Teen Years

this is a story about teen years and how they should go


1. expectations vs reality




We all expect things to go perfect but in reality that's not true here's some examples



getting 100 in a test : getting 34 and having to repeat it

going to the gym every day : going once a realizing your to lazy for anything

getting up at 7am and going jogging : getting up at 4pm and going on tumblr

drawing Mona Lisa : drawing a stick-man

paying all debts withing a week : it never happening

meeting someone special spontaneoulsy : meeting a loser online

going to sleep at 12am : seeing the sun rise

cooking healthy meals for your self : drive thru and take away

having parties every weekend : watching and entire series of something

being best friends for ever : the sad truth

dating will get better : still awkward

getting a boyfriend : forever alone



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