jelousy takes over (phan fic)

Phil gets a new girlfriend called Aimee. Dan falls in love with Phil and decide to move back to Berkshire to make sure he doesn't get in the way of their relationship will Phil catch him in time?


1. Dan uncovers some hidden feelings

Phil’s new girlfriend

‘Dan I’m going out’ shouted Phil to Dan from the hallway. `Okay’ Dan shouted back from his bed while he was scrolling through Tumblr.`hey Phil, come here a second’ he shouted to phil. I was searching my tumblr tag and it seems that people ship us , I mean I was reading this really graphic Phan fiction about us it was crazy. He said in his beautiful British accent. I’m sorry Dan I really have to run I’m meeting a girl, her name’s Aimee and guess what she’s Irish and I just love her accent.

3 weeks later:

Dan was in the kitchen making his country crisp cereal while Phil was in the lounge with Aimee trying to make a braid with her long brown hair. ` so Aimee ’ said Phil ` did you have any pets growing up?. ’ `I did actually I had a rabbit called Piper, but I always wanted a kitten my mum wouldn't let me.’ said Aimee


I walked over to sit down in the lounge with Phil and Aimee I sat down and just looked at Phil I never noticed how perfect he was the way he flicks his hair his perfect shade of blue eyes. Phil turned over to ask me a question and my heart stopped and I choked I didn’t hear what he said I was distracted by his perfectness. `um I have to go a second’ I ran into the bathroom thinking about what had just happened `I don’t understand, I mean I’m not gay I don’t like Phil okay deep breathes.’

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