this isn't right or is it ?

Effy is 18 years old has bright blue eyes and light purple hair . she is a bad girl she smokes ,drinks she falls in love with niall and he loves her but they both know they can be together beacuse they are so different but will they be with each other in the end ? will one of his best friends get her ? or her best friend ? read to find out


8. you are the worst sister ever

Niall's P.O.V 

Me or Niall you choose cook shouts no please don't make me choose Effy cry's out .  I,I,I i pick cook she screams i could feel tears in my eyes as much as i tryed to hold them back they just came out .Fine have her i dont need her Effy i just want to tell you 1 thing I LOVE YOU  those words just came out of my mouth i wasn't even thinking , but when i heard what she said my mood turn'd upside down i love you to niall .


I love you to Niall Effy i shout what about me you know your boyfriend sorry cook we should be going it's bright out . she wispers something to Niall and runs over to me throws her arms around me and kisses me . You dont know how long i have been waiting to do that she says in my ear , with that we walk back to her house hand in hand we reach the door please come in cook she says with a smile . 


Cook and i walk into the house hand in hand my family is sitting at the kitchen table . Eliza where have you been ? Cook laughs at my name like a child , i mother was just around at cooks house we are doing a project together i say proud of my little lie . ok and why are ye holding hands Casey asks pointing at our hands , i was just about say when cook butted in we are going  out now he said with a huge grin on his face . Casey gets up and runs up to her room so fast i hardly had time to blink , i ran after her with Cook right behind me i went straight into her room without knocking . Whats the hell did you that for i shouted No you cant shout at me for this you were the one who is going out with Cook and you knew i liked him she screams , you liked me Cook says in surprize , Cook go into my room now i shout at him ok babe he kisses my cheek and walks out  Casey when i said yes to going out with Cook it wasnt to get back at you i really do love the kid . I love you to Cook puts his head around the door . oh my god i hate you your such a bitch to me YOUR THE WORST SISTER EVER i wish you would move out already she screams . well me and tony didnt want you to be born i shout ten times louder then her ( tony is there older brother who is in collage he comes later in the book ) i walk out of the room and into cook who is lying on my bed i lie beside him and we just stay there in witch seems like forever  . What time is it i ask hoping i would have a little longer with cook 12:30 babe shit i need to go i kiss him and walk downstairs and out of the house .

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