When Demons Fall

A crazy love story with a demon world that has something to do with a single girl and her past lives.


5. Remembering

The next week of school is a bore, and I am placed into a group project in AP chemistry with the class jack ass. 

"So whats the project on again, Short Shit?" Anthony asks me. Apparently his name is Anthony, but all I know is that he pisses me off. 

"We are doing a poster on the bond types. The teacher just explained it four times, or are you so irritating that it affects your learning ability?" I reply as I begin drawing a picture of an ionic bond.

"Looks like the class midget has bottled up anger it needs to express. Would you care to share it with the class, midget?" he asks as he leans back in his chair, since clearly he is too 'bad ass' to do a class project. I finish the drawing, and hand him the piece of paper to write the explanation. 

"Well, since I have so much bottled up anger, I'm going to let you finish the project, because I already did half of it," I say as he leans forward to look at my work.

"Hey, you can't just tell me to work on it. I helped you, so you have to help me. I will tell the teacher you are being a slacker," he threatens.

I just press play on my iPod, lean back, and hand him a book. 

"You didn't help me. Besides, I have a learning disability called anger management, I only have to do half the work by law. So get to work, and if you tell the teacher that I am lazy, guess what? The project is in my hand writing, and if it's bad then I will tell the teacher, and you will get the bad grade," I say, plugging in my headphones as I watch Anthony's anger rise. He reads the book, trying to understand the bonding types as a review from last year's Chemistry course.

I begin tapping my feet to the beat of my music.

All of a sudden, my vision blurs, and I stand up to get some blood to my head, until I realize that I am blacking out. But it's to late, I loose consciousness.

When I wake up, I have a horrible pain in my forehead, and it takes what feels like an eternity, but in reality is only five seconds. I must have passed out and hit my head on a desk.

The teacher is leaning over me, and Anthony keeps asking me if I am alright. I nod as I feel a sharp pain in my head. I reach to grab it, but that only makes it worse. I feel a wet, sticky fluid, and lower my hand, blood. I must have hit a pencil or the side of the desk.

Anthony helps me up, but my legs feel like lead, and are hard to move, but I manage. 

The walk to the nurse is painful, and even more brutal as Anthony keeps trying to talk to me. I don't even bother to listen. I glance outside the hallway window, and see the white haired boy standing there.

I stop dead as he looks at me with concern. He doesn't approach me, just stands there on the other side of the glass.

"Meet me at the cliff..." I hear a voice say. 

It sounds soft and welcoming, unlike Anthony's, which harshly asks me to do things that he should be doing. 

"Lissiana? Are you okay? What are you looking at?" Anthony questions, looking into my eyes to see if I'm okay.

"Yeah, I just thought I saw a dog or something. It's nothing really, probably just my mind screwing with me," I say, turning to him as he looks at me oddly, as if he saw me say some archaic language or something.

"Okay, well lets get you to the nurse so she can look at you cause, well your bleeding quite a bit," he says, beginning to lead me down to the office at the end of the hallway.

When we get there the nurse is gone so Anthony stays with me in case I pass out again. He is sitting on the other bed across from me in the other room where the people who come in here take naps and what ever the do on the plastic beds. 

"What did I hit to make my head bleed?" I ask, my vision flitting slightly as I talk, my breath getting quicker. 

"You hit your head on the desk corner, then all of a sudden you were on the ground, bleeding. Are you sure you're okay?" Anthony asks for the billionth time.

I feel like my head is going to explode. A searing pain fills my brain, and suddenly I decide to sit down on the floor. I curl into a ball as my head throbs in excruciating pain. 


"Darling, take this dagger and run. Please. And what ever you, don't look back. I promise I will meet you at the cliff, just run like the devil is on your heels. If anything happens to me, I will not be there. So leave at sun up tomorrow if I do not return. Please, I need you to be safe. Now go."

I am shoved out the door, the dagger inside of its sheath at my waist. The door to the burning cottage shuts, and witch and monster voices echo through out the harvest moon sky.

I sprint out into the forest, even though I don't want to. I cry but do not know why. I feel taller and my hair is pulled up in a Victorian style bun, although it quickly falls out as I run up the mountain.

I trip on a fallen tree, but get up and keep running without looking back. Why do I run? What is happening to the person who shut the door?

When I reach the cliff, it feels like it's around three in the morning. I can see the cottage was actually not a cottage, but a manor; an old manor on the outskirts of town, to be precise.

The flames crawl up into the sky, as if they are trying to reach up to reddish moon. I fall again, and break down crying as I grab the hilt of the blade. I tug it out ruffly and aim it at my stomach.

What am I doing? Why am I trying to kill myself?

The blade is pulled back, then thrust forward, almost reaching my stomach. But then it stops when I hear a branch crack behind me.

I quickly turn around, the black blade with it's jewel encrusted hilt aimed at a man with silver hair. He tightly embraces me, and I drop the blade to the ground. The scent of blood and ashes lingering on his burned coat fills my nose as I cry into it. 

"Darling, it's alright. We're safe now. Do not cry, shhhh, it will be alright."

He stroaks my hair and calms me down, then sits on the cold, hard earth as he holds me in his lap to cry before I finally calm down. 

*Wake Up*

I return to consciousness and see that the nurse, my dad, and Anthony are all standing over me. I am shaking, and have tears cascading down my cheeks. My head has stopped hurting, and I feel fine now.

I jump up, and rush to my locker where I grab my helmet before running out the door to my motorcycle. I drive away, the only thing on my mind is the cliff and what happened there. Why did I have that vision?

I see my dad outside of the school, and running towards me as I drive down the road to the cliff. 

I speed down the forest trail. As I reach the cliff, I see the white haired boy standing on the edge of the cliff, looking down at the town. 

I get off of my bike, and drop it before walking towards him. He doesn't turn around, but I can tell that he knows I'm here. I stop a few feet away from him.

"Lissiana, I see you have remembered..." He turns to face me. 

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