Fall Into My Arms

Zoe has had a rough life her dad died when she was 12 and her mum married her uncle. When Zoe turned 18 her mum died in a car accident. Now all she has is her step dad until one day he tried to kill her. Zoe made a escape and met a boy name Harry Styles and his 4 friends. Harry took her in and gave her a place to stay. Harry change her life from bad to good.


2. A Knock On The Door

Zoe’s POV

“What just happened?” The boy questioned sitting beside.  I wondered for a moment to think if I could trust him, I thought about I could trust him he just saved my life. “My step dad Ronnie was trying to kill me!” I explained. “I can see that, but why?” He asked. “I honestly don’t know why.” I told him. “Oh where are my manners. I’m Harry”  “My name is Zoe” he smiled when I said my name. “Thank you Harry you saved my life.” He blushed, “It was nothing” acting like it was not a big deal. “Oh thanks for carrying me too. You’re very strong.” This time I was the one blushing.

Harry’s POV

“Harry are you home?” It was my mum. “Yeah mum! I’m in the living room.” I shouted back to her. My mum came in and noticed Zoe. “Oh! Who this?” she asked with a smile on her face. “This is Zoe mum. Umm…mum do think she could stay here she has nowhere to go?” I asked rubbing the back of my neck. “Of course she can!” she said with a smile on her face and with that she left the room. I looked back at Zoe’s beautiful blue eyes. “Harry? I can’t stay here that wold be asking for too much.” “No love it’s not I want to help you.” She smiled at she had a beautiful smile; She gave me hug and whispered Thank you in my ear. I was happy to help her.


Zoe’s POV

I’m so thankful I ran into him he was so sweet. We heard a knock on the door; I looked over at Harry with fear in my eyes. “What if it’s Ronnie?” I was terrified. Harry got up from the sofa and walked over to the door, he only opened it up by a crack so he could see who it was. The door flew open and a guy ran inside and jumped on Harry just like I did to him early. “HARRY!!” Screamed the guy. “I miss you too Louis now get off me!” Harry was laughing I was giggling too. Three other boys walked in one had a buzz cut, the other boy had blonde hair and blue eyes like me (but without the freckles) the last boy had black hair. The boy that was on Harry I think his name was Louis got up sat next to me. “Harry you didn’t tell me you got a girlfriend.” Louis said to me. I began to blush “I’m not his girlfriend “I giggled. “Well I’m Louis.” “I’m Zoe.” Harry got up from the ground and said, “Zoe these are my friends Naill, (he was blonde boy) Liam (the boy with the buzz cut) and Zyan.” (The boy with black hair) “Hey” I waved to them they went and sat down on the other sofa Harry joined Louis and I. I realised Louis was looking at my ankle witch was now swollen and purple. “You should really but ice on your ankle.” Naill and Liam looked over to my ankle. “I will get u some ice love.” Said Naill I think he went to kitchen. He came back with and gently set it on my ankle I yelp in pain.  “Thanks” I said in pain.

Naill’s  POV

I put ice on her ankle gentle as possible but not gentle enough she yelp in pain. I look up in her beautiful blue eyes a single tear fell down her eye. I wiped it away with my thumb she smiled at me, I loved her smile.

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