I'm too lazy to write what this story is about. So if ya really wanna know read it.


8. Chapter Eight

When we get to the flat we all sit in the living area. "Stay put. I'll be right back!" Louis says. When he comes back he's hiding something behind his back as he's walking to Silver I peek behind him and gasp. He looks at me and smiles. Everyone else looks confused. He gets to Silver and tells her to close her eyes. She does and he gets down on one knee. "Open them." he whispers. She opens her eyes and looks at Louis and starts crying silently. "Silver Pheonix Brown, I've loved you since I met you five years ago. I love you more than ever now. So, Miss Hayes, do you want to marry me and become Mrs.Tomlinson?" Louis asks her. She nods and squeals," YES YES YES! a MILLION TIMES YES!!" He smiles and slips the ring onto her finger and kisses her. "Get a room." Harry mutters. Louis flips him off. We laugh. "Wait did he say five years?" Zayn asks. I nod. "How??" Liam asks. "They met five years ago. In some park back in Alabama." I tell them. "Ohhhh" they all say at the same time. I nod. "Heyyyyy!! That's so coooool!!!" Dani says. "What is?" I ask. "Well, you and Ni are getting married and now Sil and Lou are!" she says. I nod smiling. "Can I talk to Alexandria and Zayn please?" Liam asks. I nod and so does Zayn. We walk to my room and sit down. "What's up Li-li?" I ask. "I want to propose to Dani and from what I heard Zayn here wants to propose to Perrie. Can you help us pick rings?" Liam asks. "Sure!" I say. "How are we all three gonna sneak out without it seeming, I don't know, suspicious?" Zayn asks. "We tell them us three are going to get food from Nando's. While we are getting the food we can go get rings." I say. They nod. "Let's go." I say. We walk downstairs and I call out," Me Zayn and Liam are going to get food from Nando's!" We hear a bunch of ok's and we head out the door. We get in the car and head to get the rings first. We get both of then really pretty rings and then go get the food. When we get back they ask what took so long. "Long line." me Liam and Zayn say at the same time. We didn't plan that. "Ook but anywaaay look its food!" Niall yells. We laugh. After we eat Liam goes to Dani's house and Zayn goes to Perrie's. "Ok we know the line wasn't that long. Where did y'all go?" Silver asks. Harry, Louis, and Niall look at me. "To get rings." I say. "Rings?" Harry asks. I nod and hold on my wedding ring finger. "This kinda ring." I say. "Zayn and Liam are proposing?!" Harry yells. I nod. Everyone's mouth falls open. Then my phone starts ringing. Liam. I answer and put it on speaker. "Hello?" I ask. "She said yes!!" he yells. We all start cheering. "I'm on speaker. Aren't I?" he asks. "Yep" I say. "Well me and Dani are coming over. We want to be there to find out what Perrie says." he tells us. "Ok!" I say and hang up. "Three engagements. Soon to be four. Then hopefully five!" I say looking at Harry. "I'm going to ask my ex-girlfriend to marry me. We want to get back together and so that's when I will ask her." he says. "Who's your ex?" I ask. "Her name is Aaliyah Payton Smith." He says. We nod. Liam walks in. "You should get Alexandria to help get a ring." he says. "I have one." Harry replies. "Oh" Liam replies. *Riiiiiing* * Riiiiiiiiing* My phone. "Its Zayn!" I say and put him on speaker. "Hello?" I say. "Perrie said yes!!!" he yells. We start cheering and clapping. "So did Danielle!" Liam yells and pulls her closer to him. "I'm coming over." he says. "Me too!!" Perrie says. "See ya then!" I say and hang up. "Harry, invite Aaliyah over and ask her!!" I say. He nods. He gets out his phone and dials her number. "Hey Aaliyah, I have to talk to you. Wanna come over and watch movies?" he asks her. "Sure!" she says. (He had it on speaker) "Alright see ya then!" he says and hangs up. Zayn and Perrie walk in and then we hear a knock on the door. I go open it and see," Aaliyah??" I say. "Alexandria!!" she yells. We hug until Harry asks," You know each other?" We nod. "We have been friends since, like, forever!" I yell. He nods. "Ok so Aaliyah, Harry has an important question." I say. "What is it Harry?" she asks. He gets down on one knee and pulls out the ring. Aaliyah has tears running down her face. "Aaliyah Payton Smith, I love you. I always have. So make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?" he asks. She nods and he slips the ring on her finger and kisses her. "She sais yes!!" Harry yells. Me and Aaliyah laugh. Five engagements. Wow..

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