The goody girl

Jamie is a goody girl and the new girl in Wood Field High School. Will Jamie change from the goody girl to the bad girl when she meets Justin Bieber the most popular kid at school? Find out Jamies adventure when you read this story!


1. Morning


Jamie: Ugghh

Jamie got up and went to the bathroom

Jamie: Ughhh I look like a fucking mess!

Jamie picked up her brush and started to brush her long brown straight hair and put on black eye liner, dark blue eye shadow and her mascara then marched down stairs.

Jamies mom: Hi honey are you excited for your first day?

Jamie: why did we have to move mom!

Mom: because we needed a bigger house

Jamies mom then started to take picture of Jamie with her iphone

Jamie: please stop

Mom: honey If I were you I would be super excited, just think of all the new friends your gonna make!

Jamie: *ugghh I guess


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