When Demons Fall

A crazy love story with a demon world that has something to do with a single girl and her past lives.


4. Anonymous

She went to the cliff, just like old times. How long ago was that? I forget after so many years. I have so many beautiful memories of her, but she was much older then. She is still just as beautiful as she was back then.

I miss her, but that thing called 'school' always keeps her locked away with them.

But if he takes her, there could be a major issue. I don't want to think about what would happen if she got a hold of Lissiana, but I know it would be murder. I just need her to remember, then I can show her a happier life. Just not this one.  

I clutch my fist and punch the tree bark as hard as I can before remembering the pain of the last five times.

How many times do I need to do this? I have to help her this time, and who knows? Maybe the transformation will work this time and she won't die. 

"Lissiana, stay safe my beloved." 

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