The Boyfriend Project (One Direction AU)


Meet Sydney. The younger sister of the great Liam Payne who everyone knows and loves. She's always being compared to Liam and boys are dissapointed that she isn't the spitting image of Liam so she has never had a boyfriend.Finally she has enough.She decides that with the help of friends she'll get a boyfriend and be better than Liam ever was.

This is my new fan fiction. It isn't like any of my other ones. In this one One Direction is in it but there will not be any relationships through the boys. DISCLAIMER: I do n ot own One Direction(I wish) but all other characters will belong to me unless clearly they are a celebrity.'


3. Chapter Three

"Status report,"I said.

At the moment Renee, Savannah, Claire and Kellin were all sitting together at lunch.

This was a usual thing for us. We came together and gave 'Status Reports' about what's going on in our day so far.

I was met with multiple "Nothing much'" and a complaining Renee about Rivers.

Just as we started to eat the devil herself, Riley, walked up to us.

"Aww how cute look at the little emo couple,"She cooed at Kellin and I.

It wasn't the couple thing that made my blood boil. People that didn't know us either thought Kellin and I were dating,no, it was that god awful word, 'emo'.

I despised the word. I didn't mind it in the musical genre sense but as an insult it drove me insane.

I could feel my blood starting to boil and my hand clamping on to Kellin.

Suddenly I was about to jump on Riley but Renee held me back.

"Syd calm down. You're going to get in trouble if you don't, and no offence but you can't afford another trip to Mr. Zells' office," she whispered in my ear.

I instantly relaxed and Riley walked away laughing.

I looked over to Renee,"For the record Lenard and I are great friends," I said dead serious.

"Sydney that's a problem, you and the principal shouldn't be on a first name bias,"

"I know I just hate that chick. Not only does she hate me too but she's also dating Liam,"I said while pretending to gag.

"Hey Syd, why do you hate Liam so much? I mean, all siblings fight but you guys go above all sibling rivalries,"asked Savannah.

"Well, when you spend your whole life hearing,"Why can't you be like Liam?" or "Liam would never do this" it starts to piss you off. And after seventeen years of it, you start to hate the person you're being compared to,"I explained.

"Do you ever feel bad for him at all? I mean he probably doesn't know what he did wrong and he probably gets a lot of crap from the guys about being perfect twenty-four seven," Kellin suggested.

"I guess I never really thought about it that way. I mean I always assumed that everyone loved him because when you look around that's what you see."

"Well,"started Renee,"The people with the biggest smiles can be the most broken."

"Yeah, I gu-"I started.


Everyone at our table looked at me,"What did you do now?"Claire asked.

"I didn't do anything! Kellin's been with me all day in classes you guys havn't!"

I stood up and slowly started to walk to the office.

"You wanted to see me?"I asked when I got into the office.

"Yes, Miss Payne, it's come to my understanding that based on the number of visits to my office that you aren't our most model student. So we have given you a chance to change. Mr.Aston here is new and you will be in charge of showing him around. Unless of course you would want Liam to do it?"Mr. Zells said with a smirk. He knew about my strong disliking to my brother.

"Fine, I'll do it Lenard,"I said.

He just rolled his eyes and said,"Well follow me it's time to meet Mr. Aston."

We walked into the other room and sitting there was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen.

The boy had soft yet electric blue eyes and dark brown-ish black hair with slight curl. He was smiling and looked like he was one of those people who were always generally happy.

He stood up and stuck out his hand,"Hello, I'm Caleb, are you Sydney?" the boy had a slight accent that I was immediately drawn to.

"I smile and nodded. I hadn't even known this boy for five minutes and he was already making feel a way no had ever made me feel before. 


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