Kimberly ( A Zayn Malik FanFic )

Peyton Hale, graduated from college. She is 19. The thing you don't know about her is she has a baby girl. You may ask who is the father. The dad is the one and only zayn malik, from one direction. Zayn doesn't know he has a baby daughter!! Would peyton tell zayn?? Would they get back together?? Would one of zayn's bandmates fall in love with Peyton?????
FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN Kimberly ( Zayn Malik FanFic )!!!


2. Chapter 2:

I open the door and I see it was zayn malik. They were going around houses selling those journals of them printed on. He said hi were selling these if you want to buy one. He was looking down so he didint see my face. I said no thank you zayn. Then the rest of the one direction boys came along. ( I didint freak out, he joined one direction three years ago and I only known zayn since 1 year ago ). Then the curly haired boy, well named Harry said ok can we have youre first and last name, I said sure. I was thinking if zayn heard my name he would remember me. I told him my first and last name, and zayn looks up and I smile at him and then Jenna comes and says isn't this the guy that... I cut her off I said yeah and she walked away. I know the boys but they don't know me, except zayn. Zayn kept staring at me. I saw two bodyguards behind them I said why are you still here, then zayn said Peyton can I talk to you for a bit I said no why. Ten zayn said because then he grabbed my hand and took me to their limousine, he said I missed you, I said I haven't. Then I try to open the door, but he pulls me back. Then I said what do you want, he said nothin only one thing. I said what, he said I want you back I'm sorry I soul dint have left you. I said we'll too bad. You raped me and then left me, I said. He said I'm sorry.

- FlashBack -

I was dancing with my best friend Luna and my boyfriend zayn. After awhile of dancing, someone pulls me into a dark room. I was drunk so I emmadiatly fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning zayn was there naked and me too. I screamed at him and he screamed at me and I got up and put my clothes back on and left and I didn't see him anymore.

- End Of FlashBack -

Zayn snapped me out of my flashback into reality by shaking me. I said bye and got out of the limo. I looked straight into the boys eyes. The door was open, and I could see Jenna putting Kimberly  down and she went back to the kitchen. Then Kimberly comes out crawling, then zayn says is that Jenna's baby I said no he said youres I said mabye it doesn't matter to you now picking Kimberly up. Then one of the bodyguards said hey watch it. I said yeah what ever and I walked back in to my house. But I was pulled back by a bodyguards, and he says you can't walk out when they are talking to you. I said oh well you can't pull me like that when I'm holding a baby. Then zayn say ill call you guys when you pick me up. Then zayn says you too Luke and Tom he was talking to the bodyguards. He then says, who's the baby from are you babysitting. I said no. Then he says can I come in I said no then Jenna says let him in I said you may be older but this is my house she said zayn come in, and zayn walks in. I sit on the couch and turn on the tv. Kimberly was in her playpen. Then zayn says can we go somewhere private I said yeah sure what ever. We go upstairs, and I sit on my bed and I put Kimberly in her crib. Then I tell zayn what the hell do you want he says who is the baby I said mine. Then he says who is the father. None of you're business I spat at him. Then he said come on tell me I said no then I said if you want to know come to her first birthday it's on Saturday August 10, he said sure. He went downstairs and he was going to call his mates when Jenna says stay to eat, he said no thank you I have to meet with Simon. We said yeah ok he then called and they picked him up.

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