. I smile when they do and they look scared. I laugh. "What's funny?" Kat asks. "I'll tell ya later, Kat." I tell her. "Me too!" Sil says. I nod. They grin. We board our plane and sit together. "Spill." Sil and Kat say together. "People kept looking at my eyes and so I smiles and they looked scared." I say.

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