jelousy takes over (phan fic)

Phil gets a new girlfriend called Aimee. Dan falls in love with Phil and decide to move back to Berkshire to make sure he doesn't get in the way of their relationship will Phil catch him in time?


2. A Day in the Life of Phil and Dan!



'i had just woken up, a fresh day to figure out my strange, new feelings' i had thought to myself as i climbed out of bed. ' Dan are you awake' Phil shouted sweetly from the hall. He entered my room with a camera.I quickly jumped back under the cover. 'Come on, We're going to the town and I'm going to film kinda' 'Day In The Life of Dan and Phil' come on, get up'. Phil said as he left my room. i looked down to see my palms were sweating, my heart was racing, i couldn't breath.'This is gonna' be tough' i said to myself quietly as the door shut slowly

We were walking through the town and people were looking at us strangely because Phil was talking to a camera  but I didn't care because i knew that's what he loved doing. We arrived at Starbucks which Phil sat  down to eat his subway which we had just stopped at. My hand was just by the salt packet Phil reached for it to spread on his sandwich i accidentally let a whimper out through my lips. 'Dan?' Phil asked suspiciously ' you been acting weird around me all day' 'Look Phil i have to tell you something............ but i can wait till we go home'  

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