Kimberly ( A Zayn Malik FanFic )

Peyton Hale, graduated from college. She is 19. The thing you don't know about her is she has a baby girl. You may ask who is the father. The dad is the one and only zayn malik, from one direction. Zayn doesn't know he has a baby daughter!! Would peyton tell zayn?? Would they get back together?? Would one of zayn's bandmates fall in love with Peyton?????
FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN Kimberly ( Zayn Malik FanFic )!!!


4. Day of the party:

Peyton POV:

I woke up really early, to get the cake and piñata. I left Kimberly with Jenna and then left. I walked inside the party store and got more party supplies. After I went to get the piñata. After the piñata I went to get the cake. The cake was decorated of Dora. She loves Dora. I went back home. Me and Jenna organized all the stuff. I took me and Kimberly a shower. After I was done with him shower Jenna went inside the shower. This is what I'm going to wear

And this is what Kimberly is wearing

After we got dressed Kimberly was walking around. She started walking last month, she started crawling when she was nine months. I sat there watching tv. Until the door bell rings. I go open it and here comes my sisters and brothers and my faimily. I was talking to them my mom was hugging Kimberly. Then the door bell rings and Jenna comes and opens it it was all of our friends. Jenna tells them to come on in. They do what they are told. Jenna comes back and sits next to me like before. We all went outside and sat there. The food was out so I told them they can grab any hurting they like. I called the jumper dude why Wasint he here yet. He said hell be here in 19 minutes. After 19 minutes the jumper came he went through the back so the guests couldn't move from where they are sitting now. After the jumper was up all the kids went up on it and jumped. I went back inside to get the other two trays of food, but instead It lead me to hear the doorbell rang. I go open it to reveal the boys and I think there faimily, I already knew zayn's faimily. I invited them in. There was allot of people it took like 50 minutes so EVRYONE can get in. I told them the party was in the backyard. I grab the two trays and tell them to come. They do come and I tell them to sit in any table. I put the two trays in the table where the other food is and I look back to a bunch of my guests staring and saying they want the boys autos and pictures. But that soon stopped like in five minutes. Zayn comes over and tells me who is the father of Kimberly. I sigh and take his arm and I pick Kimberly up. I take him upstairs to my room. I told him everything... " you are the dad " I told zayn. He looked shock, but soon put a big smile on his face. " can I carry her " he said. " sure " i told him. We went back and i put kimberly down. She starts walking. Thats when i feel a pone and i turn around and i recieve a big kiss from zayn. I,didint push away i liked it. All the guests were looking. Im smiled and sat back down on the chair. After allot of hours the guests left exept zayn and the boys there faimily left to thier House. Zayn kept hugging kimberly and kissing her and cuddling with her. Harry comes over and sito next to me. He said i dont like the way you talked to us yesterday he said it in a whispered. I" i dont care " i spot at him. " you made zayn very happy " harry told me " i know " i told him back.  I decided to let the boys sleep her tonight. I Was going to to see what they gave kimberly tommorow morning, me and zayn carried the bagd up to my Room. I told zayn that he Was going to sleep in the living Room downstairs with the rest of the boys. But jenny comes in and says well i out them int he vuestras romos. " ok then zayn you Will sleep in her with me" i told zayn after that i put kimberly to sleep and cuddling with zares to sleep.

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