The Boyfriend Project (One Direction AU)


Meet Sydney. The younger sister of the great Liam Payne who everyone knows and loves. She's always being compared to Liam and boys are dissapointed that she isn't the spitting image of Liam so she has never had a boyfriend.Finally she has enough.She decides that with the help of friends she'll get a boyfriend and be better than Liam ever was.

This is my new fan fiction. It isn't like any of my other ones. In this one One Direction is in it but there will not be any relationships through the boys. DISCLAIMER: I do n ot own One Direction(I wish) but all other characters will belong to me unless clearly they are a celebrity.'


1. Chapter One

Sydney's Point of View:

'Urggh I hate the first day of school' I think to myself.

I look down at the paper sitting in front of me;

GET TO KNOW YOUR CLASSMATES!!! In this assignment you'll be writing a paper aboutu yourself three or more paragraphs in length.

My name is Sydney Peyton Payne. Name sound familiar? Doesn't surprise me,you probably know my brother, I mean everyone at this school does. He either was that really cute kid in your class a couple years ago or he was that student that no matter what he did you had to love him. Well sorry but I'm not Liam. I don't get perfect grades or have millions of friends. Sorry for any future inconveniences.....


After homeroom I got up and walked over to my locker.

"Hey! Can I see your schedule?" My best friend Renee asks me.

I turn around and see my four best friends Savannah, Renee,Claire and Kiera with their schedules out.

'Um I have an english block first and second periods and choir thrid period and technology fourth maths fifth period I have gym and art sixth period and lunch seventh history eighth and I have biology last period. What about you guys?"I ask.

I had the english block with all of them and maths with Savannah and Kiera because Renee and Claire are in advanced maths. I also had lunch with Claire and Renee and Savannah but Kiera had lunch choir.

Claire, Renee and I linked elbows and started skipping down the hallway singing,"We're off to go to english the most boring subject of all!" with Kiera and Savannah laughing behind us.

After the eighty minutes of pure boringness the bell rang and I basically ran to the choir room.

When I got there though, all of my excitment went away instantly and turned into dread. Sitting in the front row smiling like a little kid on Christmas morning wa my goody-two-shoes brother Liam James Payne.

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