Runaway Girl


When I was bit, it felt like my whole world was falling apart. I was on my surfboard, being pushed to shore while people were shouting at me, telling me to stay awake. By the time we were on shore, some people had lifted me up on my surfboard and were carrying me to a truck. I had my eyes closed, and when I opened them, my blue eyes met green, my blonde wavy hair met brown curly hair, and for that split second, everything seemed okay. I couldn't feel the pain, and for that split second, I think I fell in love.


1. Chapter 1

"Come on! Let's go!" I shouted to Laura. "I'm coming, I'm coming." She said, slowly running to catch up to me. "You know," she said. "Not everyone can be as energetic as you at five in the morning." I laughed at her and kept walking, our surf boards held above our heads as we made our way down to the beach. "Yes, but those people will never see the sun rise as beautifully as us. Want to know why?" I asked her. "Because we're always padding out to sea on our boards when the sun rises." She said mimicking my voice. I playfully punched her with my free arm, and she laughed before running down to the beach.

"Sky!" Laura called to me from the water, "Hurry up!" "Just one second!" I yelled back to her. I pulled my long blond hair back into a ponytail before lifting my board out of the sand and running down to meet her. "Okay, I'm here." I said as we paddled out. We were about a half a mile away from the shore, just lying on our boards and talking as the waves slowly pushed us back. I had my left hand in the water, and was making circles as we watched the sun rise.

Watching the sun rise from amidst the waves, just makes it all the more beautiful. The orange and pink colors of the sun hitting the sky. The rays of light peeking out from the edge of the water. And most of all, the overwhelming thought, that the only people that get to see this, are us.

Once the sun had risen, Laura and I had started surfing. We only had about an hour and a half before the beaches started to fill up. It was summer in Australia, after all, there were going to be hundreds of tourists in Sydney.  

I was searching the water, looking for the slightest sense of movement that would mean a wave were to come. And when I found one, I started paddling to it right away. I did a small duck dive to get under it, and then turned my board around, and let the wave catch it. Getting up is always my favorite. You can feel the water beneath you, moving and trying to get away. But once you're on the board, you get to control the movements. I surfed that wave, and a few more. A couple of wipe outs, and the beach started to fill up with people.

 "Sky!" Laura called. "People are starting to come, do you want to give it a break for a few minutes?" "Yeah." I yelled to her. We were still pretty far out from the beach, and I started paddling out to her, as she did the same. But that's when things went wrong. I saw a shadow beneath me, and my heart froze for a moment. "Laura." I said quite loudly, my face turning pale. "Stay exactly where you are, don't paddle any further." She looked at me funny, and then realization hit her face. We both were pale, and I thought I was going to puke. 

We had been sitting in the water for quite a few minutes now, and I hadn't seen the shadow reappear. "I think it's gone." I told her. Relief washed over her face as she started to paddle back to shore. I turned my board and started to go with her, when out of the corner of my eye I saw it. The shadow was coming right towards me, and getting bigger every second. I closed my eyes and waited for it to come. I knew it. This is the end for me. And then it happened. It's mouth came right out of the water, and clamped its jaws around me. Starting near the middle of my thigh, and up past my hip bones to my waist.

"SKYLAR!!" I heard Laura cry out. There was no use now, all I could do was try and paddle. I had sort of a numb feeling in my body, and I couldn't really tell what was happening, but all I could think about was getting to the shore. 

The water around me started turning a red color from all the blood, and I think the shark had gone now, but there was no taking chances. If I could see myself right now. I could get that half my body was gone, my guys hanging out in the water as I hopelessly tried to get back to the beach.

When I started nearing the the people, some had started pointing at me, others ran into the water. It was probably about noon, so there was plenty of people. We finally reached to where Laura could stand, and she completely ditched her board and started pushing mine to the people, crying she started call for help. 

Many people came to me, and they turned me around so that I was facing them, not the water, and they were all trying to communicate with me, but I couldn't really think straight, or hear exactly what they were saying. All I know is, that they lifted me and the board up, and were rushing me out of the water. 

I was sort of drifting in and out of conscienceness, but I wouldn't really drift off, only close my eyes for a second and reopen them. I think I heard someone say "get her to my truck." But I'm not exactly sure. I sort of drifted off again, this time longer than before, but when I opened them, I looked to one of the people who was carrying my board. 

He had green eyes, and when he looked into my blue ones, the pain stopped. The numbness was still there, but I couldn't feel it at all. The guy looked worried, his curly brown hair was starting to dry, and he just kept looking down at me. "You know," I managed to say. "I think I'm missing half my body, but I think I'll be fine." He chuckled at this, only for a moment though because they had to lift me into a truck bed. 

"I'll ride with you!" The guy who I saw yelled to the driver. He climbed in next to me, and pulled off his shirt, and wrapped it around my leg. And then with a towel he found, he wrapped it around my waist. "Be honest with me, how bad is it?" I asked him. "You were bit, and pretty bad too, but your still intact with all your body parts." He said with a small smile. "Yay." I whispered.

I guess I drifted off, because when I woke, I was lying in a hospital bed, with my left leg raised on a sling. I was a bit drowsy, but I was fine. I moved the blanket down from my chest, and looked at my body. It was all covered in gauze and bandages. "Hello?" I called out. There was a sound of rushing, a few beeps, and in an instant, I was surrounded by doctors.

"Skylar, can you hear me?" One asked, he was shining a flashlight into my eyes making me squint. "I can hear and see just fine, now where's my family?" I asked them. "Just down the hall, they'll be in here soon. Do you know what happened?" He asked me. "Perfectly clear. I was paddling back to shore when a shark came up and bit me." I told them. "At least she knows." One said, "okay, we'll leave you be to be with your family now." He said.

A few moments later, and my mom, dad, brother, and  Laura all appeared from the hallway. "How long was I out for?" I asked them. "Just 3 days, you were a hyped up on drugs and antibiotics." My mom told me. "Also," Laura started, "this is for you." And she handed me a little shark stuffed toy. "I know you were just almost killed and everything by one, but I thought it was cute, and that you would like it." She told me. I laughed a little, "thanks Laura." I said to her, "I love it."

"The doctors said that you could leave in two days, but you'll be all stitched up, and you have to use crutches for a little bit, but since the shark didn't get that deep, you only have about 47 stitches on your front and back, and you should be fine within a week or two. But you will have a giant permanent scar." My dad told me. "Sweet. I'll be able to show that off wherever I go." I laughed. "Yeah," my mom laughed. "We're going to leave you to get rested up okay?" She asked me. "Okay mom, I'll see you in a bit." I told her. They all left the room, one by one just leaving Laura in there with me. "And by the way, this curly haired boy left this for you." She said, handing me a small box before she left the room.

The box was a light pink, with a silver glittery ribbon wrapped around it, and when I took it off, I slowly lifted the top off the lid, and inside was a card, some candy's, and a stuffed cat. I pulled the cat out, and sat it by my lap, and then pulled that card out. It read:

- Skylar, I'm not even sure if that's your name, but I'm sorry what happened. I'm not even sure if you remember me, but I helped carry you to the truck, and sat in the back with you. Anyway, I'm really sorry about what happened, and I know we don't know eachother, but I'd just like to say... Or write... That even when you might be dying, you sure know how to make a joke of it. Also, I'm here on a break, and I'm here for a few months, but I'd like to get to know you better, even if it's through the healing process. So, call me?? ********** - Harry S.

I laughed at the card, and set it next to the table, hugging the small cat as I thought about him. It's weird I know, but I think, even if it was only for a few minutes while I was slowly bleeding out, that I actually might have fallen in love with a complete stranger. Love at first sight huh?

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