Kimberly ( A Zayn Malik FanFic )

Peyton Hale, graduated from college. She is 19. The thing you don't know about her is she has a baby girl. You may ask who is the father. The dad is the one and only zayn malik, from one direction. Zayn doesn't know he has a baby daughter!! Would peyton tell zayn?? Would they get back together?? Would one of zayn's bandmates fall in love with Peyton?????
FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN Kimberly ( Zayn Malik FanFic )!!!


5. opening presents:

Peyton POV:

I woke up next to another person. I got scared but then I soon realized it was zayn's back. I bet up from the bed and go to the bathroom. I turned on the shower. I took my shower and went back out. I wrapped my towel around my naked body. Zayn was awake. I grabbed my clothes and went to change in the bathroom. This is what I'm wearing now

I went back outside. Zayn was downstairs already. Oh great I have to take the presents by my self I thought. I grabbed each one of the presents all together. They were allot of presents. 

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