Runaway Girl


When I was bit, it felt like my whole world was falling apart. I was on my surfboard, being pushed to shore while people were shouting at me, telling me to stay awake. By the time we were on shore, some people had lifted me up on my surfboard and were carrying me to a truck. I had my eyes closed, and when I opened them, my blue eyes met green, my blonde wavy hair met brown curly hair, and for that split second, everything seemed okay. I couldn't feel the pain, and for that split second, I think I fell in love.


2. Chapter 2

"Ouch." I whimpered as Laura helped me to my feet. Today I get to finally go home. "Here," Laura said handing me the crutches. I placed them under my arms and slowly started to work my way to the front desk of the hospital where my mom was waiting for me. "Hi sweet heart, I just got you checked out." She said, leaning over and giving me a small hug. 

Laura and my mom led me to the car where they both helped me in and buckled me up. "I'm not a baby you know, it's just a shark bite." I told them. "Yes, but we never thought this would happen to you." My mom said starting the ignition. "I was so scared Sky, I though you were going to die." Laura told me. "Ha, I wouldn't let a clumsy old shark take me from you. I would never allow it to happen." I laughed. 

We neared my drive, and my little brother came running out of the house to meet me. "Skylar!" He yelled as he ran all around the car. "Jason!" I yelled back, laughing at how excited he was. Laura helped me out of the car and handed me my crutches, and I slowly walked up to Jason and lent down to give him a hug. "I missed you." I said quietly. "I missed you too." I told him. 

We slowly started to go into the house, everybody keeping a second set of eyes on my making sure that I wouldn't hurt myself. When I got inside I went straight for my bedroom, and when I walked in, my ripcurl board was standing against the wall, with a giant bite taken out of it. "I'm sorry, I forgot to take that out." My mom said as she rounded the corner into my room. "No, I like it there." I told her. I walked up to it, and ran my hand on the bit mark, feeling where the sharks teeth made contract with me, and the board.

I pulled my hand away from it, and went to lie down on my bed. There was stuffed animals, balloons, and cards everywhere in my room, probably from all my friends that heard about the attack. "Mom," I asked. "Yes hun?" She answered. "When can I get back into the water?" I asked her. "The doctors said to give it a week. They want the wounds to heal before you get into the sea." She told me, a sympathetic look I'm her eyes. "I know how much you like the water. And I'm sorry that this happened to you." She started to cry, "mom, it's okay. I'll be okay." I told her. She closed her eyes and breathed out with a small smile. "I know, because you're just that strong." She said before leaving my bedroom. 

I looked around the room, and saw a familiar toy. The little cat the boy, Harry I think it was gave to me. I slowly stood up, and wobbled over to my desk where it was sitting and grabbed it. I brought it back into the bed with me, and lied down with it inbetween my arms. Slowly, I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up, it was still light outside. So I got my crutches, and walked over to my dresser and pulled out my blue and white bikini, along with some white shorts. I pulled on the clothes and looked at myself in the mirror. I still had gauze wrapped around me, I wasn't allowed to take that off for another day. But I liked my reflection. I looked strong. Stronger then most people who have survived a shark attack. I put a small smile on my face, and grabbed a bag of candies from me side table before slowly working my way into the front room. 

You would think that I would hate what I looked like right now. But I can't come to hate it, because I think it's amazing, being able to say you survived a shark attack. And sure, I was going to get a lot of stared from the giant scar it would leave me, but I think that also pretty amazing.   Most people would probably pity me, but I don't want their pity, empathy, or sympathy. I'm fine, and I don't need people to think otherwise. 

When I finally got into the front room, I could smell chicken from the kitchen, and called into it. "What are you making?" "Grilled chicken Cesar salad, with some salmon on the side, do you want some?" My dad yelled to me from the kitchen. "Yes please!" I yelled back to him. I grabbed the television remote and turned it on, and what came up was the news. 

"17 year old Skylar Hastings has recently been attacked by a bull shark off of Sydney coast. Witnesses say she was speaking, and seemed alright despite the fact that she was bleeding from a wound reaching from her mid thigh, to right above her hips. She got to leave the hospital today, and is on her way of recovering with only 47 stitches on her bite mark." The reporter said. "Dad," I started. "I'm on the news." "Yes, and you have been since you were attacked. We've even gotton interview calls for you to come in. And I hope you don't mind, but I set up a few of them." My dad told me. "No, it's fine, it will be a fun experience for me." I said with a small laugh. "When are they?" I asked him. "There's two next week, one Monday, one Wednesday. And then there's one this Friday." He told me. "Okay, thanks." I said.

Within a few minutes, my dad had handed me my plate of food, and I was scarfing down. "Hungry?" He asked sarcastically. "Hospital food sucks." I told him with a small laugh. We finished our food peacefully while the radio was turned into my favorite station. "Dad," I started. "Can I go to the beach tomorrow?" I asked him. "As long as you don't go too deep in the water, remember the doctors said you still have a week." He told me. "Oh, and you can take the bandages off tomorrow as well." He finished. I nodded my head allowing him to notice that I heard him, and he grabbed my empty plate from my hand and brought it into the kitchen for me.

"I'm going to go sit out back." I yelled as I slowly lifted myself off the couch. I walked out back and sat down in one of the many chairs we had back there, and watched as Jason played with his action figures. After an hour or two, and it started to get dark, I headed back into my bedroom and lied down, just waiting for sleep to take over me.

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