1 new band member

'A 6th member in 1D is needed!' Posters like this were everywhere. Caitlynn Anderson is a girl who need a carear fast and she is willing to become a singer to do it. Shes gonna become a 'popstar'. She signed up and sang live. In front of Simon Cowell and the boys. They deside shes in. and they all treat her like on of the guys. Her boyfriend is Luke Stokes so her and the boys dont flirt. The fans love her too and they love Luke. They go on tour and 19 year old Caitlynn has the best time of her life. Luke soon cheats on her with Dannelle Peazer Liams now ex girlfriend. Liam and Caitlynn become best friends and are now a ship #Caiam is it real or just a funny rumor?


4. #Caiam

Liams POV

*next day*

I was walking all over the hotel yesterday Caitlynn got drunk just by a Video call.

She gets drunk and its like the world ends I mean she drinks and drinks.

They call her '1D's lil rebel Caitlynn Anderson.'

Whenever me and her take a picture of just us.

'#Caiam! is down right adorbs!' is everywhere.

When we first met her.

All i thought was 'SHE IS FIT!'.

But then she had a boyfriend. I had a girlfriend.

SO it was perfect.

And then Luke and Dani were cheating on us.

She also has anger issues. I mean she broke her phone.

But we are best friends.

Its like #Larry.

Harry and Louis are not a thing.

Not that i would care. But there not.

Paul makes fun of all of us for the ships.

I mean theres tons of them









And there for.

Its cute that our fans made this.

I mean there dedicated.

Very very Dedicated.

"Liam Caitlynn Simon wants to talk to you!" Paul yelled.

"Okay" Me and caitlynn said in unison.

I left my room and met Paul in the kitchen.

"Yeah?" I said.

Simon stood there looking at his phone.

"Caiam?" He asked.

"Yeah the fans made it up funny right." Caitlynn laughed.

Simon is not the funny type but he treats her like there family.

"Yeah sure funny i just need to know if its real/" Simon said.

"NO" Caitlynn yelled.

Simon looked at me.

"No sir." I said. He frowned.

"Ohh then we need to make it real." Simon said.

"What?" We said in unison.

I cant date her i cant date anyone.

Im not over Dani.

"You heard go on a date and then i dont care. i just want you too on the cover tommorow!" With that he left.

"What?!?" Caitlynn yelled. she was pissed.

I know what shes thinking DRINK!

"No Caitlynn dont drink its not worth it!" I said.

"I need a smoke!" She yelled.

Smoke? She smokes.

"You smoke?" I asked.

"Well no but if i cant drink i wanna smoke!" She said.

"Smoke what?' i yelled.

"Weed..." she whispherd.

"No come on why dont we just do the date and acted like a couple then when we get back crack up about it with Louis!" I laughed.

She smiled.

"Fine only because Louis is Louis!" She laughed.

Why she smokes and drinks. Ill never know she never told me her past.

I grabbed my wallet and her went to get ready. She came out 16 minates later in skinney jeans and a beatles jumper.

I grabbed her hand an we went to a little restront.

I kissed her cheek and we went inside.

I saw loads of paps and people. We ate and went back to the hotel.

Louis showed us all of the pictures.

I saw like a million tweets.

they said mostly nice things.

Like '#Caiam is real ahhh the feels IM ON BOARD WITH #CAIAM !'

Fans are so nice.

But #Caiam is not real and i an=m very mad at Simon for this!

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