Daughter of Magic

Alanondra Torrington is the daughter of Hecate, and twin sister of Alabaster Torrington who was exiled by the gods. Now she must find him, and defeat the monsters set in her path to get to him, while finding Camp Half-Blood on the way. And maybe a little bit of love?


9. Chapter 9

I got no word from Piper for three terribly long days. 

She approached me as everyone was filing out of dinner and pulled me aside, away from prying ears. 

"You asked me to get back to you." 

"Yeah, what did you find out from Jason?" 

"Leo was a little reluctant to share. Which shows that he does even though he won't admit it. When Jason was finally able to get him to spill, he told him that he does like you more - as you suspected. There were some other details, I can tell you if you want." 

"Sure," I answered, a little nervous. 

"He said that he hasn't been able to get you off his mind. That you're all he thinks about. Also that he wishes he'd approached things differently instead of, for example, holding your hand while you were sleeping after you collapsed." 

"Oh," I said, my voice small. 

"Yes. So, just, as his friend, don't tell him that we told you. This happened in the utmost of confidence. Alright?" She said, backing away from me slowly. "And don't hurt him, he's lost to many people." 


She headed down the hill and left me alone standing there, processing everything that she had told me and coming to the conclusion that before I jumped to assumptions, I should sleep on it and, if in the morning my feelings are still the same, I will take action. But not till then. 

I made my way back across the grass and to my cabin, which was empty, as everyone was at the campfire. 

After changing into some pajamas, I cuddled into my bunk, pulling the covers up around me and promptly passing out. 

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