Daughter of Magic

Alanondra Torrington is the daughter of Hecate, and twin sister of Alabaster Torrington who was exiled by the gods. Now she must find him, and defeat the monsters set in her path to get to him, while finding Camp Half-Blood on the way. And maybe a little bit of love?


2. Chapter 2

I did the enchantments as soon as I woke up. After they were secured, I took a small sip of Nectar from the small canteen I carried and a small piece of Ambrosia to secure my strength and alertness. I regathered all my belongings into my pocket, attaching my sword and sheath to my pants and putting the dagger and sheath in the back of my pants in case I needed it. Wishing I could have stayed longer, I put a timer on the spell, so that if I didn't return in time, it would be taken down and returned to its original state.  

After I left the building, I went down the street, towards the closest water fountain and did the same as I had the other one. I threw a golden drachma in, and said, "Show me my brother Alabaster Torrington." Again, it shimmered, showed me him, alive, for a brief second then closed like someone was keeping me from seeing my brother. I threw another coin in, "Show me the closest Satyr of Camp Half-Blood." It showed a satyr, around my age walking down the street, I looked at the closest street sign and he wasn't that far from me. A block or so down, I waved my hand through the mist and it dissolved. I sprinted down the street till I ran into the satyr. Literally. 

"Hi. Sorry about that." I said. He looked up at me, sniffed the air. 

"You're a half-blood." 

"Yes sir. Can you take me to Camp Half-Blood?" 

He sniffed again. "Hecate?" I nodded. "Fine, I'll take you." 

"Thank you!" I hugged him and he gave me an awkward pat on the back. 

He turned and walked in the opposite direction, "How much mortal money do you have?" 

I rummaged around in my backpack till I found the wad of cash. "About... a hundred fifty?" 

"Okay, let's get two bus tickets then." 

I smiled and followed him to the bus station, about four blocks down the road. I went up to the counter. "Uh, two bus tickets to New York please." 

She told me the amount and I payed her, taking the tickets in exchange. "You're lucky sweetie, the bus is about to leave." She pointed to the bus that was idling outside the station. 

"Thank you!" I called as I raced back over to the satyr and relayed the information to him. 

"Let's get on then." I followed him on, handing him his ticket and we got seats next to each other. 

I realized that he wasn't the happiest satyr I'd ever met. He was rather gloomy. 

~*When the Bus Arrives*~ 

We got off the bus after it parked and I followed him down the lonely road, up a hill and when we reached the top, I looked down and my eyes widened. There were satyrs and kids bustling around, a big blue house off to one side and a cluster of cabins surrounding a basket ball court and small area of grass. 

"I'm assuming I'm here?" 


"Thank you again!" I told him. 

"Yeah, you're welcome." He turned and headed back down the hill. 

"Aren't you coming?" 

"No. I need to go back to Keeseville." 

"Oh, alright. Goodbye!" I headed down the hill and into the valley, and turned and headed right over to the big house. 

I walked over, casually, though everyone stared at me and I walked up the steps and knocked on the door. When the door started to swing open, they all turned away and I was met with the eyes of Chiron, the activities director at camp, in centaur form. 

"Alanondra! You've decided to rejoin us? Hecate cabin is waiting." 

"Only for a short while. I do want to resume my hunt for my brother. Even if he's not allowed at Camp..." 

"Well, we'll welcome you anyways." 


"Do you want me to get Percy to show you around?" 

"Anyone but, if you please." 

"Alright. Leo!" Chiron called. No one came running. "Can someone get Leo for me please?" 

"Sure thing Chiron!" Someone yelled back. 

"Well, come inside and I'll get you some tea." He cantered back and turned heading into the main room of the big house, I followed. I've been doing a lot of following lately...

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