I'm too lazy to write what this story is about. So if ya really wanna know read it.


5. Chapter Five

I..he knows what I am?? I was about to ask how he knew and what I was but Harry called us to dinner. "Really Harold? Really?" I mumbled. Niall smirked. Did he just here me? I didn't even say it loud enough! "Yes, you did." he said. "What? Did you read my mind??" I ask. He nods. I look at him confused. "Tell ya later." he says. "Tell her what later?" Harry asks. How did he hear us?? "Nothing." Niall tells him. He frowns. "Fooooood!!!!" me and Ni yell at the same time. We all laugh. We ea then me and Niall head to the bed room. "So, how do you know what I 'am'?" I ask. "I am one too." he says and shrugs. "What am- I mean what are we? And what about Harry and Louis??" I ask. "We are vampires. So are Haz and Lou. Silver and Kat are different. Did you ever think as to why Issaic didn't 'change' Silver or Kat?" I shake my head," No but.. he never saw Kat." He smiles. "Kat was his best friend" he says. My mouth drops open. "What?!" I yell. "Shh! Yes she was his best friend. But she didn't know he is a vampire. Or what she is." he explains. "What is Katerina? And Silver?" I ask. "Angels." he replies. "A-angels?" I say it more like a question. He nods. "What-how do they not know??" I ask. "How does SHE not know. Silver knows." he tells me. My mouth drops open. I run to Silver and Lou's room. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU AND KAT ARE ANGELS?!" I yell. "I don't know.. Wait! Kat's an angel too??" she asks. I nod. "How do you know?" she asks. "Ni told me." I tell her. "How's he know?!" she yells. Kat runs in. "What's going on??" she asks. "We're angels!" Silver says. "What? Who?" Kat whispers. "Me and you!" Sil answers. "What about you, Alexandria?" Kat asks. "Why are you using my full name, Katerina? Think you're higher than me or something? And why didn't you tell me you was best friends with Issaic?" I ask. "Because I thought you would be mad at me Alexandria! And yes I think I am higher than you!" she yelled. I gasp. "You don't even know what I am yet and you already think you're higher than me.." I whisper. "You are just a human that wishes to be better. You died your hair and wear contacts acting like something you aren't Alexandria! I'm not stupid!" she yells. "You don't know anything Katerina! You don't know that you are living with vampires and your best friend was one too!" I yell then cover my mouth. That wasn't supposed to come out. She looked confused. "You're a v-vampire?" she asks quietly. "Yes are you scared? Don't think you're so 'high' now do you, Katerina?" I ask. She shakes her head. "Alexandria, please don't hurt anybody.." a voice I knew all too well said. "Issaic?" I say it like a question. "Yes, love" he replies. I turn around. Dang, he is sexy. No he's hot! He smiles. I walk over to him. "Why did you change me?" I ask. "Because, I love you.." he answers. I freeze. "Alex, can I please talk to you?" Ni asks. I nod and follow him to his room noticing all the boys, including Liam, Zayn, and their girlfriends had came in the room. "Alex, I can't loose you, I know we aren't dating but I still love you. Issaic does to and if you see o much or the vampire that changed you, you will fall for him or her." he says in one breath. "I love Issaic. I have since he changed me. I just haven't told anyone.." I say quietly. He groans. I hear Issaic yell," YES!!" in Lou's room. I smile at his voice. I look at Niall. He looks heartbroken. "Sorry.." I whisper and then walk into Lou's room and into Issaic's arms. Everyone gasps. "I love you Issaic.." I say. "I love you too. I loved you yesterday I love you still. Always have. Always will." he whispers. "Ughh, get a room!" Louis says with sass. "Shut up" I tell him. He laughs. "Issaic?" I whisper. "Hmm?" he mumbles in my hair. "Can we talk? Where no one can here us?" I ask. "Sure" he says. We walk in a room and he seals the wall with his power so no one can hear. "Now what did you want to talk about?" he asks. "Well.. I love you but I love Ni too." I say. "I know. You can go out with Niall. But if he ever leaves you just know I'm here. Okay?" he says. I nod. He unseals the room and he goes home while I run into Niall's room. Right as he put a razor on his wrist. "STOP!" I yell. I run to him and kiss him. "What are you doing? You don't love me you love him." he says. "I love you more.." I whisper. He looks me in the eyes then kisses me long and passionately. He smiles in the kiss. I do too. We get up and walk into Louis's room hand-in-hand.

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