Bad meets Good

When Lauren moves back to California her hometown going back to her old school she was surprised that nothing has changed after she left except the new guy that got held back and now is in her grade, Lauren knew there was something different about him, and she needed to find out. Even if that meant risking everything.

"Why do you have so many tattoos?"
"Each one tells a story."


1. Chapter 1- Prouloge

Chapter 1

Bad meets Good.


"Lauren! wake-up it's the first day of school." My Mum's way to happy voice woke me up, I turned around and buried my face into my pillow and groaned. I didn't want to wake-up I was excited to see my friends at school but I was afraid everything changed. I pulled my duvet off of me and walked over to the window it was spring. the flowers where blooming, birds where chirping. All that cliché stuff.

I thought it was weird moving back from New York at such a time but Mom thought I was being crazy all I know I had a hell load of stuff to catch up on this year, I walked over to my dresser and grabbed my outfit for the day, I stripped out of my cloths and put on my shorts and thank top, I already took a shower last night Mom saying I didn't need to shower this morning to 'save time'. I pulled one strap of my backpack on my shoulder and walked downstair.

"Morning Izzy," I looked down at my little brother and smiled, "Hey Joey." I smiled.

"Guess what?" Joey said and munched on his toast, "What?" I asked.

"I'm gonna go to New York with Dad." My eyes shot up and looked at my Mom currently busy in the kitchen.


"Joey is going back to New York with Dad with the divorce and all Dad wanted to keep you but I didn't like that so he said he's gonna keep Joey." Mom spreaded Nutella over her toast.

"This is bull." I muttered, "I hate you how can you just let Dad leave and take my little brother with him?"

"I'm sorry sweetie that's how divorce kind of works." she shrugged. My eyes wide, "Toast?" she asked.

"No I'm good," I glared at her and ran upstairs and walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and added some make-up after those 10 minutes I walked back downstairs.

"Need a ride?" Mom asked and pulled Joey's backpack on his back.

"No thanks I'm good." I ignored her eyes.

"Bye Joey."

"Bye Lauren"

"Bye Lauren." Mom called and with that I opened the door and closed it back. I might be being silly but my Dad and my brother are my world and even if Dad went with Joey couldn't they stay in califronia. I sighed as the more my thoughts started to cloud up my brain the closer I was getting to school. I huffed and putted on a fake smile and walked into the crowded hallways of the school.


I turned around and saw Bonnie, My eyes wide and her and ran over to her.

"Bonnie?" I asked and looked at her up and down. Some people never change. But hey, I only bin gone for a year.

"Lauren Oh my God," She pulled me into a hug and smiled, "I missed you. Nothing has changed, though same lunch table as always see you at lunch.Bye gotta go."

''Nice seeying you again." Before I could finish my sentence Bonnie ran away.

I sighed and made my way to the headmaster's office to get my schedule.


I chucked everything into my locker, I finally got my schedule after a while since there was some trouble with a Kid and his bully. I sighed, I hated bully's I didn't really get why they bullied people and bring them down.

I closed my locker with my stack of books and went to turn around and smashed into something, I stumbled back and fell down with my books, I looked up and saw somebody hovering over me.

"I-i'm sorry," I picked up my books and stood up.

"It's okay, babe." He winked and picked up a book I left on the ground and handed it to me, "What's your name, beautiful?"

I pulled a strand of hair that was hanging infront my face and pushed it back, it was so weird was this new in California? to call someone you just met, 'babe' and 'beautiful' ?

"Lauren." I said, "And yours?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out." He said before turning around and disappearing in the halls.

What the hell was that suppose to mean?

A/n; Hey everyone! thank you for reading the first chapter sorry it was short-ish the next one wil be longer promise , I'm gonna try to make a trailer for this fanfiction but for now google Madison beer she is how I imagine Lauren but in this fanfic she's 18 turning 19 and Harry looks like Harry right now with all his tattoos and everything.

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-stylesmania (I changed my username it was Rasberrylove08 first )




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