When Demons Fall

A crazy love story with a demon world that has something to do with a single girl and her past lives.


3. First Day Back

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock blaring the Shire Theme from The Lord of the Rings. I slap the snooze button, and drag myself out of bed. I look at the beautiful dusk sky glimmering red and yellow, as if it was on fire.

I turn on the light to my room, and squint at the sudden burst of light the bulbs emit.

I blink a few times to let my eyes adjust, then look around my semi-messy room and drag myself out of my now very messy bed to find my hair brush that sits on my dark red vanity. I look at my honey brown hair with light curls around the ends, and start to brush out the loose tangles.

As I finish parting it to the side, I look into my light green eyes, and think about the ominous dream I had last night. I can't forget about that boy. He had black hair and red eyes that gleamed with sheer evil, as if he would kill me without a second thought.

But then they changed; he showed me the kindest smile, and when his small eyes blinked, he looked like a cute little boy with a toothy grin. He tussled his messy hair, making it stick up at odd angles. He was wearing a black shirt with black skinny jeans that were slightly baggy at his thighs and shins, as if they didn't completely fit him. He tried to talk, but his words never made a sound, as if he could only mouth the words.

When I looked at him, he seemed frail, but he also seemed strong for his build.

Suddenly, he vanished into thin air, but I could hear a few words leave his mouth just before. "I want to make you part of my collection...." That's it. He said it sweetly, but slightly strained, and ended his sentence with a small laugh. By this time, I had woken up with a slight unnerving feeling when my alarm clock went off.

I hate that dream; it makes no sense what so ever, it never has and I don't think it ever will.

If only I could understand what it all meant... 

I stare into my eyes, then put aside the thought of the dream. It couldn't possibly mean anything; I mean it's only a dream!

I set down my brush, and grab a dark blue, long sleeve shirt from my small walk in closet. I pull it over my thin shoulders and petite arms. I then close the mirror closet doors, and walk over to the dresser in the left hand corner of my room. I then open one of the glass-handled drawers, and grab a pair of black skinny jeans. I quickly pull on the jeans, and dig up a pair of red converse high tops, and tug them on without undoing the laces in an act of pure laziness.

I walk back to my vanity, and put on some makeup; the usual routine. You know, eyeliner, mascara, and a dab of lip gloss. Such a boring routine.

I sigh and walk to the mahogany desk to grab my back pack, along with a small red bow. I pull my bangs to the side and clip the bow into place. 

I then walk in front on my mirror to examine my look for today. I turn to the side to adjust the straps on my back pack. I turn and walk out of my poster covered room, right into the picture covered hallway.

I stop at a picture of my mom, my brother sitting beside her as her brown eyes stare back at me. They look so alike. Dad is no different; I ended up being the black sheep of the family.

My whole family has dark brown hair and brown eyes, while I have lighter brown hair and bright green eyes. And their all taller than me. Talk about bad genes. 

My mom and brother died a few years back in a car wreck. They were coming back from the airport, when my brother got back from a trip with friends to Europe. It was painful when we received the call. I didn't leave my room except for the funeral, even when dad and I got back, I cried for hours in there. It has been six year since they died.  Everyday since then I stop and say goodbye to both of them before school. 

I wipe away a forming tear caused from the picture, and walk into the kitchen to find a plate of waffles with a bottle of syrup next to the plate. I grab a fork, a cup of coffee, a plate, and the syrup, then set it all down on the dinning room table. I set my backpack on the ground, and dig in.

I love my Monday waffles. Dad always said they were the secret to having a good Monday, so he makes them every week.

I practically inhale my breakfast, set my dishes in the sink, and put the syrup bottle back in the fridge. I then grab my backpack, and walk to the garage, and hop onto my motorcycle. I walk it out of the garage, and rev up the engine before putting on my helmet and speeding off to school.

School is only about ten minutes away on a good day. I'm hoping it is, because today will be the first day of school.  

I park in the front of the parking lot, along with the other motorcycles. I then walk into North Falls High School, and start the search for my new locker. When I find it (full-locker. Score!) I shove my helmet and backpack in, then fish my binder out of the bag before shutting the locker.

I quickly glance at my schedule, trying to memorize as much as I can. First period is AP Chemistry with Mr. Jach. I rush to my new homeroom, and search for a good seat. I decide on the front corner seat so I will be able to see the board.

I pull out my iPod, and listen to music until the teacher decides to show up. I ignore the snickering in the back. I don't want to get involved in the mockery of fellow high school students. 

Mr. Jach walks in just as the bell rings, so I pull out my headphones. He's about six foot three, so I don't want to mess with him. 

He sets down his small stack of papers on his desk. He is wearing the uniform dress shirt, slacks, and dress shoes that all the teachers wear. Way to break the status quoe Mr. Jach.

"Welcome to AP Chemistry, I hope this year I can get to know each of you as friends not just students," he says.

It takes all I have not to burst out laughing as he continues his bullshit of an introduction. He hands out the class rule packet and syllabus. As if we haven't seen these things hundreds of times.

"Now as beginning students in AP Chemistry, you might be a Senior, Junior, or even a Sophomore, so I would like to read the class rules and have you get them signed by both of your parents by tomorrow," he says, but pauses when he notices the boys talking in the back, "excuse me, you in the back. If your joke is so funny, why don't you share it with the class?"

Naturally I am already aware where this is going since they were all looking in my direction when I turned around. I know all of the boys except one, who appears to be new to the school and has already joined a clique. 

"Well if the class must know; I was just wondering why you didn't just add sixth graders in the class. I mean, if I had known there were going to be little kids, I wouldn't have signed up," the new kid says.

He has black hair, gold eyes and pale skin. His clothes are completely black, and he literally looks like the traditional idiotic ass hole. At least he does in my eyes. 

But something about him puts me on edge. He makes direct eye contact with me from across the room, and looks strikingly familiar.

I shove the thought away, and look at the teacher, who is giving me the apologetic look every teacher will give me today when someone makes fun of my height. The teacher talks wit the kid in the hallway, then has the kid apologize.

To be honest I couldn't care less what he thinks of me. 

- after school- 

I drag my feet all the way out of the school, exhausted from today. I make my way to my motorcycle, helmet in hand as I throw my leg over the side. I kick back the kick stand, and shove in the key. I fit on my helmet, start it up the bike, and leave the school, the wind making my hair carelessly fly in the wind.

I take the route up to the forest on the outside of town. This is my little get away from hell hole of a life.

I speed down the dirt road, kicking up dust as I drive up to the ledge. I hop off my motorcycle, and prepare to forge my parents' signatures and do a little writing.

Over these last six years, I have come up here. Despite moving to three different schools in the area. I could really care less, as long as I still live in this town so I can come up to the ledge.

I sit on the very edge of the cliff; just close enough to lay down to listen to music and take a nap. I love it up here, even if there are bears. They just make it better. Make me feel alive. 

Over the summer, I come up here after work and write for hours. I even bring a tent and make a fire so I can camp out. Dad doesn't like it but if he cared enough, he would hop on that motorcycle and ride up here with me.

But I can't do that tonight, or for another 9 months until school gets out. During the winter I can't even come up here because the snow gets so bad. So I only get 5 months to come up to my escape, so I enjoy it up here while I can. 

 I decide to sit up and look at the horizon. The mountains surrounding here are amazing in North Falls, British Columbia, Canada. I love it here so much; no one can bother me up here as the sun floats nonchalantly in the sky. The sun set is beautiful. It's yellowy color lines mountains containing three different lakes, at least ten miles away from the town. God if only I could just stay like this, so carefree...


"I wish we could just stay like this forever. If only they trusted you and didn't think of you as a monster, Ignacio," a girl says.

She has my same features, but is older and taller. She is also wearing a red Victorian-era dress. 

"Who is Ignacio? Who is she and why is she like me? What is that a dagger? Why does it look so familiar? Wait, that's the one from the pawn shop. I bought for ten dollars, I thought those rubies were probably a fraud, even though they looked to real. But if they are, why did he just give it to me? It must be worth millions!"

"I know, its confusing, but trust me; it will all be alright. I made a deal. You will be safe, just stay up here I will be back at sun up. I promise, but just stay hidden," the man says.

He has white hair but his face is blurry. He looks just like the boy I have been seeing for years. But who is he? 

- Dun dun duuuuuuuun! Sorry it was to tempting so here is my new story: When Demons Fall. You may be warned it is more or less a girl story so if your a guy and hate sappy stories it won't be that sappy, but it will have its moments. Enjoy!

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