The Protectors

Amela Robince, a once average 18 year old girl living in Spring Lake, Virginia. She has gone her whole life believing she was anything but interesting, and at the bottom of the list when it came to special. Suddenly, her life takes a dramatic turn when she discovers a mysterious ball of light in the woods near her house. She came in contact with this strange attraction, and since then, her new immortal life was anything but average. Sustaining new powers, with a new job to help defend the world against intimidating monsters with 7 other strangers, Amela has the world placed on her shoulders. Battling her way through the supernatural and attempting to resist the inevitable charms of fellow Protector Harry Styles, follow us on this incredible journey of love, loss, and crusade.


6. Chapter 5

Drew pushed open the set of double doors and descended the staircase leading to the foyer, noticing Valie sitting in one of the large cozy chairs at the center of the lobby, reading a comic book as usual. “When’s the last time you’ve read a real book?” Drew called out, teasing. Valie looked up and smiled, “Not since comic books were invented.” She responded jokingly. Drew sat down in the chair across from her, taking a bite of the apple he held in his hand. 

“Any news on the new chick?” He asked. 

“Right, about that,” Valie started, a hint of empathy forming in her blue eyes. “I ran into her last night in the hallway, she looked sort of flustered. She told me Hawthorne had already explained everything to her, and she also asked when she’s going to return home.” 

Drew raised his eyebrows. “Yikes. Well obviously Hawthorne hadn’t explained everything.” 

“I know,” she said while showing a look of desperation, “I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t just break the news to her that her family and friends have lost all memory of her, you know how painful that would have been?” 

“Val, you should have told her right then. She’s gonna have to find out eventually-”

“I know, I know,” she held a hand up to silence him. “not another ‘you-can’t-save-everyone’ lecture, please?” 

Drew took another bite of his apple in response and smiled wide, displaying a mouth full of chewed up fruit. 

“Ewww,” She sounded with a playful giggle, causing Drew to grin even wider. Just then Allen entered the foyer through one of the hallway entrances, carrying his laptop with a stack of books placed on top. “Hey guys.” he puffed out, thumping the laptop and the books on the coffee table with a breathless huff. 

“What’s with all the books?” Drew questioned. 

He plopped down in a chair, pushing his glasses up the crook of his nose. “Hawthorne wants to know what the new girl’s powers are, so naturally I’m in charge of researching. I still can’t believe we have a new Protector. We’ve been perfectly fine for centuries…” 

“Do you think they chose a new one because we’re about to face a horrible battle and need the extra help, or are we just doing a shit job?” Drew asked. 

“What do you mean by horrible battle?” Valie cut in. “We face horrible battles every day.” 

“He means a battle we can’t handle.” Allen replied. 

The sound of the doors Drew had entered through earlier opened. Pam appeared, her head rap matching with another one of her many African dresses that consisted of rich, earthy colors. Her look was stern as she descended the stairs; eyeing Drew, Valie, and Allen with a stable yet worried gaze. “Have any of you three seen Miss Amela this morning?” she asked. 

“You mean the new chick? No, not yet, why?” Drew spoke. 

“Well, we haven’t clarified her power yet, she ran out of the room before we could get a word in. Those hideous creatures aren’t going to wait for us you know, so we need to get a move on.” She argued firmly, anxiety shifting her expression. 

“Don’t worry Pam,” Allen assured the housekeeper, “I’ve got it covered. I’ll have her power by noon, that is if she’s willing to cooperate.” 

Pam released a stressed sigh. “Let’s hope. Becoming a Protector isn’t exactly an easy process, but you lot are strong, and I have a feeling this girl will be amongst the strongest.”

“Hey, that’s a little biased don’t you think, Pam?” Drew argued. 

“Oh,” She said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “You know I love you all equally. Anyways, breakfast is ready. Drew, if you will? Teleport to everyone and make sure they’re in the dining room by 9:30.” 

“What room’s the new girl staying in?” He asked.

“Amela,” Pam corrected, “was supposed to stay in the green room on the second floor, but when I went to check on her, she wasn’t there.” 

“I did see her last night,” Valie confessed, “in the hallway. She looked a bit rattled, so I introduced myself calmly and she was very sweet, but…” She hesitated. 

“But what?” Pam forwarded. 

“She thinks she will be going home.” Valie finished. Pam’s troubled look turned that more of as she pressed: “No one has told her?”   

“We thought Hawthorne would have taken care of that.” Drew said in a dull tone. 

Pam rubbed her temples and exhaled a hassled sigh. “Alright, I will inform her. But one of you must find her, because I simply do not have the energy to go running through this endless place. Find her quickly please, she needs to know now.” With that she turned swiftly, heading back up the staircase. “Remember, breakfast, 9:30.” She called back as she closed the wide doors behind her. 


Amela opened her eyes sluggishly, the book she’d been reading last night perched face down on her stomach. The room was dark save for the faded lamp on the table beside the chair she had fallen asleep in. Amela remembered running into a girl named Valie that night as she walked down another endless corridor, after her interesting encounter with Harry. Millions of thoughts had raced through her mind subsequently, and all she needed was a quite place to shut her eyes and close out the world, exhausted from the recent events. With luck, she had stumbled upon the library. Pam had suggested staying in a green room on the second floor, but Amela had known better than attempt to find the room, for she felt like a tiny ant in this overwhelmingly large mansion. She also felt a little suffocated, seeing as this house had no windows and was only lit up with torches and electricity. 

She couldn’t tell if it was day or night when she sat up slowly, her muscles straining against the new motion. Setting her book aside, she stumbled her way to the library door and pushed it open with difficulty, her new view consisting of a stone-walled and bright red-carpeted hallway. The forever lit torches on the walls casted an eerie glow of dancing flames against the dark stone. She looked to her left, the manor extending to what seemed incessantly, and to her right, just a little ways down, was what appeared to be a rusty metal elevator door. 

Amela walked towards the elevator, approaching it with caution. As she got closer, she noticed there was no wall to the left of the elevator, but an opening. Amela had expected another manor, but was soon proven wrong when the room that stood before the entrance was a colossal foyer with a grand staircase at the head of the room and two smaller curving staircases at the foot, leading to the second floor. A collection of chairs, couches and small tables were placed in the center of the room, the walls of the foyer decked with lit torches and again, no windows. 

A mop of ginger hair was seated in one of the couches, typing hastily on a silver laptop. Amela descended the three steps and entered the foyer, walking towards the lounge area in middle of the lobby. “Hi.” She greeted awkwardly, unable to think of a better approach. The boy turned, clearly startled as his glassed slanted sideways in a response to his sudden jerk of motion. He squinted his eyes, as if focusing on her through a microscope.  “Are you Amela?” He asked; eyebrows fused in question. “That’d be me.” She replied wholeheartedly. “Wow,” He responded, a look of shock settling his features. He sat up abruptly, placing his laptop beside where he sat on the red leather couch. 

“I’m Allen.” He introduced after stumbling over to where she stood, offering a hand. 

“Amela.” She shook his hand with a smile, as did he, displaying a mouth full of braces.

“Where did you come from?” He cocked his head in curiosity. “I didn’t think you would already know you’re way around HQ.” 

“Well, I was kinda wandering last night, and just came upon the library, so I slept in there.” 

“Right, well tonight we’ll get you a room-”

“Actually,” Amela cut him off, “I was planning on going home tonight.” 

Allen put forth a look of awkward pity, shifting his feet and taking a sudden interest in the rug they stood on. She searched his face, hunting for an answer she has had yet to receive. 

“Allen,” She pressed, “I will be going home, right?” 

He looked up before opening his mouth, about to speak when the doors of the foyer suddenly opened. Pam entered, looking agitated, as her head turned in Allen and Amela’s direction. 

“There you are Miss Robince!” She said with a relieved huff, throwing her hands up in resolution. “We’ve been looking for you! Thank you for finding her Allen.” She continued as she inclined the staircase and made her way to them. Before Allen could interject, Pam addressed Amela: “Everyone’s eating breakfast in the dining room; you better hurry on before those bottomless pits eat all the bacon.” 

“Pam-” Allen started before she shooed him off. 

“In the dining room now!” She spoke hastily as she hurried back up the staircase, Allen and Amela following. 


The dining room had a Victorian-style feel. Black and white portraits adorned the red walls, along with faded lamp-lights and a dark wooden dining table that stretched across one end of the room to the other. Amela walked in, her eyes immediately finding Harry. He wore a red plaid flannel, with a low-cut white tee underneath and dark jeans, the same necklaces dangling above his collarbone. He had his back against the chair, his plate clear of the food he had just eaten, looking bored and uninterested while flicking through his phone. Harry glanced up, taking a double take when his eyes found Amela. He smirked, the same smirk he displayed in the training room, while trailing her body up and down once again. Amela looked away, blush staining her cheeks. Why did he have to do that? 

“Everyone, this is Amela Robince, our new Protector!” Pam introduced warmly, gesturing to Amela standing awkwardly before the table. She felt everyone’s eyes go to her, but one pair of eyes in particular made her heart beat painfully fast. “Amela, please take a seat honey, that’s Valie,” She pointed to the girl with bright red wavy hair and icy blue eyes. Amela recalled running into her last night in the hall; she had a very sweet and caring like nature that Amela had taken comfort in. 

Valie smiled kindly. “We met last night in the hall. Speaking of that Pam you really need to find her a room and some new clothes-” 

Pam waved a dismissive hand. “Plenty of time for that, Valie. This is Cameron.” A girl with deep brown eyes and long straight brunette hair smiled coldly. Pam gave Cameron a hesitant look, then as if her mind decided to dismiss Cameron’s unfriendly behavior, moved on to the next person. 

“That’s Maxus, trouble maker he is.” She motioned to the boy sitting next to Amela with choppy brownish-red hair, dark eyebrows and mesmerizing crisp blue eyes. 

He gave a somewhat evil grin. “Hello!” He greeted enthusiastically. “Are all Protectors supposed to be this gorgeous?” 

Harry coughed from across the table, his eyebrows furrowed in an annoyed frown, which Maxus didn’t seem to notice. “Anyways,” Pam pressed on, “You’ve already met Allen, that one over there is Drew.” Drew sat at the end of the table, short and dark brown hair with gray-green eyes; he had sort of a goofy yet adorable appearance. His eyebrows were dark, and his nose was large, giving off the dorky best friend vibe. “Sup.” He said while giving the ‘sup’ nod, offering a small wave. 

“And last but not least,” Pam looked at Harry cautiously, as if he may suddenly burst into flame. “This is Harry.” Harry had his eyes on her the whole time, again repeating a dead eye-lock Amela had a hard time trying to escape. “We’ve met.” He told Pam nonchalantly. The woman displayed a look of horror, glancing between Harry and Amela with curious concern. Cameron looked up now as well, darting her eyes between the two with a worried uncertainty. 

Amela felt her cheeks burn again as she abruptly got up from her chair and made her way towards Pam who stood at the end of the table. “If I could speak with you in the hall?” She whispered nervously. “Oh, of course!” Pam replied quickly, setting down another tray of fresh bacon. 

At the sight of the new food, Maxus’s eyes filled with such a delight as if he’d gotten a Lamborghini for Christmas. “Yes.” He muttered as he sprang for the bacon. At this, Cameron made a grotesque sound of displeasure. “Can you go five minutes without acting like a pig?” She snickered. 

“Do you constantly have to be up my ass?” He shot back, imitating her cold tone. 

“I know you constantly have to be up mine.” She muttered. 

Maxus grew red, looking down at his plate of bacon. Amela was curious about the harsh interaction that played between the two as her and Pam exited the dining room and entered the silver modern day type kitchen. It was odd, Amela thought, while observing her new surroundings. The corridors of this residence had an old medieval-castle appearance, all dark stone and high ceilings with lit torches; but the actual rooms of the house gave off an 1800’s rich and proper feel; and now the kitchen looked like a contemporary kitchen you might find today in your local five-star restaurant. The house, if you could call it a house, reminded Amela of a mixture of time periods, jumbled together into a windowless colossal planetary. 

“I really appreciate your kindness towards me, especially considering I’m a complete stranger-” Amela started before being interjected by Pam. 

“You are anything but a stranger Amela, please understand this. I know we are all strangers to you now, but we are all family, and you becoming a Protector has made you a part of this family as well.” 

Amela felt overwhelmed. Here she was, in this giant house by which she still had no knowledge of the location, meeting a group of strangers who apparently had powers, powers that Amela was now also granted with. She's heard the definition of a Protector, and she knows their role in the world, but to think that these people have existed for so long, and continue to exist today, was a new knowledge hard to comprehend.

“But I have a family at home, it’s a pretty small family, but they’re there. When will I have the chance to tell them all of this? They must be worried sick for me! I’ve been gone for a night now, and I don’t want to leave them hanging another night.” Amela felt her face heat with frustration, feeling as if she’s explained this same argument a million times but no one had bothered to acknowledge the problem. 

“Oh, Amela,” Sympathy and guilt formed in Pam’s eyes as she shook her head in shame. “I’m so sorry we haven’t explained this to you yet…” She hesitated. 

“…Explained what?” Amela pressed urgently. 

Pam gave a defeated sigh. “When you become a Protector, you are bound to your oaths of protecting humans. Humans, well, they aren’t exactly the ones for keeping secrets. If our big secret, one we’ve managed to keep for centuries, escapes by a human’s knowledge, that could lead to fatal disaster. Because of this, when one is chosen as a Protector, the memories of their loved ones; family, friends, co-workers, peers, and so on of you are erased from their mind.” She paused, taking in Amela’s reaction. 

She was trying to piece together what the woman was telling her. Disbelief and denial coursed through Amela as her brain translated Pam’s words into a coherent understanding. “What exactly are you saying?” She asked quietly, her voice cracking with sad doubt. 

“Your family and friends have lost their memories of you Amela, it’s supposed to happen, it’s happened to everyone in that room and it has happened to you. I am so sorry, but you have a new family now.” Pam broke the news gently, placing a hand on Amela’s shoulder in a supportive gesture. 

“No,” Amela shook her head in protest. “No, I’m going home. I’m going home now. Tell me how to get out of here.” She was breathing heavily, panic sweeping over. “I need to leave.” She demanded before turning away from Pam and pacing quickly through the dining room, not daring to meet the eyes of her ‘new family’ whom she knew was watching her. 

“Amela?” Valie questioned, her voice sounded like a pounding muffle in Amela’s ear. 

“Amela!” Pam had shouted after her in desperation. 

After exiting the dining room and running down the hallway with haste, she pounded through the set of double doors and into the foyer, taking the steps three at a time. She heard voices behind her, pleading her to stop and listen. I can’t stop, Amela thought. I need a way out.  


Drew could hear Amela’s sounds of protest in the kitchen from where he sat in the dining room. After a few seconds of frantic arguing, she had appeared in the dining room entrance to the kitchen, swiftly making her way to the doors and had busted them open with such a force Drew would have never thought to have exhibited from Amela. Pam had followed behind, frantically repeating her name.

      “What a drama queen.” Cameron mumbled while rolling her eyes. Drew looked at Cameron with a sort of disgust; so long has he known this girl, and never had he thought of her once as family. He got up from the table, striding towards the doors Pam and Amela had just exited. 

“I’m going to see what’s up.” He informed before closing the doors behind him. Pam was still hurrying after Amela in the hallway, heading towards the manor where Amela had entered. Drew ran after them, his heavy footsteps echoing through the long and dim passage. He pushed the doors open to find the blonde leaning on a lamp table by the lounge area in the center of the room; her eyes swimming with incredulity as Pam was comforting her with words Drew couldn’t hear from the distance. “What’s going on?” He called. Pam looked up, concern masking her expression. 

“Drew, thank God, we need your help.” She responded with pleading eyes. 

“Of course,” He replied quickly as he ran down the stairs with haste and made his way over to them. “What’s happened?” 

“Amela’s having a panic attack-” Pam started before Amela cut her off. 

“No, no I’m fine. I just need to be home and see for myself.” She muttered solemnly. 

“Amela-” Drew took a step forward before she held a hand up to stop him. “Just take me back home. Pam tells me I’m in London, but she also says you can teleport. Just teleport me back to Virginia please. I need to see my mom at least.” 

Drew’s eyes shifted to Pam, who looked at him helplessly, an expression as if to say "we’re out of options". “Alright, I will. Just… don’t be too excited to see her, ok?” 

Amela responded to his request with a blank stare. “Just teleport me already.” She ordered. 

Drew sighed as he took her arm, his power working with their surroundings, turning the dim lobby into a swirl of red and brown, finalizing in a rush of pitch black.  

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