I'm too lazy to write what this story is about. So if ya really wanna know read it.


4. Chapter Four

"W-what happened?" I ask. "We should be asking you the same thing." Louis asks. "Yeah, why did you pass out?" Sil asks. "Issaic." I say. "Uh-oh what did he do this time?" Kat asks me. "Wait! Who the heck is Issaic??" Niall asks. "A demon," I tell him turning towards Sil," he popped up at the window and s-showed me a horrible image in my mind.." Niall looks confused. "Care to explain who Issaic is and what does he do to you exactly?" Harry asks. I nod. "Sil? Will you? I don't feel well enough to.." I ask Sil. She nods. "Once when me and Alex was really little, like six maybe seven, a boy the same age as us came up to us. He told us his name was Issaic and he killed his family. Me and Alex ran. He chased us super speed and caught Alex. He kissed her left cheek and her hair turned the color it is now. Then he kissed her right cheek and her eyes turned like they now are. I grabbed hre arm and we ran but she ran faster than me, like him. I yelled at her to slow down but she yelled back I-" I cut her off," I can't!! I had called back to her. She started crying so I stopped running altogether and picked her up. I had suddenly became as strong as a full grown man. I ran while holding her. When we got to my house we told Mama about Issaic. We never went to that place again. Ever. But-" this time Kat cut me off," he's been following her ever since." I nod. Niall looks mad. Harry and Louis looked shocked. "I'M HUNGRYYYYY!!!" I yell. "Hi hungry, I'm Louis. Nice weather we're having." We all laugh but Niall's seems forced. "Can I talk to Alex alone?" Niall asks. Everyone nods and leaves. He turns to me. "I don't want to loose you.." he confesses. I must have looked confused because he leans in and whispers," I know what you are.."

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