The Meet and Greet

This is the beginning of my on going project of me and the doctors adventures.


1. Meeting the doctor

As a little kid I grew up watching doctor who. It wasn’t really a special delight to watch every weekend then more of a habit. I had memorised all the Doctors names in order William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Chris Eccleston, David Tennant and now Matt Smith.

Last week (well 100 years ago from where I am now ps. I’ll explain later) was the revealing or the 11th Doctor who was Matt Smith. Seeing I live in Australia it was broadcasted at 3 in the morning. So what do you think I did, I got up with my bed socks and dreary eyes and clambered to the television and turned it on. 

As the show started I got more and more dreary and my eye lids slowly shut as if somebody was closing them. Then BAM! I suddenly realised I had fallen asleep and opened my eyes to see that I was lying on the ground in the middle of a big golden room with circles on the walls. My eyes wandered down to the floor, upon looking shining blue.

“How peculiar” I wondered to myself.

In the background I heard a slight humming noise going high pitch to low. It was coming from the floor. I plonked my ear against the blue floor and listened very very hard. It was the noise of the TARDIS! I staggered up realizing where I was. Slapping myself across the face just to make sure it wasn’t a dream and there standing in the middle of the room standing against the control deck was Matt Smith.

“Y-y-y-your Matt Smith” I stuttered.

“Actually I’m the doctor. So you have seen me on television. I thought you might of” said the Doctor.

“I thought it was just a television show. This isn’t real I’m sure of it” I shouted.

“Well you are wrong and I’m the doctor” said the Doctor.

My eyes glistened up to the ceiling and down to the blue glowing floor. I looked over to the door and my legs moved towards it. I poked my head out to see the old blue doors. But they were fading in colour and I felt like a part of me was very upset. The Tardis was really a magnificent machine.

“So it really is bigger on the inside” I laughed.

“That’s what they all say” said the doctor with a quirky smile.

We both looked at each other and gave an awkward smile.

“I have a project for us” said the doctor.

“Yes, what is it” I said

“She’s getting a bit rusty don’t you think” said the doctor stroking the old blue paint.

I walked towards the beast and touched it with my long nails.

“No I like it the way it is” I whispered.

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