Runaway Girl


When I was bit, it felt like my whole world was falling apart. I was on my surfboard, being pushed to shore while people were shouting at me, telling me to stay awake. By the time we were on shore, some people had lifted me up on my surfboard and were carrying me to a truck. I had my eyes closed, and when I opened them, my blue eyes met green, my blonde wavy hair met brown curly hair, and for that split second, everything seemed okay. I couldn't feel the pain, and for that split second, I think I fell in love.


3. Chapter 3

When I woke up, it was early as usual. So I tried to go back to sleep, but it just didn't seem to work, I'm just a morning person I guess. I put on my favorite bikini, and hobbled to my body length mirror and looked at my reflection. A tan body wrapped in bandages, a white bikini, and loose blonde waves that reached just above my belly button. 

I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. This is when I would see just how bad my wound really is. I counted to three, and opened my eyes. I placed my hand on the end of the gauze, and slowly started to unwrap it from my body. I could see the first tooth mark, just 2 stitches holding it together, bruised all around, and shaped very awkwardly. 

The bite marks seemed to be okay so far, I was now reaching me leg, where most of the damage had taken place. I unwrapped the gauze, and peeled off the bandages, and gasped in shock. Here I was, looking at my front and back in the mirror, ripped open and stitched back together, and bruised all around. I looked awful. This will be with me the rest of my life.

A few tears slid down my cheeks and I quickly wiped them away. I went to my dresser and pulled out a blue ripcurl swim crop top and slid it on, but it only covered half of my stomach, and let the stitches show through. I pulled on my thongs, and grabbed my stuffed cat off my bed which I named Marvin, and wobbled off into the kitchen where I prepared my family breakfast.

I made bacon, hash-browns, and some scrambled eggs. And by the time the food was finished, I could hear my family rustling through the house. I quickly pulled my long hair into a pony tail and continued with playing the food and setting it at the kitchen table, and then poured some orange juice into each of the cups.

"Good morning." I said as my mom walked into the kitchen. Instantly she covered her mouth, and started to tear up. "Y-your body." She cried. I rushed up to her, as fast as my injured leg would take me and slowly crouched down next to her. "I'm fine mom, it may look hideous, but it's pretty damn cool. Now come eat some breakfast." I told her. 

She slowly got up, and walked over to the kitchen table right in front of me. I grabbed Marvin and sat down across form her and started to eat some eggs when my dad and Jason walked in. They quietly took their seats, and didn't say a word about my bite mark, because they knew it would upset my mother.

After what seems like an eternity, my family finished eating and my father took the plates into the kitchen to wash them. "If you don't mind, I'm going to head down to the beach now!" I called to my father. "Be home before 10!" He called to me. I walked over to my bag that was sitting on the table by the door and stuffed Marvin into it before grabbing my phone and heading to Laura's.

"Good morning Mrs. Riker." I said as Laura's mother opened up her front door. "Skylar, how on earth did you get down here? Are you okay?" She asked me frantically. "I walked, and yes," I laughed. "I'm completely fine." I told her. She brought me into a warm hug before allowing me to head into Laura's bedroom, where she was already slipping on her pink swim crop top. She pulled her light brown hair above her head and into a messy bun before grabbing her things and leaving her bedroom with me behind her.

"Mom, we're heading to the beach now!" Laura called into the kitchen. Her mom yelled a quick "okay" before she grabbed her bag and keys and headed out the door.

The 10 minute drive to the beach seemed faster than normal, maybe it was because people were scared to go into the water after what had happened with me. But once we got down there, there was still plenty of people walking the shoreline. Some not even in their swim suits as they were too scared to even step foot into the water.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Laura asked me, turning off the ignition and turning to face me. "I'm sure. And plus, it will be cool to show off the awesome stitches." I joked. 

We stepped out of the car, and headed to the shops along the beach. "I'm going to go check out the swim shop, we'll meet back here in an hour?" I asked Laura. "Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?" She asked me concerned. "I'll be fine." I told her with a wave of my hand.

I could feel her stare on me, as I hobbled away from her and into the little beach shop. When I walked in, nobody seemed to notice, which I thought was pretty cool. 

I leaned my crutches against the wall by the door, and slowly yet surly started to hobble around the little shop. The pressure on my leg still hurt, but at least it was getting better.

Harry's POV

I had been waiting, running to my phone every time it made even the slightest of sounds to check and see if she had called, or at least even texted. But it had been about a week now, and still no sign that she even acknowledged me.

I just can't seem to get her out of my head. The moment I saw her stop paddling, I wondered what happened. I had been keeping my eye on her because she just caught my attention. And then, quick as a flash, the shark appeared. It was just a second of grey coming out of the water, and then it disappeared, but the water started turning red right away. 

I had started calling to people, telling them to help, but nobody seemed to believe me. That is until they saw the streak of red coming towards them. Her friend jumped off her board, unlatching the Velcro off her ankle and ditching her board completely to help her friend. That's when we all ran into the water to get her, and lift her into some guys truck.

Even with her face completely pale with shock, and her bleeding out of multiple gashes along her thigh and waist, she was still beautiful. She kept drifting in and out of conscienceness, but when she opened her eyes after a few times, her blue iris' stared straight into mine. And even as she lie there bleeding out, she managed to say, "you know, I think I'm missing half my body, but I think I'll be fine."

She's strong, and there's no doubt about that. A shark attack surviver, at only 17 years of age. After the news came on and started talking about her, I new I had to do something. So I bought a card, a stuffed cat, and some candies and wrapped it all into a little gift along with a note from me.

I know, deep down inside, that I will see her again. I just have too.


"Harry! Stop sulking around the hotel and come to the beach with us!" Niall yelled from the bathroom. "I don't want to leave this bed until she calls!" I shouted back to him. "We'll you can bring your phone with you, I want to look around the shops with the rest of the lads!" He said as he barged into my temporary room. "Fine." I said reluctantly.

I slipped on my swim shorts, along with a white v-neck and pulled my hair back into it's normal quiff, adding some shades along the way. As I walked out of the restroom, Louis chucked me my converse and I slid them on before sitting on the couch next to him to wait for Zayn.

"Zayn! Hurry your fat arse up! I already got harry out here, now we're all waiting on you!" Niall called to him. "I'm coming, calm down I had to fix my hair." He said with a smile.

Once we arrived at the beach, Liam and Zayn headed one way, while Louis, Niall, and I headed towards the shops. 

I was reading a particular sign when I saw a girl with a blue top and white bikini bottoms, carrying herself into that shop with a pair of crutches. "Louis!" I called to him. "Yeah Haz?" He asked. "I think I just saw her to into that shop over there." I told him. "Harry, she only just got out of the hospital, what makes you think she's already walking around?" He asked me. "She's strong." I whispered before speedily walking towards the little shop.

When I walked inside, I saw a pair of crutches leaned against the wall, and I started to frantically search for her. I was walking around, when I saw a little bag sitting on a chair with a familiar little stuffed cat poking out of it. I smiled, and continued walking until I found her, leaned against a stand and staring at some swim suits.

I walked back to her bag, and picked it up before slowly walking up behind her. She was wearing a high shirt, and only bottoms so you could see her stitches, and the wound the bull shark had left her. I frowned for a moment, but quickly worked up my courage. 

"Excuse me miss," I started, "but does this bag belong to you?" 

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