this isn't right or is it ?

Effy is 18 years old has bright blue eyes and light purple hair . she is a bad girl she smokes ,drinks she falls in love with niall and he loves her but they both know they can be together beacuse they are so different but will they be with each other in the end ? will one of his best friends get her ? or her best friend ? read to find out


4. where is she ?

Niall's P.O.V 

i finally talked to Effy i really like her but i know we cant be together. Today when Shane called her sexy ans slapped her ass i got so mad my fists clenched i could see that Liam was watching me.I  know harry likes her too. I cant believe she got together with Shane  like i mean its  Shane he is s man whore no girl likes him . I heard a knock at my bedroom door ya its open i yelled it was Liam perfect now he is going to be asking questions Niall what the fuck were you thinking telling Effy  that you smoke spliff you dont even smoke normal fags why did  you tell her that ? Liam was now yelling now everyone was in my room Harry,Zayn,Shane,and Louis . Did i hear Effy's name ?  Shane asked do you want to tell them or shall i Liam ask giving me a death glare i didn't answer, fine i will Nialler hear has a crush on Effy , and to make it worse he told her that he smoke spliff . Hahaha why you are such a faggot Niall she hates you she really loves me , i did fuck her like 10 times Shane said while laughing in my face . I stood up and punched him right in the face then walked out . 


while i was helping Casey move her stuff into her old bedroom i got a text from Niall telling me to meet him in the park i dont know if i should go or not i cant go down stairs or it will turn into another fight and i do want Casey to be moved out of my bedroom by tonight so i am not going to go . Casey i call out she answers with a simple what , i want all my drink back now and all my shoes you are not having any of my stuff near your room , and you are never ever aloud in my room this will be the last time you see my room like this got it i didnt mean to shout at her but it just came out .


i text Effy to meet me in the park i waited and waited for a reply and nothen i was sitting on the swing when harry came ,what do you want i wisperd i just wanted to make sure you are ok he says he sounded as if he meant it but with harry you can never tell . I am meant to be meting Effy now but she didnt reply to my text i told him everything how i told her to bring the spliff tonight and everything Harry really listed hours past ans still no Effy harry told me he had to go get ready for tonight so i was left alone . It has been two hours since i text Effy where is she ? why wont she meet me ? i bet she is with Shane, i bet he is telling her that i like her and there laughing at me . 

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