When Demons Fall

A crazy love story with a demon world that has something to do with a single girl and her past lives.


2. Anonymous POV

Lissiana... she was reincarnated once again. I wonder if she can see me? I hope she can. I remember her well, with her thin fragile frame and slim features. Her perfect ivory skin is paired perfectly with her sea foam green eyes and her honey brown hair that cascades over her shoulders into faint curls. It seems like she gets more perfect every time she is reincarnated. Even if she looks the same or a bit different, she is so beautiful. She seems so pure and innocent this time around, and I am glad because it matches her personality so perfectly. She seems shorter this time; she looks to be around four foot nine, although she is 17. She almost looks older this time, even though she is so young. I wonder if she remembers her past lives... but if she did, she would recognize me wouldn't she? She is so beautiful and she doesn't deserve what destiny has in store for her, not in the least, but fate always takes its own funny twists; I only hope that this time it's for the better, and history doesn't repeat itself.

Please let Lissiana be safe... Please.

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