Fall Into My Arms

Zoe has had a rough life her dad died when she was 12 and her mum married her uncle. When Zoe turned 18 her mum died in a car accident. Now all she has is her step dad until one day he tried to kill her. Zoe made a escape and met a boy name Harry Styles and his 4 friends. Harry took her in and gave her a place to stay. Harry change her life from bad to good.


3. Getting To Know Everyone

Zoe's POV

"Harry where have I seen you guys before?" I have to say these boys looked familiar. All the boys just looked at each other and laugh.  "What's so funny?" they continued to laugh at me, After a while the boys stop laughing and they finally answered my question. "Have you ever heard of the band ONE DIRECTION" Zayn was still laughing. I felt so dumb my best friend Emma loved them in fact Little Things is her ringtone.

"Hey I have an idea we should play game to get to know one another!" Naill was yelling. Everyone agreed but we no clue what to play until Louis screamed "TRUTH OR DARE!!!!" " I love Truth or Dare" I squealed. Louis nudge me with his elbow "We will get along just fine." He smirk. "I'm going first." Harry announced. " Liam Truth or Dare?"  "Truth!"  Louis moaned. "Umm....Who's your celeb crush?"

"Demi Lovato!"  "Nialler Truth or Dare" "DARE!"  "I Dare you to drink a class of sour milk!" "EWWWWW!" we all were screaming. Naill got up and made his way to the kitchen he was really going to do it. He came back with a big glass of sour milk I could smell it from here. "Your really gonna do it?" "Yup!" After he answered he took a big gulp of sour milk. I was going to throw up, all the boys were screaming CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! Naill drank the whole glass. "I think I'm going to be sick!"  The boys were all laughing again. "Harry Truth or Dare?" "DARE!!" "I DARE YOU TO KISS LOUIS!!" I giggled at the thought of them kissing. "YES!!!" Louis was really happy bout the dare. Harry leaned and he actually kissed Louis!  We laughed again. I was kinda scared of what the boys would make do. "Zoe Truth or Dare?" "Why did u have to chose me?" I was complaining to Harry. "Cuz  your the only one left!" "Zayn hasn't gone!!" "Leave me out of this!" I shot Zayn a glare.

"Umm...dare?" an evil smirk ran down his face. "TRUTH! TRUTH!!" "No you can't weasel out of it." "Damn it!" "I dare you to switch your clothes with Niall!" With that all the guys were laughing accept Niall and I we were just staring awkwardly. "Well c'mon." I got up from the sofa and limbed away to Niall and grab his hand a dragged him the next room. "Take off your shirt." And Niall took of his shirt and I just see his abs it made me melt inside. I put his shirt over top of mine and I took my off so he wouldn't see anything I continue this pattern until we were at are shoes.

We walked back into the living room the boys just laughed even harder. "When can we change back  I can barely breath!" Niall was complaining now. "Not till were done playing!" Harry said well laughing. I sat back down beside Louis. We continued on with the game I learned a lot bout the boys. Niall eats a lot and he is caring. Liam is Loving and helpful. Louis is silly and funny. Zayn is shy but sensitive. Harry is cheeky and sweet. I could feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier until I finally I feel asleep.


Harry' POV

I looked over and saw Zoe leaning her head Louis shoulder and was fast asleep. I poked Lou  and he looked over at Zoe, I place my finger on lip to single to be quite. I walk over to her and pick her up bridal style and took her upstairs to my bedroom. She place her on my chest, I walked into my room and placed her on my bed and tucked her in. She looked so peaceful and happy.


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