What happens when you leave for College. Best friends Molly, and Whitney leave their families for their scholarships. What they didn't expect is to find their idols go to the Starbucks they work at every morning.. Or to eventually fall in-love with a certain two British-Irish boy band members attending the same College.. But things tend to happen when you meet someone in Starbucks....


2. Starbucks 2

Hey y'all! So I hope you like this book so far! :)

Awkward silence.... Gay baby was born in China... lol JUST KIDDING!! Anwyays, I hope you vote and enjoy! Byee XxWhittBbj <3





        STARBUCKS ~ Chapter 2


                                          * Whitney's POV *

All the Seniors are currently bored out of our freaking minds practicing for graduation. The teachers, and the Principal are giving us speeches about what's going to happen for the past thirty minutes. I mean come on! It's common sense people! Argh, it's so frustrating.


That explains why I have my phone out and texting my friends. I haven't got caught yet cause I can text without looking. I know, maybe I text too much but oh well! Then I felt my hpone vibrate, I unlocked my iPhone and looked down.


From: Best Fwend <3 -

"F. M. L..... This is sooooo boring! I actually have a soc. life ppl! I have places 2 go! Ppl 2 c! lol jk, god I'm pathetic." I laughed and texted back -


"Ikr! U really r pathetic 3:)"


From: Best Fwend <3 -

"Well then.. I c where we stand, how could u?! I though u loved meee? Waaaaaa :("


"Haha, of course I love youuuu <3"


From: Best Fwend <3 -

"I know. It's hard not 2 luv this *gesturing towards sexxayy body* ;)"


"Lol dork, shizzz he almost caught mee :O I betta gooo, ttyl Xx"


From: Best Fwend <3 -

"Ohh snap! Alrighty girlie Ttyl xox"


I quickly slid my phone into my back pocket just in time. 


"Alright, well you guys can go. Don't forget graduation tomorrow at six o'clock, be here at five-thirty!" Principal Moore shouts and we all flee like grasshoppers runnin from a lawn mower.


I can't believe how fast this year has gone by, and in a month I'll be moving away for college. Along with Molly, and Jake. But Dean decided to go to a different college. Even though he got a freaking scholarship where I'm going! He even told me he was going to go to the same college with me, but he isn't! Uggghh I sound like a clingly bitch right now. I hate sounding like that!


I sighed and hopped into my truck and drove home. Once I got there I heard yelling, I quickly jumped out and saw the front foor broke down.


Are you fucking serious? I scowled running into the house hearing the screams of my mum, and brothers and sisters. I pulled out my shot gun, I keep it loaded at all times in a locked gun case, and followed the sounds of a man yelling and screaming.


I found the mystery guy pointing a gun at them. Oh. Hell. No.


"Give me all your fucking money or I'll fucking shoot you!" He growls, I cocked my shot gun and pressed the barrel to the back of his head.


"You sure bout that?" I snarl. It's one thing to insult my family. But freaking break into my house, threaten to kill my family. You gunna pay. He froze, and stopped yelling.


"Put. The. Gun. Down." When he didn't listen I added "Or I'll fucking shoot you." That got the job done. It's sad to say this has happened once before. It was a couple years ago. I was freaking out, but I managed to call the cops just in time. He threw the gun down onto the floor.


"Mum, call the police. Now." I order still watching the man. She scurried off, and motioned for her youngest children to follow her. I tensed as the man turned around slowly and eyed me from head to toe.


"Who are you?" He gruffly asks.


"Your worst nightmare if you would have gone any further with your bullshit. Why are you here?" I demand, he smirks.


"Needed some money. I saw your father wasn't home. Just your poor defenseless mother, brother, and sister." He gives me a smug look. It only pissed me off more.


"Unless you have a death wish, I suggest you shut the hell up." I snapped. I may be a girl, but I'm a country girl. Only idiots would try to break into a freaking country home. We always have guns loaded, and don't take shit from no one. My father taught me how to shoot a gun, defend myself, and some other stuff I won't get into. So I can protect my family pretty well. And when you hurt them? It will be me and my dad your dealing with. I heard sirens speeding closer to my home. I gave him a smug look. I don't usually cuss but I do a lot when I'm pissed, or emotional. 


"Have fun in jail prick." were the last words I say to him before he's in handcuffs and being drug out to a police car. We answer multiple questions, and finally they leave. I rush to my mum and inspect her. You see, another reason I'm protective of her is because she's literally days away from having another baby.


"Are you okay? Did he hurt you? Is the baby fine?" I ask worried, she laughs and pulls me in for a hug. I felt something tug on my pants. I looked down to see my brother, Damien, and my sister, Jade looking up at me with tears in their eyes. I mentally 'awwed' and got down on my knees.


Damien looks exactly like my father. Big brown eyes, light brown curly hair, and the sweetest little smile ever. He's only five years old. Gunna be a heart breaker alright.


Jade looks like my mum and me. Curious grey eyes, and straight dark brown hair, and a dimple in her left cheek. Just like my mum and me. She's almost four, her birthday is in two days. I have to say she's going to drive all the boys crazy when she get's older. She's stunning.


I hugged them both tight, tears threatening to spill from my eyes. I loved them both so much, I would probably go into depression if I lost them. They cheered me up when I'm sad, make me laugh and smile with their bubbly personalities.


 So I'm very over protective of them. I kissed them each, them my mum's tummy. She sighs, and sit's down on the couch.


"I'm so sorry I wasn't home earlier mum. If I would have gotten here sooner I would have been able to protect yo-" I didn't get to finish because my mum, her name is Indigo by the way, cut me off.


"Don't you blame yourself. It wasn't your fault. What matters is that you got here when you did." I sigh, and sit down putting Damien, and Jade on my lap. Both of the immediatly laying on my chest. Seriously, they do that every time. Why? Are my boobs comfy or something?! Oh well, I don't mind.

"Are you ready for graduation tomorrow?" Mum asks, I nodded.


"Yeah, I'm probably going to cry. I need to call my college and tell them I'm moving at nest month. I'll call them sometime this week." I answer


"You're going to live with Molly, aren't you?" She teases knowingly. I laughed quietly making sure not to wake the kids up.


"Well yeah." I say in a 'duh' tone. She chuckles. We talked for a while longer, the she went in the kitchen to make dinner. I glanced down at the sleeping angels and decided to take them to their room. Since they're still little they share a room. But when the baby comes they'll have their own. I carefully got up and carried them to their beds. 


And when I'm almost out the door I hear their voices.


"Sissy, can you sweep wif us?" I sigh and turn around to see them looking at me sleepily.


"Of course baby." They smile as I walked over to them. I crawled into the tiny bed they loved to sleep in together and the immediately snuggled into me. I laughed lightly and soon found myself drifting off with them.



I was woke up by a deep voice saying-


"Hurry and take a picture so I can wake them up. I'm hungry!" I smiled slightly, that was my dad, Daniel. Then I heard a camera click.


"We need to take a lot of photo's so she can take them with her to college. My baby's growing up so fast." My mum's voice says sadly. It was quiet and I automatically knew my dad was hugging her. Then I felt someone shake my shoulders. I groaned and tried to slap the hand away.


"Whitney dear, wake up it's time for dinner." My eyes snapped open at the word 'dinner'


"I'm up!" I say, and then Damien, and Jade wake up.


"DADDY!" They shriek in joy. I smiled at them as they ran into his arms. Soon we were downstairs eating and heaving a good time when we all get tired and get ready for bed.


I took a shower and changed into a tank top, and shorts. 


"Sissy?" A weak voice says from my doorway. I look up from my computer to see Jade standing there hugging her stuffed monkey.


"What is it sweety?" I ask shutting my lap top and getting out of bed.


"Can you sing to me and bubba?" I smiled and nodded and picked her up carrying her to her and Damien's room. Once I tucked them in I sat down in the rocking chair and began to softly strum on my guitar 'Stealing Cinderella' by Chuck Wicks


"I came to see her daddy, for sit down man to man


Wasn't any secret, I'd be askin' for her hand


I guess that's why he left me waiting in the living room by myself


With at leat a dozen pictures of her, sittin' on the shelf


She was playin' Cinderella


She was ridin' her first bike


Jumpin' on the bed and lookin' for a pillow fight


Runnin' threw the sprinklers, with a big popsicle grin


Dancin' with her dad, lookin' up at him


In her eyes I'm Price Charming, but to him I'm just some fellow


Ridin' in, stealing Cinderella......" I looked at my baby brother and sistr fast asleep, small smiles on each of their faces.  I kissed their fore heads gently before walking out and back to my room. Where my mum was sitting on the bed with tears running down her face. I put my guitar on it's stand and rushed to her side.


"Mum? What's wrong?" I asked worried, I hated seeing her cry. Absolutely hate it, if you've ever seen your mum cry you'd understand. 


"Your such a good big sister. They really love you, you know? So much, they look up to you. They way you play with them, even though you're exhausted from softball practice, when they cry you always cheer them up by making them cookies, or tickling them until they laugh. You've been such a big help with them, and I'm so thankful for that. I love you so much darling." Then I had tears in my eyes. I hugged her so tight, but ot enough to hurt her.


"I love you so much mum.."




Awwwww, tender family moments ..... I hope you like it guys! Byee.....

XxWhittBbj <3

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