Teen Years

this is a story about teen years and how they should go


5. that awkward moment

that awkward moment


#1. You need to cough but it's so silent

#2. Your stomach decides to make a wale mating sound during a test

#3. You have said what 3 times and still didn't hear what they said

#4. That awkward moment when you have to pee badly but are way too lazy to get up, so just sit there enduring the pain.

#5. That awkward moment when you are Facebook stalking someone and then you accidentally like their status from 2 years ago.

#6. That awkward moment when a car slows down by you as you're walking, and you just assume they're going to kidnap you.

#7. That awkward moment when you try to take a sneaky picture of someone but forget to turn the flash off.

#8. That awkward moment when someone catches you staring at them.

#9. That awkward moment when you run out of toilet paper and have to yell for someone to bring you some.

#10. That awkward moment when you hear someone speaking in a British accent and instantly become more attracted to them

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