When Demons Fall

A crazy love story with a demon world that has something to do with a single girl and her past lives.


6. Unraveling Strings

All of my emotions suddenly fly up towards my heart, I want to cry, all of my past lives I spent loving him. But now of all times he shows up, well sure this time is as good as any but I, well I really don't know I am so frustrated with all of these new memories. But all in all Ignacio was never much of a waiter for anything he just went out and grabbed it. 

"Ignacio, right?" I ask as he looks at my his calico eyes filled with sadness. 

"Yes, Lissiana, it is." He says he appears as if he is about to cry, why is that would they be tears of joy or sorrow. I take a couple of steps forward but he takes a small step back and shakes his head he reaches behind his back shyly. I pause tears weld up in my eyes but I try and blink them away. In those small blinks he is suddenly right in front of me, I look up to find eyes filled with hate no longer sorrow.

"Lissiana, good by." He says as I see his hand come forward and shove a black blade into my stomach piercing it. I lurch forward as the pain signals quickly go off and I begin to cough in pain, I stagger and fall onto my knees. I reach for the blade and recognize it as my own dagger, a double edged sword almost literally, I buy a knife and I am killed by the same one. I begin a coughing fit and my hands go up to my mouth to find a wet substance, I realize from the smell it is blood. 

"Ignacio? Why, I thought." I say looking up to find a girl. 

"Ha, I won't let you have him this time around you stinking bitch. You think he will fall for your innocent act again, as you just go up and be reincarnated again, to thank a normal human would  fall for a demon, what a joke. Like hell I would just sit back and let you have your way with him. Now do me a favor and just die." She says spitting in my face. Who is she? What is going on? I watch as long as I can she vanishes and I painfully fall onto the ground my wound bleeding out onto the harsh earth. My vision fails me and the pain fades, I am dying, slowly but I am dying. 



"She is waking up, sir." An unfamiliar voice says as I feel a blinding light fill my eyes. Where am I? Am I alive or dead? I should be dead right I got stabbed in the stomach. as I come to my senses I realize where I am a hospital, god I hate them so much my brother had to suffer in one for three days before he dies I remember seeing him there all bloody and looking lime death its self. I sit up and a nurse with black hair and brown eyes pushes me back onto the horrid bed, I look around to see Anthony in a chair a look of pain in his eyes, I remember the girl and shiver as she tried to kill me. The unmistakable grin of hate and blood lust, who was she? I run threw old memories making my already aching head hurt even worse. The nurse leaves and the world appears to have slowed down, I sit back up and find the boy from my nightmares sitting where Anthony was. Did he leave with the nurse and how did the boy get in here with me without me noticing it?

"Who the hell are you." I say looking at my bed side table for any sort of weapon finding nothing.

"I am Antoninus, that boy you keep seeing is Ignacio and the girl who tried to kill you is Haley. I know you recognize me and mostlikely fear me and I understand that. But you have to look past your fears, I love you Lissiana please just try to understand. Those times you saw me were fragments and repeating fragments at that. You can trust me, Ignacio didn't try to help you. He doesn't love you any more he loves Haley. So please just wait here unti, you get better." He walks up and kisses me on my forehead before vanishing. 

"What the hell just happened?" I mutter silently


- Today is a day of publishing apparently. I also wrote a majority of this chapter on my tablet in school hence why the grammar is so horrible and such. >_> But hey thanks for reading. ^o^.

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